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    Initial port of the TSL version: Guess I'll have to do some TSL portraits as well, bleh. Edit: So I have fixed an issue in TSL with the prologue where the unconscious player had mangled eyelids with the eyeballs clipping through. Added an interposed supermodel with a tweaked dead3 animation to resolve it. Unfortunately there's a similar thing at the start of K1, but that's a tougher nut to crack because that scene uses stunt animations. While I could add some custom anims for that scene, there's no way I can restrict it to only the Pureblood appearance due to a lack of appropriately granular scripting functions. The best I could do would be to restrict it to non-vanilla female appearance rows, but that would mean it would affect any custom female player heads in that scene. Plus it would require editing that opening DLG, which is far too intrusive for my liking, so I'll probably have to leave it as-is.
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    Against my better judgement, working on another head port:
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    If anyone is wondering about the status of this: it's not abandoned. It is, however, going slow due to me being in school. So while I'm not abandoning it, it's gonna be a while. The school year has about a month left, hopefully after that I'll have more time to do this. And without the stress of school I should be able to do a better job on it than I would during the school year. So hopefully over break I can get stuff done on this (at least until school starts again), but obviously no promises. You should be able to just add dialogue.tlk into the app data folder and run TSLPatcher from a PC and it should work, correct (although I haven't tested). Note that iirc the Android app uses a different audio type so custom audio won't work. But everything else (text dialogue, textures, modules, etc) should work. Although if you use a dialogue.tlk from a PC version, you will have the PC versions of some text (specifically some settings have descriptions that have been adapted for mobile controls, so a PC dialogue.tlk will give you the descriptions for a keyboard and mouse).