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ES-05 dialog issue

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I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I have been searching and found nothing. I made my way to ES-05 and talked with Kaah and got him to let me speak to ES-05. I've tried all the dialog options available but none of them seem to let me actually activate M4-78. My dialog options available are:

1. Why did Kaah take control over you?

2. What is your function on this planet?

3. Why did you agree to help Vash and Kaah in the first place?

4. Why did you let the Sith deactivate M4-78?

5. Do you know what happened to Kaah?

6. I'll be going.

Did I just miss a step before reaching ES-05 causing the dialog to not show or is this an actual bug? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I would have to have to just uninstall M4-78 after the time I put into it. I've got the steam version, used the m478151.exe install method, Jedi temple mod, with the compatibility patches installed, Handmaiden and female exile, invisible headgear, effixians ebon hawk, ultimate saber mod, high quality blasters, and no alignment penalty mods installed.

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Make sure you explore all the sub-dialogs; I realize it's boring since most of them lead to the same ends, but not always. In 1.5.1, as I recall, you have to talk to both ES-05 and IS-24 to re-activate M4-78, in either order. So if you happened to break into environmental zone with Bao-Dur before the industrial zone (as I did), then you have to complete quests in both areas before you're allowed access to M4-78. Maybe go talk to IS-24 (do it again if you have done it already) and see if he offers options.

You'd likely have been better off had you just kept the Steam version of the mod (1.3), because 1.5 introduces more problems than it solves. I like the ending in 1.3 better than 1.5 as well (to be honest, both could have allowed the player to steer things to a better outcome).

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