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I am asking for help with creating a mod I am working on. I am trying to create a new crystal for my lightsaber. I want to edit the Blue Color Crystal. Since it does nothing but affect on the color of the blade I know I will have full control of the features so I can decide what I want my lightsaber to have. I cannot use any of the other crystals because they are already hard-wired with specific aspects.


I have seen new mods with new lightsabers and crystals so I am hoping for help me with this. I have the attached a copy of the .uti file that I have customized for the new crystal as well as the script files I am using for my mod so you can see what I mean. Can you please tell me what .2da files I need to edit, if any, or anything else I need to do to make the new crystal become available in the game? I may have to edit the scripts so my characters will be given it in the mod? Can you please tell me how to do that? Thank you in advance.

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