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  1. Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I made a post, but I’ve been insanely busy with midterms and work. But not to worry, progress is being made! I can now officially say I’m halfway done with my midi demos, having completed The Old Republic, Taris Upper City, Bastila Shan, Dantooine Outback, Ahto City, Darth Malak, and the Unknown World. I’m sure you can deduce from this that the project will be 14 tracks total (which is still a lot of work for a crowdfunded fan project). The next step is to (while I am working on the next midi demo) write out the score for the tracks I have completed and get in the recording studio. Sometime in the next few weeks I plan on recording Gillian Orwoll on piano, Peter J Scoma on Guitar, and Joshua D Wise on Cello (for the solo passages in Bastila Shan). Next month I plan on recording clarinet and bass clarinet with Tyler Neidermayer, and potentially oboe and English horn with Andrew Port, though that might have to wait until a little bit later. I plan on having most of not all of the recording done by the end of February (strings, percussion, flute, brass), at which point it will go to my mix engineer Nicholas Olmoz, and then to Two Zero Nine Mastering for the final step of audio production. If you’re wondering why I’m going into such detail, I just want to emphasize that this is a project that is really truly happening, and that I have everything planned out. This project could not happen without the money from the gofundme, and I am truly grateful to those who have donated thus far. If you donate at least $5, you will receive a donor package with all the audio files uncompressed from both the final versions and the midi demos, the full score in pdf format, and potentially a CD release depending on how the music licensing process goes. Plus we have another perk that I’m going to announce once we reach $1,000. Thank you all for supporting this project, and if you would like to donate, check out our gofundme! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! tinyurl.com/KOTORLive https://youtu.be/kz4N0mPbmJI
  2. Hey all! My name is Dennis S. Mowers and I am a NYC-based composer. I just started a KOTOR project where I am remaking highlights from the first game's soundtrack on MIDI, and then recording them with live musicians. KOTOR 2 has always had a live orchestra, and it's amazing. I want to bring that experience to the first game as well. To do this though, I need your help. No, it's not a scam. I started a gofundme so I can actually pay live musicians, and I have access to a pretty incredible professional recording studio. Take a listen to some of the previews I've posted on the gofundme page if you want to be convinced that this project is for real, and that I'm serious about this. If you can, I would really appreciate you donating. Those who do will receive the uncompressed wav files of both the final versions and my MIDI demos, as well as a pdf of the sheet music score. Depending on how the music licensing cover situation goes, I'm trying to get this put off across major streaming services, and if I can do that and have a bit of extra money, I would like to give the backers a physical CD as well. I already have several instrumentalists who have expressed interest in the project, as well as a mastering engineer and an artist who wants to design the album and its artwork. If you're in the New York area and you are a musician, I would happy to include you. I'm really glad to be doing this project, and I really appreciate any support you can give. I must point out that this project is not endorsed by or affiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm and is purely a fan project. KOTOR Live: Highlights From the Game Soundtrack Here's a sample for you to check out for now.