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K2 KSE error loading save + party members unselectable

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I screwed up while editing my saves today and now KSE can't load that save. The program hangs for a few minutes before closing itself.

I can load that save fine in KOTOR 2, but I can't add any party members (my party screen is blank) and my quest log is also empty. I loaded that save and saved again in a new slot. KSE can open that one just fine, but my NPC tab is empty, and all NPCs are greyed-out in the Current Party tab.

I'm pretty sure I know exactly when it went wrong - trying to change Atton's maximum force broke something.

I'm running TSLRCM (specifically this version via Steam). I also installed KSE via Steam (this version)

Unfortunately, my most recent save before my screw-up is... preeeeeetty far back. So, my questions:

  1. How screwed am I? 😛
  2. Should I assume that the broken save is forever broken for KSE?
  3. Is there a way to add NPCs to my party in KSE?
  4. Barring all that, uh, anybody have a save around the end of the Telos Polar Academy/getting the Ebon Hawk back? I'm currently searching the appropriate subforum but maybe you've already got a link? It should be easy enough for me to edit my party back to what I had, especially since I now know what I can't be trusted to edit 😉

KSE_error.txt and KSE_log.txt are attached. I snipped all previous days from the log before posting, so there should be less irrelevant info there.

Apologies if this is not the right place to post this, and thanks in advance!



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Uninstall KSE. Make sure it is completely removed from your workshop.

Reinstall KSE by downloading it from this forum's Download section. You may have to do a registry tweak so that KSE finds your install directory.

Then, hopefully you can work it out.

The Workshop in general should be avoided for TSL and KotOR; it is a broken implementation that does far more harm than good unfortunately.

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Thanks for the reply! I'll give it a shot and see how things go.

I also found in the Saves forum somebody had uploaded a game-long archive of saves. I found one close to where I wanted and made changes, so either way I've got something to work with!

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