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  1. Of course there are! I remember seeing the section for it and completely forgot out it. Thanks! Will download one of them.
  2. Ahhh right ok, fair enough. Will just bite the bullet and play through peragus. I must say, I'm not really a fan of peragus and the telos station, I think because of how restricted you are in where you can go. Like taris in KOTOR. I didn't mind doing it first time round as it sets the whole game up, but once you've played it once there's not really much else to discover. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks! If I just uninstalled the 'skip peragus mod', would that do anything? If not, what if I reinstalled TSL, installed and used the skip peragus mod, uninstalled the skip peragus mod once I'm on telos, and then installed the TSLRCM?
  4. Ok so here's the thing. I started a new game without the restoration mod and all was good apart from an oval bit that would appear in the middle of the screen. If I moved it over my character then you would be able to see through him (I have activated the node and used some cheats as I just wanted a mess around). I then downloaded a mod to skip peragus using the security terminal. I selected the light side options and that Revan was a man (just to see Bastilla) and teleported to the end of peragus amd entered the Ebon Hawk. When I arrived on Telos I noticed that Atton was fully dark so I used the add light side cheat to make him fully lightside and nothing worked. I then installed the restored content mod thinking it would patch the glitch but it didn't. At one point when I earned lightside points through the game he got a little less evil but then when I earned more LS points he went fully evil again. Just to make it even more confusing, if I save the game with Atton fully DS and then load it, he will be as LS as he could be without being fully LS (I.e. he hasn't got the LS bonus). I'm thinking that there is a conflicting file somewhere from the skip peragus mod, but my coding and programming knowledge is nowhere near acceptable to try and sort it myself. Anyone got amy ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance Nick