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  1. I had several, all from the steam workshop, ranging from retexture mods to TSLRCM itself. Up to this point I've never had this issue with workshop mods before, I've played through the game 5-6 times between me switching to only steam mods and this bug popping up. I had another issue with dialogue skipping when I did not provide the input to do so, and thought there was perhaps a memory leak in the programming of the game but since that issue has since arisen again I do not believe that to be the problem. Does the complication lie with steam mods in general or might it be something else? I've tried unsubbing from the mods and reinstalling the game itself but no luck with those either.
  2. In the Iziz cantina on Onderon, if you choose to help Anda, Tobin should stop the fighting after one of his soldiers dies to make you the alliance offer. But instead of doing that Tobin jumps to his "Close the outer door now" dialogue line from the civil war phase of Onderon. This of course breaks the quest as present and gives you a story quest far ahead of time, and is quite frustrating. I've uninstalled my mods, deleted most of my save games just to see if a memory leak was the issue, but so far nothing has worked. I've posted on the steam forums and no one there knows what is happening and at this point I really need some help. Does anyone have any ideas for a potential fix?