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So there is a mod called Expanded Workbench Revised Revision 2.02 made by Vanaheim/Vanir and I got a link to the download but can't find a description on what the mod actually does I was hoping someone could tell me


PS: sorry if this topic is in the wrong area

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I found this description from here.



It is generally accepted that the fact that we are not able to craft armor at the workbench in Kotor 2 is a bug. This MOD fixes this bug. Various basic armors can be crafted, depending on the level of your "Repair" skill.

This MOD also adds the ability to craft basic lightsabers from level 15 and based on the "Awareness" skill. Level 15 is the level from which you can choose a prestige class. Normally, at this time, you have found the parts needed to make a first basic lightsaber, Bao-Dur has checked them for good condition, and he hassled you to make a new lightsaber (technique that you had studied but that you no longer dared to implement).


Edit: Here is an archived page from filefront.

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