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    I meant to post this back in June, but I forgot. It was supposed to be a quarterly thing, but it remains a semi-regular thing. Updates Supermodel Fix for K2 - Fixed a facial issue and updated K1 style running to match what I did with it in my supermodel port. Yay for consistency. Minor Fixes for K1 - Minor updates for minor fixes. Fixed some leaf textures and converted them and others to superior TPC format. Darksaber for K1 and for K2 - Made new blade textures using the Saber plug-in for After Effects. Fixed the hilt alignment because apparently I had people holding it sideways before. Flipped Y-axis on the normal map so it doesn't look like it came from the mirror universe, and maybe made other improvements, hard to say. Converted other textures to superior TPC format. Security Spikes for K1 - Fixed an issue with the code that let it open doors the player normally couldn't interact with, like ones meant to seal holes in the fabric of the universe. Lightsaber Visual Effects for K2 - Added optional textures for the new colors added by the Ultimate Saber Mod, in case you want to use that and have consistent blade quality. Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Fixed a minor issue with Option A & the upgrade screen. New Mods Robe Adjustment for K1 - Two options to give you additional robes on Dantooine. The first option gives you robes to actually wear during the montage; they have the stats of clothing, so the change is merely aesthetic. The second option makes Zhar give you the robes he normally gives a bit earlier, right when you can start wearing them. They can be installed separately or together. Jedi Tailor for K1 - Adds a Trandoshan who will tailor your robes for you. He'll change the color between brown, black, red, and blue without affecting the robe stats. He also sells stuff and gossips. Something Completely Different My pick for this entry is Sith Armor - Freelook Filter Mod by @ebmar. It's such a simple and in retrospect obvious thing to add, but at the same time it's one I doubt I ever would've thought of or bothered with doing myself, so it's especially nice that somebody else did.
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    Throughout both of the games, you'll find crates in several versions. These cubes have different versions - one for each planetary location. (Excepting Taris with has three versions.) I'll list them all, provide the file names, and put a link where you can download them all. Why this may be important to you? 1) You're making a movie and you want to show different crates for different areas. This way you can swap the different textures in and out. 2) You're making a mod for a brand new area. Instead of looking through the KotOR Tool, you can use this blog page. 3) You want to make sure all of the boxes use the highest quality version of the texture. I'll be grouping these by planet, but not in game order nor alphabetical order. TARIS There are three different textures for crates on Taris. I believe the third more colorful version is in Davik's base. File name: LTS_locrat01.tga Size: 512 by 512 File name: LTS_locrat03.tga Size: 512 by 512 File name: LTS_crate.TGA Size: 512 by 512 HARBINGER File name: HAR_Cr01.tga Size: 128 X 128 Suggestion: Use my pack at the bottom of the page as both crates will now use this larger sized, clearer texture. This is the version I have included in the current pack. This texture is sized at 512 X 512 instead of the original texture. No renaming required. ENDAR SPIRE File name: LHR_crate01.tga Size: 128 X 128 Suggestion: Use my pack at the bottom of the page as both crates will now use this larger sized, clearer texture. This is the version I have included in the current pack. This texture is sized at 512 X 512 instead of the original texture. No renaming required. DXUN File name: DXN_Crt.TGA Size: 512 by 512 Note: This texture is also used in altered versions for Tatooine (LTA_trim02.tga, LTA_trim02_00a.tga, and LTA_trim02_01a.tga)and maybe have also expected to be used for Sleheyron (LSL_crate00.tga). Tatooine will be covered below as it's unique. Onderon (OND_t01a.tga) uses a slightly different version which reorders the boxes, and is also covered below. ONDERON File name: OND_t01a.tga Size: 512 by 512 Note: Onderon (OND_t01a.tga) uses