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  1. Ah, now I feel dumb. I had assumed that there would be a launcher, but I'm playing on a widescreen laptop so I wasn't going to do the fix that stops the game crashing until I had all of the mods I wanted installed. Did the widescreen fix, and yes, the logo is big and proud on the main menu. I wouldn't have checked if you hadn't asked, so thank you very much for the help! EDIT: And please feel free to delete/tell me to delete (don't know the extent of user privileges on this website) this thread.
  2. Earlier today, I purchased KOTOR 2 off of Steam, downloaded and installed it, and then got TSLRCM 1.8.3 off of ModDB and tried to install it. The installation seemed to work fine, the wizard not giving me any issues and finishing normally, but there was no shortcut created or application included in the game files that brought up the TSLRCM launcher. There was no launcher at all, it just jumped straight into the opening sequences. When I used this mod on a different installation of the game (at least a few versions ago, I think it might have been the 1.7 generation?) a couple years back, the shortcut brought up the cool launcher and I can see all of the files for the launcher are still included in the install, just no way to bring it up (and I assume that also means that the mod probably didn't take). After that, I uninstalled both my game and the mod, reinstalled both, still didn't work. Did another fresh install and downloaded the .exe from this website, still nothing, and I can't figure out the problem. I'm playing on Windows 8 64-bit, if that helps. If this is an issue that has already been solved, then I would appreciate a link to the relevant thread. Thank you in advance to anyone with input!