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  1. I have now completed the game successfully!!!  I will probably try to see if I can figure out exactly which mod was causing the problems with the blank journal entries on M4-78.  If I figure it out I will post it here.


    Regarding M4-78, it was incredibly well done, and really added to the game.  I'm really curious now to know how much of the plot for that planet was left by Obsidian in the game files, and how much had to be written from scratch.  Regardless, it really fits the story, and it was great to have the Vash story fleshed out!

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  2. Well, I completed M4-78 successfully, and triggered the message from T3 to go back to Onderon.  The main issue I had with M4-78 was all the journal entries were blank for quests added by the mod (which was frustrating, but I was still able to complete it and most of the side quests in it).  If this is the only consequence of having H4F installed, then it was well worth it (and the journal glitch could have been caused by numerous other things as well, so who knows).

  3. Sounds good! I might go ahead and continue with my other installations...if troubles arise..I could just skip M4-78


    Have you already installed M4-78EP?  If you plan to install it, that should probably be done right after TSLRCM and before any other mods, especially ones that may make changes to non-texture and model files (such as scripts adn 2DA's).


    If you have M4-78 installed, it looks like this is a mandatory planet to complete the game (which makes sense), so there is no skipping the planet if it is installed as far as I know.  I have never played with M4-78 installed before now, so it's all new to me, which is really awesome for an almost decade old game!  I'm planning to finish M4-78 tonight and go on to the Onderon endgame sequences, so I"ll update this again either way to say how things went.

  4. So I finished Korriban, talked to T3 to unlock coordinates to M4-78, it showed up on the galaxy map correctly, and then I travelled there and triggered the first scenes correctly.  It is now bed time, so I haven't done anything on M4-78 other than land, but I can confirm that this much has worked with TLSRCM 1.8.2, M4-78EP, H4F 1.8.1, and the Dustil Restoration mod found here (which was a very welcom addition I may add!).


    I'll keep updating this as I go, but looking good so far.  If I everything ends up working, I can post a mod list of all the mods I'm using if anyone is interested.  It's close to 60 mods, but many are textures or small tweaks, and I haven't run into any issues so far with M4-78 being my last planet before endgame starts.

  5. Those are indeed the files TSLPatcher installs files into for H4F.

    However, the files in question from 003EBO H4F places in the override folder (while they are still in 003EBO for M4-78EP).


    I opened up 003EBO.mod in KOTOR Tool, and the only two files that H4F installs into Override (k_sup_galaxymap.ncs and handmaiden.dlg) are not part of 003EBO.mod.  I still don't see where the conflict occurs...


    Anyways, I have been playing with 1.8.2, M4-78EP, and H4F (1.8.1 version), I currently only have Korriban left and no issues so far (of course following Korriban is when I would expect to see issues with M4-78EP).  I will update this thread as I keep playing.

  6. It is, indeed, incorrect.

    Some of the files modified by H4F M4-78EP changes in 003EBO.mod.


    Looking at the changes.ini for H4F (the TSLRCM 1.8.1 compatible version) it lists only the following module files:







    I did re-download the file just to double check this, so it looks like H4F does not touch 003EBO.mod.  I'm still not clear on how it is conflicting.

  7. It works with 1.8.2 (though might undo some small tweaks), wont with M4-78EP though...


    Which files conflict?  I do believe you if you say it won't work, but I've compared the 78EP standalone files to the files added/altered by H4F, and the only conflict (including .mod files that are edited) is globalcat.2da, which shouldn't be problematic since H4F uses TSL Patcher.  Is this last statement incorrect?  I'm just trying to make sure I can see where the conflict is, since I can't see it at the moment and I want to be able to detect mod conflicts better than I can currently.  Thanks!

  8. k_sup_galaxymap.ncs is the file I am talking about there are changes that were made for H4F that aren't in the same file for M4-78EP or Jedi Temple.

    Where is k_sup_galaxymap.ncs touched in M4-78EP?  Is this script integrated into one of the module files for this mod?  I'm only a novice modder and havn't done any scripting for KOTOR, so I'm not sure which files the original scripts are stored, but from my limited knowledge I do not see any conflicts for k_sup_galaxymap.ncs between M4-78EP for 1.8.2 TSLRCM and H4F (for TSLRCM 1.8.1).  I haven't played RCM since 1.7, and I'm starting up a playthrough today, planning to use H4F.  Sounds like it worked for Regcod, but I will update this thread if I find out more.