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  1. Better question: Is there any possible way to make the effects apply to an existing save? Could I use editting to send me back to the point where I get Bao Dur? Maybe I could delete him entirely and then restore him to reload any updated files.
  2. It does infact work on a new save, but that doesn't really help me. Hmm would it help if I uploaded my .sav and let you take a look at it? If you're up to it ofc :3
  3. Nevermind I figured it out, but the restriction is still there. I double checked to make sure the changes applied and they did. I'll try starting a new game and jumping to said spot before I get bao dur.
  4. How would one go about doing that? Thanks for all the help so far by the way
  5. Damn, so it isnt possible to get bao dur to wear the armor on an existing save?
  6. The restriction is still showing, would it work perhaps if I forced it on him via KTool?
  7. Alrighty I've changed the SubraceIndex value to 0 via K-GFF, editted the appearance.2da like above and installed the Bao Dur neck fix, now what do I do x)
  8. I think I understood that part, I made his row look identical to a regular male row like so: But I still can't remove the Zabrak sub-species for whatever reason. I save it to the Override folder but when I go there and open p_baodur.utc it shows "Zabrak" as the subspecies once again, even though I clearly saved it to "None".
  9. After spending nearly two days reading forum posts and messing around with appearance.2da, p_baodur.utc and multiple .uti files I've made little progress in achieving my goal. What I've been trying to do is getting Bao Dur to wear From multple posts on this forum I understood that the only way to get him to wear an armor without editing models so his arm is present (which I really don't care for) is to remove the restriction, and it seems the only way to do so is by changing his subspecies from "Zabrak" to "None" in his .utc(?) but when I save the .utc it doesn't save the subspecies edit. I've even tried reverse engineering to see if I could replicate that effect with a different model but I haven't a clue what most things in appearance.2da even mean. I'm probably doing something wrong, I'm not really experienced in this type of modding. If anyone could help I thank you in advance, this has me on the verge of pulling my hair out x(
  10. Thanks, this helped me big time. I broke my head over this last night x(
  11. Hello again, I have recently gotten an interest in making small personal mods and I've run into a little bit of confusion. So what I'm essentially trying to do is find a base game texture, and edit to my liking (In this specific case I'm looking for a headgear texture). I know where the base game's textures are located (as seen in the screenshot) but I have no knowledge of a way to identify which texture is which. What I'm asking is if there is a list somewhere or something like a list that identifies what a texture is used for? Thanks in advance, CapnCook
  12. So I can't just add the base game's model to the override folder under a different name so it would be recognized as a mod? Oh and I also forgot to mention that the "Elecromesh Robes" are added to the game as a standalone armor, not as a retexture. (As in it has it's own stats and place in a vendor's inventory)
  13. I'd like to add that I have posted this at 2:30AM so please ignore any spelling mishaps, thank you <3
  14. Hello, first off I'd like to say I have very little experience with modding so please excuse any modding-related stupidity. So I have Installed two mods to my KotOR:TSL game, one is called the "Electromesh Robes" ( ) and the other is "Movie-style Jedi Master robes" ( ). The problem I have is (to my understanding) that they are incompatible with each other because one mod (Electromesh Robes) adds an armor that uses the base game's model for the Jedi Master robes and (understandably) doesn't add it as it's own model. This is were the problem comes in. The "Movie-style Jedi Master robes" mod adds it's own Jedi Master robe model which overrides the base game's Jedi Master robes, so when the "Electromesh Robes" mod is installed, it uses textures meant for use with the base game's model on the model added by "Movie-style Jedi Master robes" making the robe look all messed up in game. So what I was thinking, is to make a copy of the base game's Jedi Master robes model, and make the textures from "Electromesh Robes"use that copied model instead of the replaced base game model. I have tried looking for the "Electromesh Robes" in the appearance.2da file located in the override folder so I can change the model it uses there but I could not find it. Perhaps I am simply looking for it in the wrong place but I have a feeling my whole idea thing isn't correct. Essentially I am asking for help regarding where I can change the model "Electromesh Robes" uses so I can change it to a copied base game Jedi Master robe model (if this concept would even work). Huge thanks to whoever can help me solve this in advance. -CapnCook