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Yes, it's true! KotorTools can be made to run on a Mac! (Or, I suppose, a Linux machine, but this tutorial assumes you have a Mac. If you're a Linux user this is probably useful, but I have no idea how Wine looks on a Linux.)


After months of opening KotorTools in Wine and only being able to use the 2da editor for 2das that had already been extracted, irrational-pie and felixfelicitas came up with a way to properly install it on a Mac. No longer shall we be bound to this hell, etc.


This tutorial will go into "I have never even touched Wine before" detail, for those of us who have never even touched Wine before. If you have, the bolded instructions should be sufficient.


The instructions with pictures are all found here. Click the images to enlarge, etc.



You will need:

the setup .exe for kotortools

Wineskin Winery



1. Create a new blank wrapper for KotOR Tool.

Open Wineskin Winery. If you don't already have it, add "WS9Wine1.7.35" to your engines. (It will probably work on others, but when I used 1.2.3 the 2da editor crashed every few minutes. This is just one that I know works.)


Create new blank wrapper. Name it kotortools. Or whatever you want, really. It's your party.


When it's building the wrapper, it'll ask you about network connection, gecko, and mono. Say yes to the connection. Don't install mono or gecko.


When it finishes, click view in finder. You should see Drag it wherever you want kotortools to live- Applications folder, desktop, doesn't matter. You can move it later, too, but I always forget where it automatically saves. (And feel free to close Winery, you're done over there.)


Then, right click it and "show package contents." Open Hit advanced.



2. Using Winetricks, download dotnet20 (under dllls).

Head to the tools tab. The first thing under Utilities is Winetricks. Open that. Under dllls, you'll find dotnet20. Check the box and hit "run." You'll have to wait for a bit while it downloads, then do a bit of button-clicking to install it. It’ll take a while to do that, too. Be patient.


Once that’s done, close the Winetricks. You’re done there.



3. Open your registry editor (regedit).

Still on the tools tab, there's regedit. Open that up. (If you're having trouble running kotortools on a windows machine, the registry is probably where you're going wrong there, too.)


For KoTOR: Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software, highlight Software. Edit>New>Key.


Make this chain of folders: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\BioWare\SW\KOTOR.


Highlight KOTOR.  Edit>New>String Value. Name the Value "Path," and under data enter wherever your KOTOR game is.


If you’ve ever used TSLPatcher to install a mod, the log for that mod will have your path in it.


The standard path is something like Z:\Your User Name\Library\Application Support\Steam\SteamApps\common\swkotor\Knights of the Old\Contents\KOTOR Data. Don't just copy/paste this! Actually go check!


The Z:\ on the front is very important. If you have the Mac version of KotOR through Steam, don't point it at Knights of the Old You'll need to go further and add Contents\KOTOR Data.


For TSL: The above, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\LucasArts\KotOR2. Paths will vary wildly, depending on where you put however you run KotOR 2. Remember the Z:\.


You’re done here. Close regedit.



4. Download the exe into the wrapper.

Under the Configuration tab, hit "Install Software" and point it at your setup .exe. When that's done, make sure that the Windows EXE path is "/Program Files/Kotor Tool/kotor_tool.exe"


And that's it! Boot it up and make sure it finds your games!




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