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  1. I installed mods and had started a new game, but then I had to reinstall and did NOT start a new game, picked up where I left off. It doesn't appear that I have any mods that have modified those files. And the usual problem file k_003ebo_onenter.ncs doesn't exist in my override folder, so I can't delete it to fix things. I've worked with the Global and tried to trigger the cutscene that way, but it won't trigger, and then sometimes it will go right back to the Main Menu and not allow me to click.
  2. I am done with all the planets (didn't do Korriban cave, as that kept crashing my game, but did finish the Academy) including M4-78, never got torture cutscene, went back to Dantooine for Jedi Enclave, got Extended Enclave, left and forced back to Telos Academy, and still no cutscene. I'm afraid it will prevent the factory from triggering, which by the way, when exactly does that happen in the game? Is it supposed to be before you meet Atris for the second time, after you leave Atris, after Citadel station defense, after Ravager, like right before you're supposed to go to Malachor? Thank you.
  3. I have fulfilled all the requirements, destroyed 8 teams of HK-50s, and my quest has updated to say that HK can find the factory, but I never get the HK Torture scene. I've gone through multiple planets since I beat enough HK-50s, and kept going in and out of the Ebon Hawk, but still, I have yet to see the HK Torture scene, or have the quest update to tell me the factory is on Telos. Am I missing something? I've checked all my mods, and none of them modify the global entry. Did I do something wrong, or miss something? Please help! The HK Factory was one of the MAIN reasons I got the Restored Content Mod! (Does M4-78 prevent the Factory/Torture scene?) Have Steam Version Using RCM 1.8.5 (tried both regular installed and Steam Workshop) M4-78 (install and Steam Workshop) Extended Enclave And a few other mods, none of which modify the global file (I'm pretty sure). Most of the mods I use are from the Steam Workshop. Some, like Increased Abilities and Skills, NPC Party Stat changes, Visas Lightsaber, Vao Armband Drop, Canonical Exile, Improved Malachor V lighting, Improved Citadel Station signs, Improved Atris Holograms, are all installed but none of those modify the global file; they're just put into Override. So I have no idea why the Torture scene isn't triggering, and I've definitely hit the requirements. My journal has even updated to say that I met enough HK-50s and HK-47 should be able to find the factory now. PLEASE HELP!