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    If you are using that mod then all you should need to do is simply set her Dantooine equipped outfit to a Jedi robe, since JC's mod will have set her default appearance to use robes. Note though that she will also need the Jedi Defense feat, since that is a prerequisite for wearing robes (and her UTC doesn't have it by default). This one should be ready to go if you drop it in your Override (although note it won't work with a save where you have already encountered her in the Courtyard, you'll need a save before she has spawned). dan13_yuthura.utc
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    By default, Yuthura's appearance.2da row forces her to always wear the Sith uniform, regardless of what clothing/armour/robes she has equipped. Since you only want to change her on Dantooine, and since some other mods change her appearance row so that she wears Dark Jedi robes on Korriban, the best approach would be to create a new custom row for her in appearance.2da and set her UTC on Dantooine to use that appearance instead of her vanilla one.
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    View File JC's Blaster Visual Effects for K1 This mod changes the visual effects for all the laser blasts in the game. Energy blasters, ion blasters, disruptors, bowcasters - I've replaced them all. Except sonic, because really, sonic? In general, I've added more detail and made them match what's depicted on film as best as I could, when there was a visual reference. I took screenshots of the movies and got out my eyedropper tool and everything. The cores of the lasers are brighter so they look more like lasers, instead of having the whole thing as one flat color. I also messed around with light objects so each laser will illuminate surrounding objects in the appropriate color. For disruptors, I've included three color options: white, green, and yellow. The default install is white, like the original, and the other two are included as optional things. Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible No