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  1. 9 hours ago, Nehua said:

    Here you go.  Just drag all the files to your override folder.

    I ported the model and its textures and portrait images. You should be able to overwrite the textures with whichever texture mod you want directly. If you want to use any portrait mod, especially considering portraits are of lower quality in K1, you'll have to do a small rename to the textures. In K1 portraits are in the format po_pfhc2, po_pfhc2d, po_pfhc2d1, and so on. In K2 the first number gets padded with a zero at the beginning, like so: po_pfhc02, po_pfhc02d, po_pfhc02d1 , po_pfhc02d2, etc.



    There is a mod out there to port all K1 heads to TSL. Reason I am not linking it here is that I found half the heads in that mod to have their normals messed up causing weird shadows around the mouth area.


    thx, mate. raelly appreciate it