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  1. ------------By order of install. KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 KOTOR 1 Community Patch v1.7 UNIWS for Kotor 1 >>> Kotor High Resolution menus. Main Menu Widescreen Fix v1.1 HD MENU AND UI Art v 1.0 Character Start Up Change Some Mods package >>>>> and also this NPC Overhaul mod. Grass Fix >>> With this settings changed in the .ini >>> AlphaScale = 2.0 and AlphaBias = -0.5 High quality blasters Revan Robes mod Bryar pistol and rifle Jedi from the start Kane's Lightsaber Carth Republic uniform and flght suit Movement fix for K1 >> "Only installed the K1" Sith Stalker Upgradeable Sith Lightsaber Realistic Visual Effects And last the Solomon Revenge from nexus >>> Thats all the mods i have installed and thats the order i installed them. Yeep i tried since the temple and confrontation with Bastila, with no success. I am playing now the Kotor 2 and have some similar issue with Nihilus and have to erase this file """" n_darthnihilu001.utc """ to Fix the CTD i was having with the first cutscene from Visas and The Darth Lord Nihilus. Dont know what do the UTC files do, but i think its some skeleton or animation file because didnt let Nihilus move at all, and when i erased it, He moved. So i think the problem goes arroud that kind of thing, some animation file doesnt let move Malak or the Sith that appears in the cutscene and the game simply aborts the scene.
  2. I have the GOG version. And all these mods. Some mods > Its the videos rescaled to 1080 and the HD overhaul from nexus. The 1c - UI fixed its all the zzz packages prepared to install with one click.
  3. I am stuck after the first scene of Malak, and the scene doesn't trigger, so the assault droids don't move from their positions, so I can't advance. I need help with this. One person in one thread pointed out that it was some kind of texture problem or skin problem with Malak. I have this mod installed > I tried erasing from the override folder every archive named Malak, but even doing that, I cannot advance. I had found two threads in steam talking about this bug. 1 > 2 > Please help - I have played all the game, and now I cannot finish it.