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  1. I've been trying to download the Restored Content Mod for KOTOR 2, but nothing I do seems to work. I downloaded the one by zybl2 here on Deadly Stream. I can't extract the files to a folder using 7-zip, and I can only install it to a folder inside of the main folder for KOTOR 2 (because I chose to have the folder with the mod go there, and I have no way of changing the location of this folder). I have no clue where to place this folder once I have installed it, and I can tell that it didn't work because whenever I opened the game, I didn't see the added Restored Content title (all I see is a very weird looking version of Kreia). (Btw, I have the Steam version of the game.)
  2. I've been trying to play around with mods to get the Coruscant Jedi Temple mod to work with the TSLRCM + M4-78 mod? Will the "Coruscant - Jedi Temple Compatibility" mod from here on Deadly Stream work with the most recent TSLRCM + M4-78 mod (English version) that is on the Steam workshop? I ask because the Compatibility mod is several years old and might not be up to date with the current version of the restored content mod.