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    I'm in need of help. (TSL)

    Fixed it. I ended up messaging the author of that reddit post and they directed me to change Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 to Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=0 in swkotor2.ini and it worked. Just FYI should future people searching for a solution stumble onto this. Thank you Snigaroo
  2. Edit: Forgot to mention it's KOTOR: The Sith Lords So I've been trying for 3 weeks now to get this game working and I'm at my wits end. I am using the EA/Origin version (not sure if that changes anything), and I'm following the "Spoiler-free" mod build off reddit . I follow the list and install order to a T, get into game and all works great until... I complete Telos (after the 12th time now, I hate Peragus & Telos). Afterward I'm aboard with the crew, do the influence things, click star map, set course for Nar Shadda. Here's where it falls apart. It loads the cutscene of the Ebon hawk, Then another cutscene of some random ship in orbit, then I get 2 seconds of a new cutscene with (what I assume are darkside peoples & a wookie) then crash. My AR_ERROR.log file literally only has a single line in it: Names Differ: wvbrdblswd_002 w_vbrdblswd_002 Obviously that's unrecoverable and so the game shuts down. I've uninstalled and then re-installed TSL 12 times thinking "everyone screws up, check the mod order again and make sure I do it right". Obviously one of the mods has a typo in it, but I have no idea which (thought maybe the double lightsaber mod did something with the double vibroswords, but it doesn't). To make matters worse, I don't know what files the weapon definitions are in to change the name. I'm pretty certain it's supposed to be w_v, not wv. Could someone please tell me which file has the namespaces for the weapons, and if editing requires a special application can you give me the name of said app as well please? Thanks for any help and/or pointers, Ghost