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    Thanks! i can safely say that the reworked areas / textures for this newest overhaul will be unlike anything i did before. The heightmaps have a ton more detail, the shine is directly linked to the texture noise itself , thus way more natural and overall the tex designs are much more linked to the movies than games for more realism. This, and the splitting of planets into different areas visually makes it a very large project. Current status for K2: Harbinger tex = done, but K2 has a nasty bug with a low res overlay that needs to be solved. Beta: Peragus, Korriban, Dantooine, Ravager (only minor tweaks) Alpha: Telos, Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, Goto (still some work ahead, but nothing major) To be done: Ebon Hawk, Malachor, Dxun (major work to do)
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    I wanted to give an update a few weeks ago, but I had to tackle a problem I ignored for months. The reverse compiler is now more than 5,000 lines in length, and that makes it difficult to maintain. So, almost 4,000 lines of source code have been moved into a library. Additionally, many functions did too much and have since been split into smaller functions or replaced entirely. It's not sexy, but coding never is. Or is it? Cue: Salt-N-Peppa's "Let's talk about sex" Let's talk about Hex, baby! Let's talk about Binary! Let's talk about Octal numbers, Signed and unsigned, number theory! OK, OK, I'm back to "normal". Anyway, after three weeks of maintenance I got back to the real work and decided to rewrite the remaining 1,000+ lines entirely. Everything from reading an NCS file from disk to producing NWScript is new. And so much better than before, since I eliminated some bugs in the code. I'll provide a more detailed post later, but here's some sample output from TSL's k_inc_npckill.ncs: I purposely left out nested scopes because I wanted to focus local variables. This script is particularly interesting because it contains a vector. See the really long line that starts with float = GetPositionFromLocation? That's one of the vector's members. The source code looks like this: The really long line in the sample output essentially merges the two lines above, but if you look closely you'll see it's the combination of creating vPos.z, adding 1.0f to vPos.z, then storing the result back to vPos.z. Here's a cut-and-paste from the NSS file to compare to the sample output: Now that I've confirmed the stack is being created correctly, the next tasks are to: Add variable declarations, e.g. int nParam, object oParam Properly display modification of variable values, e.g. vPos.z = vPoz.z + 1.0f Insert nested scopes (if-else, while, etc...) Probably other stuff I can't think of right now
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    The ambient lighting is something I've been wanting for YEARS. Thank you for this amazing addition! Is it possible to use the blade models and textures without using any of the new crystals or saber hilts (for compatibility with SLM or something similar)? Thanks.
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    @Kimosabe Sith Holocron has a point in the questions he's asking to clarify things. The way most mods that aren't just models or textures work involves adding data that's saved into games (like creatures in areas, or variables used to reference the state of progress in the game) or altering existing files. Simply uninstalling a mod (this by itself can be problematic if the mod changes data inside the packs for a level or area) doesn't guarantee that its effects are gone from your save. So uninstalling the mods and not fixing the issue isn't too surprising, but to have a chance to help, we need a list of your mods (perhaps a screenshot or two of the packaged files [the .zip, .rar, or .7z] from your Downloads?) to be able to begin helping. Otherwise, we literally can't diagnose what went wrong...
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    Let me see if I've got this straight - and please, correct me if I have any of this wrong... You modded up your game with many mods - none of which you've listed. (Listing all mods is required.) Then - you uninstalled those many mods (excepting TSLRCM) - without starting a new game. Is that about right? Edit: I'm going to head off to sleep right now. If @Kimosabe answers in the affirmative to both of the bulleted lines above before I get back, please feel free to jump in and explain why deleting several mods in the middle of a playthrough might be . . . problematic.