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  1. Thanks for the replies thus far, everyone. Sithspecter has hit the nail on the head as to why it looked like I wasn't giving XP. There's no XP "accounced" on-screen like when you get a kill or resolve a quest. Instead, nothing pops up, when when I checked my XP, it had increased by 60XP with my modified skill of 5 after Valor/other bonuses. Oh, and from what I've been reading, Mr. Phil is correct that your skill modifies how much XP you get. I haven't tested it myself, though. Alright, so I'm early enough in the game that I could restart if I needed to. Considering enemies in the game scale with me, and I seem to recall being super powerful at the end, it sounds like unless I'm just trying to score a couple extra levels and actually use mines, Demolitions can just be ignored completely with basically no loss of quest content or equippable goodies. Is that about right? Kind of moving into another topic, but anyone know that magic skill values needed to complete quests requiring certain skills? I remember needing Treat Injury on Nar Shadaa and being moody ever since this game launched because I didn't have the necessary skill rank to pass the check. I hear 20 Persuasion and 20 Repair are all you should go for with those skills, though I hear 32 repair will make items of higher quality. Are these good items I should take my repair that high for? Computers only sounds like I would need it for fixing T3M4...anyone know how high it needs to be? Are there other quests I can't finish without Computers skill? I need to be doing fine on the computers on Pegagus with no points invested, and I'm using lots of computers... Lastly, Awareness...anyone know how high it should go? I'm going with a Consular because I love the force powers. Trying to figure out if 3 skills (12 INT) or 4 skills (14 INT) should be my focus. I guess a lot of these will depend on what sections the Exile is alone during...
  2. I've only played KotOR II once before (at launch), and when I heard that the restoration mod -and- M4-78 mod were both ready and in stable states, I decided to play again. Everyone on message boards talks about getting XP from retrieving mines. However, I've collected every single mine on Peragus prior to meeting the HK-50 with the voice recording, and I haven't gotten one point of XP from it. Did the mod change that? If not, what in the world is going on? I have one point in Demolitions skill, +2 from modifiers normally, and I turn on Force Valor to boost it another 2 points, which lets me succeed.