a slightly different version of Dxun's texture which reorders the boxes. TELOS File name: TEL_CBx.tga Size: 128 X 128 Recommendation: Use sELFiNDUCEDcOMA's version instead (shown below) from his mod. This texture is not included in the package at the bottom of the page. TATOOINE This version not only covers the crates but also windows and a rusty wall File name: LTA_trim02.tga, LTA_trim02_00a.tga, and LTA_trim02_01a.tga Size: 512 by 512 Suggestion: Use my new upsized version instead (shown below) available in the pack at the bottom of the page. (You'll have to rename it to from "1024 - LTA_trim02 (New Version)" to the file names listed above.) My version (sized at 1024 X 1024) uses a new seamless rusty wall texture and uses the larger size of the box texture from Dxun so you don't lose as much crispness. MANAAN File name: LMA_crate01.tga Size: 256 x 256 Recommendation: Consider using my replacement instead? You'll have to rename this file from "" to "LMA_crate01.tga" (or to whatever name of crate you're replacing it with) before placing it in the Override. This texture is sized at 512 X 512. Included in package below. NAR SHADDAA File name: NAR_cr8.tga, NAR_cr8s.tga Size: 256 X 256, 64 X 64 Suggestion: Use my new version instead (shown below) available in the pack at the bottom of the page. (You'll have to rename it to from "NAR_cr8 (upsized)" to the file names above.) My version - sized at 512 x 512 - uses a recolored version of a different texture. PERAGUS File name: PER_locrat03.tga Size: 512 x 512 Note: Identical to one of the Taris crates but I included it anyway. DRESHDAE (thanks to @Sithspecter for finding it) File name: LZA_crate01.tga, LZA_crate01S.tga Size: 128 X 128, 512 by 512 Suggestion: Use my pack at the bottom of the page as both crates will now use the larger sized, clearer texture. TARIS (SITH BASE), also possibly Manaan Sith Base and Leviathan) Thanks again to @Sithspecter File name: LSI_box01.tga Size: 256 by 256 Pros: Unique box design Cons: Lower texture size. NEW CRATE Since I was spending all of my time looking at these darn things, I decided to make my own. File name: DRO_crate01.tga (rename it to whatever you need) Size: 512 X 512 I used wall panels from the game to make a M4-78 version of a crate. (They had to be shipping their medical supplies in something!) This texture is mostly a goof but if you can find a use for it, more power to you. If you use any of the above in a movie or in a mod and you've found it useful, please list in your credits/read-me as "Set Direction Assistant: Sith Holocron" SH_Set Decoration Crates.7z
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    EDIT: I unfortunately had to take the stream down last night after it premiered to fix an issue that went under the radar. If it had been a very minor thing I would have left it, but I wasn't happy leaving it up with that in still in there. It has now been fixed and the film is now back online. The link below has been updated. Thanks for sticking with me! Hey everyone! My next film, STAR WARS: KOTOR - THE SOLDIER'S DESTINY is now available to watch on YouTube! After nearly nine months of hard work, I am proud to finally show this film off. This is a beginning of a whole new trilogy and era for my KOTOR Machinima Saga, and I hope you all enjoy it. This was quite the challenge compared to my TSL Quadrilogy, and I'm so excited to take the story lines and characters deeper in the next two parts. I want to thank a few people for their help on this project (and over the years): @Sith Holocron - for his ever continuous honest and constructive feedback and suggestions which help make these films the best they can be. (And for lending his voice to the project, too!) @TheDukeOfDerps - for coming onto the project very near the end, yet still delivering to me his lines in an incredibly timely fashion! @madtitan12 - For lending his time and talents to the project to play Harnich. @Mellowtron11 - for continuing to be the man of one thousand voices, bring in Darth Bandon in Episode 2 @UnusualCharacters - For his ridiculously good impression of HK-47 and bringing many laughs to the dialogue. Finally, I'd like to thank @DarthParametric for his assistance in some of my modding queries. And to everyone else who has supported me over the years. It means a lot! I hope you all enjoy the film. ~ DV