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    Oh, I didn't know, I am sorry about that and that makes much more sense now. Thank you for clarifying. I do realize that it takes effort and time to re-texture a model, texturing is like an art and not everybody sees art in the same way as eachother. For me, I think the model should have been different, but that's simply my opinion and upon re-viewing it with what Dark Hope said to my original comment, I do see it for what it is and do find it looking good, and do realize that the texturing might show up better in-game. I realize that this is a much older game on a much older engine with horrible limitations, and appreciate greatly what Dark Hope has done with re-texturing the in-game models. I apologize for any disrespect.
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    @Dark Hope: Good Job as always my friend! Dont worry about it. Some people tend to be overly critic since they only see what todays game engines are capable of & dont understand how much work is involved to get those low poly models a decent look.
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