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  1. 1) ok so in the title screen doesnt show up OK, understandably I can not answer all the questions. I will answer for which are applicable. 1) Title screen, the modification title does not appear. 2) Yes, the most recent one. 3) GOG 4) n/a 5) n/a 6) IDK, I just installed the latest version over the vanilla game I had. 7) none 8 ) Well the game is not showing that the mod is installed as it should 9 ) Yes, I installed it several times. 10) It has not much to do with that, as the problem begins on the title screen. 12) windows 10 13) That is the cause of my concern. (LOL) 14) English 16) laptop 17) Yes, after I started the game.
  2. Well I installed the mod and the Lost Content mod title is not showing up.