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    I have linked it there before, but you are welcome to do so if you want, realistically it will be a while before there will be much to actually test. A word of warning this is still very much a WIP, there is not really much content for the new areas yet. I really need to sit down and not only play both games again, but write a proper story and reason for being able to access the new areas. If anyone is interested in discussing the project or writing stories and quest lines for the project please message me here or on Discord. The latest release and patch still contains very little and is full mostly of the NPC's and Placeables from the first game, apart from the few interactions I noted in my last post, I will be removing all NPC's and Placeables from the first game soon, I kept them as reference for their co-ordinates in the level.
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    This mod is a dream come true for me, been playing kotor since it first released on the original xbox.
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    I was just thinking of how hilarious it would be if someone said something like, "Man, Visquis is looking AMAZING today!".
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    Having a pc issue, gimmie a few. And sorry for wait @Sith Holocron, @ZoeyMarcyQuick on my end, the mod seems to be doing well. I've had a few sounds going, now I will have to set up mines and what not for the next part So, not as clear that it's messed up.
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    A Falleen might be kind of strange from a story perspective since they use strong pheremones to influence business dealings. Then again, that also might lend itself to more interesting character interactions further along the way.
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    Hello all, I spent several hours last night attempting to get a version of Dooku's hilt working in TSL. I made some progress, but ultimately I think I am doing something wrong somewhere. 1. I started with the Dooku hilt in this mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/movie-style-replacement-lightsaber-hilts 2. Next, I followed these instructions: https://deadlystream.com/topic/1643-how-to-convert-a-hilt-model-between-kotor-and-tsl/ 3. I extracted the MDL and MDX for g_w_lghtsbr02 using Kotor Tool 4. Using the above instructions I attempted to convert the Dooku hilt for TSL, and then replace g_w_lghtsbr02 with the new model using MDLOPS 0.5. For all intents and purposes, the process went exactly as the instructions stated. I then moved over the new g_w_lghtsbr02 MDL and MDX files into override and booted up the game. I apologize for not having screenshots, as I am typing this at work. However, while the hilt worked in game, it was plain silver and the bottom of the saber blade floated above the hilt's emitter. It did not look great at all. I attempted the process again with the same result. I then attempted the same process using MDLOPS 1.0, however the game crashes with the MDL and MDX files that are created. After my failures with the above, I downloaded the Ultimate Saber Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/23. Knowing this mod is not at all compatible with TSLRCM, I did not install it. What I did do was pull all the files I could find that were associated with the Dooku hilt from this mod. After placing them in override, I used KSE to add the hilt directly to my inventory and then booted up the game. This worked a bit better than my conversion attempt. The blade was actually flush with the saber emitter, but again the hilt was just plain silver. Additionally, I am forced to use the USM crystal, otherwise the game crashes. My best guess is I am missing something with textures, along with likely doing the entire process incorrectly. I know jack all about 3d modeling, textures, etc. The extent of my knowledge in this subject lies on the few forum posts I have read, and that is about it. I am however quite computer literate outside of this topic. What I would truly like to happen is to get the Dooku hilt from the K1 mod working, but I am just lost. If someone could assist me, or even convert it for me, it would be very much appreciated.
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    I finally managed to add Yavin and the other planets to the Galaxy Map, I have prepared a small release for people to use, it works alongside TSLRCM, M478EP and TSL Jedi Temple / Coruscant Mod, I was still hoping to add more planets but it seems that even with two slots left it just doesn't let me and replaces the last each time I add one. More Planets ? . ! Screenshots The merchant only offers three components for the speeder at a time, dependant upon the amount of Jedi Masters the player has discovered at the time, be it from 0 to 4, there is only a basic stock at the moment until I refine it and make it fit in line with the games progression. Thor's Back Story ( Name and character was initially a place holder, but might end up being an extra clan / mandalorian for Canderous to recruit ) Yavin IV - 4 Planets Demo Release 0.5.9 - KotOR II The SIth Lords This is still just a bare bones version of the mod with Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan and Yavin, there are two or three graphical issues with some of the models that I have noticed lying around, one on Manaan and the other on Kashyyk. (kas_m25aa, man_m26aa & man_m26ae ) 0.5.9 Yavin Demo.7z Yavin Patch Note : I suggest using a fresh install combined with TSLRCM, M478EP and the Jedi Temple Mod followed by this to test it out. There are only five NPC's that can be interacted with at the moment. I am slowly trying to write dialog and plan quest lines for these planets, please get in touch if you have any ideas or would like to join the project. Bug List
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    This is a little something that I'll be working on over the upcoming months. A cross-platform modding tool designed to create and modify the various file types used by KotOR's engine. A new KotOR Tool if you will. This is in very early stages so don't expect much and anticipate crashes and bugs - so save regularly! The file size is fairly large as well due to it including needed libraries inside the executable. I do intend to make this open source at some point in the future, but not for the time being. I'm testing this in Ubuntu, so I'm unsure of how stable the Mac and Window versions are so testers are appreciated. I welcome any feedback and suggestions. Whats currently implemented in v3: GFF Editor 2DA Editor TLK Editor ERF/RIM Editor TPC Viewer MDL Viewer Audio Player Saving files directly into modules Opening and extracting files from the game's data Search filter on files from the game's data Any number of game directories are loadable at one time Choose between different themes (System/Light/Dark) Download Links: Windows (7 and up, requires VC++ Redist) Mac (10.9 and up) Linux