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Revisiting the past: a trip down memory lane



Years ago i was fortunate enough to have a beast of a computer, 3ds max, and be a part of a mod community called freeworlds: tides of war. That was where i first learned to model in 3d. after dabbling in things like iclone and daz 3d, i didnt just want toplay around any more, i wanted to create models. so i got a copy of gmax and got to the point i felt the need to get 3dsmax. that was where i got the modeling bug. ever since i have been addicted to it.


Well flash forward to the mod i was working on at the time... freeworlds. it is a total star wars conversion of freelancer. While i was there, i modeled well over 1000 different ships, which never got used, because of the untimely theft of my computer, and a bit of confusion when i uploaded my models and they were deleted from the dev server. so tons of hours down the drain and nothing to show for it. but i do still have a few of the pictures i would post in my WIP.


Yesterday i was browsing one of my old external drives and stumbled on some of these pictures. i had thought they were long gone, but i found some and i still enjoy looking at these even though i no longer have the 3d models.


a few of these were also supposed to be used in a star wars conversion of X3 that never got off the ground either. alas, even though my models are all gone now, i did enjoy the time i spent on them, and i learned a lot about modeling work flow, and i got pretty good at making star wars ships that really fit the extended universe, and the star wars theme in particular. i also tried my hand at making environments (landing stations) but of the few examples i have the final product is something i did not screen cap, so they look pretty amateur (i wont post those).


But what i do have are pics of my very fist model (the YT 1930 which i was infatuated with and got me started with the modeling bug) all the way to my last (the nova drive 3z, or is it z3? anyway)


i hope someone enjoys looking a these as much as i did making them. but as you can tell i really got immersed in star wars modeling and still have the itch for it these days, just for something other than space ships, space stations, and transport craft of other kinds.

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