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    Rogue versus Rouge Rogue Rogue (noun) (1) a scoundrel, (2) a vicious or solitary animal, or (3) a fraudulent piece of software. The word is also an adjective meaning vicious and solitary. Rouge Rouge (noun) is a pinkish color or a reddish powder. Also called blush or blusher (UK), it is a cosmetic typically used by women to redden the cheeks so as to provide a more youthful appearance, and to emphasize the cheekbones.. It’s also a verb meaning "to put rouge onto." Correct Usage: In the Star Wars universe, Han Solo is a lovable rogue. (Yes, you Han.) Correct Usage: When applying her make up, Princess Leia didn't use too much rouge. Incorrect Usage: Han Solo is a fierce rouge in the smuggling world. No . . . just . . . no.