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  1. Ok starting a new game is logical, though i was trying to fix without redoing 10 hours of gameplay (if that was possible). The normal sullustan is there in the first gand room. I have tried from every angle possible. Mods i am using are (bit more than 20...): NOT in order of installation Work bench - Robes Gloves Belts and Masks UI 1080p fix Content Pack Dantooine retexture Tomb of Azgath N'Dul (with patch mod aswell) High Resolution Beam Quaterstaff Replacment Droid Enhancement Force Power Boost Mod Sound Sets TSL Hide Weapons In Animation Jedi Robe Stat Boost Korriban Retexture New workbench upgrades Onderon palace expanded High Level force powers V2 Hak Pad Ultimate HK Droids SWTOR Style TSL High Quality Blasters Visual Effects TSL Warpband M478EP 1.2.4 TSLRCM 1.8.5 Dark Jedi Conversion mod Ebon Hawk History Enhanced merchants TSL Feats Gains High Quality Ravager Backdrop Increased Stuff Invisible Headgear Jedi Temple Loading Screens Jedi Theme Remastered Jedi Ruins Merchant K2 Armor KSE Loading Revamped Handmaiden LS Skin Nar Shaddaa Skybox Korriban Tomb Fix TSL Doublebladed Lightsaber Replacement Hilts TSL HQ Stars and Nebulas TSL Lightsaber Replacement Hilts TSL Np Force Restrictions
  2. Well it is obvious, is it not? Anyway, i need to know where this sullustan comes from and maybe i can fix it from there so if anybody has any information on Sullus Nunb please tell me, it is my only lead
  3. 1) When i got to the door when i was Mira for the first time in the space suit, obviously 2) Yes 3) 4CD 4) Dont think so, is this the update on the launcher ? if so no 5) Fresh every time 8) Doesnt matter because i have fresh installed the game and not used any mods 9) I have been specific 10) Yes 11) Obviously 12) No but im about 10hours in so i really dont want to, this will probably fix it but at what cost, i dont wanna start again i just did everything, that why i want to see if there is a fix at all so i dont have to start over. 13) Windows 10 It doesn't matter if i say about 20 mods mate, because i freshly installed every time, who wouldn't, ok i didn't make it clear but what idiot doesn't fresh install.
  4. Hey, I am playing as Mira for the first time and im in the Space Suit in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. I walk all the way to the Private Lounge door and try to open it. When i click the door Mira walks back and forth a couple metres forever if you dont stop her and doesn't open the door. I have TSLRCM 1.8.5 and M478EP 1.2.4 installed plus around 20 mods and the patches you need to do before TSLRCM that being 1.0a and 1.0b. Obviously i did try without the mods and with TSLRCM and M478EP, without mods and M478EP, and without anything installed with just the base game with the patches and without the patches. The same thing happens no matter what state the game is in whether that be patches or mods. I have the UK version of the game. Please do not tell me to warp through the door or use the warpband to open the door because the cut scene does not start and Visquis is not there. Although in the room, if i do warp through the door, there is a Sullustan, Sullus Nunb. I dont know what mod it is from but he is there even when there are no mods besides the warpband. He is sitting in the air and you cant talk to him. Han Harr is there but when you click on him for dialogue it doesn't go into a conversation he just says something about my "light appearance" so i believe its a glitch where the game believes it is the Main PC. You can go through the Jekk'Jekk Tarr tunnels and start the next sequence (while still in space suit) but then you are the Main PC when fighting han Harr and there no point typing more on what happens because it all ends up with you playing as Atton but stuck in Mira's hideout room and cant open the door. There is no way to Warp around modules before this sequence and during the sequence to try and pretty much cut that bit out of the game. I dont want to skip Nar Shaddaa and i want to fight all the dudes in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr with my Main PC. I also do not have any journal quest that tell me to go anywhere for Visquis or anything but i dont know if i should because i played this part of the game more than a year ago and something that specific i cant remember. I have searched for a solution and have found nothing other than people having the same problem and nobody knows wtf to do. Any suggestions ?