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  1. HK23

    TSL Crashing to Desktop

    Thank you to everyone who replied. I just have one more question. I downloaded the last version of npc overhaul, did a clean install of the base game, then TSLRCM 1.8.3, then M4-78 EP 1.1. When I went to install the npc overhaul mod with the tsl patcher, I clicked the dropdown menu for the first option, the one labled "lifeless ebon hawk+essential appearance 2da changes. It looks like it installed, but there was one warning in the install saying "there is already a file named appearance.2da." Is this normal or did I do something wrong?
  2. Having an issue with the exchange quest on Telos where you have to kill slusk. What's been happening is I go into the room, go through the dialogue with Slusk, he leaves the room telling benok to kill my party. Benok says "with pleasure". Combat begins, but usually after a few seconds the game freezes and then I get a CTD KOTOR 2 has stopped working message. I have the steam version of the game, it is up to date. I always use the tsl patcher when instrcucted with the mods I use. I have TSLRCM freshly installed, along with M478 EP. I tried starting a new game, but this did not resolve the issue. I used windows 7 for my os. The only issue I ran into was the NPC overhaul mod. It installed correctly but said there was one warning with the appearance 2da. file, but it was the very first mod I installed after TSLRCM and M478 EP Here's the list of mods I'm using: (Bear with me please, I use a lot) Non TSL Patcher Mods: Better Male Bodies;93818 Droid Enhancement;91526 Workbench Crystal Attunement (version Peragus Tweak 1.2 A Darker Peragus;117847 Atton Starts as a Jedi;98935 High Res Coruscant Textures;105659 Create all Mira's Rockets Enhanced Lightning- Sith Edition;116148 TFU Style Darth Sion HD Fire and Ice Flickering Lightsaber Blades;104551 HK-47 Junkyard Skin;73465 Custom Party Member Portraits;90738 Sith Lord Armor;85888 Movie Style Dark Side Transitions;85693 Kreia’s Hood Down;82912 Feat Progression for TSL;76583 Super Enhanced Mod;69389 Super Enhanced Mod Addon;69846 Increased Attributes;67082 Force Powers Feat Gain;61185 Real Names Mod;43944 Darth Malak’s Jawpiece;68941 Remove Menu Beeps TSL Patcher Mods: Three New Force Crushes;71445 90SK’s Ultimate Robe Pack;87944 90SK’s Goto reskin;88285 Quarterstaff Replacement Pack Hide Weapons in Animations;67468 HK-50 and HK-51 Reskin;87071 TSL NPC Overhaul High Level Force Powers;43066 High Level Force Powers 2 Update;67156 Kreia’s Assorted Robes;66487 Sorry for the long list. Any help would be appreciated.