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Atton Rand and Mira

KotOR 2 weirdest glitch

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I just finished G0-T0s yacht which I played with Atton and Mira. After that My main character and Mira went to the central pit and went to some dialogue for influence. I accidently said the wrong thing so I reloaded the save  but instead of my main character and Mira it maid me Atton and Mira.

So I went to the Ebon hawk to try to fix this and I was still Atton in the Hawk. I went to the cockpit and Atton was there so I left the hawk with Atton (supposed to be main character) Mira and the real Atton when I got out the other Atton was missing his head. So I reloaded the save and it was fixed but did that ever happen to you. 

It was funny to see a headless Atton.

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