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    Question: Does it make sense to leave reviews on mods when you can't use them (i.e. you don't have a non Xbox version of the game)?
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    Why did I make that stupid TSL writing overhaul proposal thread... I think I still had some points about the narrative not airing views other than Kreia's enough, and maybe some other things, but large chunk of what I said has turned out to be half-baked (either things I was wrong about, or things I have incomplete info about to properly compose responses with), I keep falling into arguments that don't help anything, and any progress I make even on sample rewrites will be a long way off. And in the mean time, it seems to have become an attention black hole... *smacks self with keyboard*
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    Wanted to give it some time before saying this. In SWTOR, the way Revan's story ended on Yavin, I didn't care for. I accepted it because it was canon. It was really crazy though to think that with him not being himself, took EVERYONE there to fight him because he was so powerful (as he should be). Ofc, the Knight story is the true cannon one, and it follows/continues Revan's story/efforts in defeating the Emperor. Blah blah blah. However, with the recent story piece, Echos of Oblivion, I feel he got a true and great end. Even our beloved outcast Jedi. And Satele was made so awesome. An awesome I haven't felt about her since the game trailers/cinematics. Lol, THAT was Grand Master Satele Shan. It also resolves so much, even from KotFE/KotET. And I think BioWare just did a better ending against the big bad than what Ep9 had. They out did the movies. What happens in the game should have happened in the mess we got. Ofc the mess shouldn't have happened, but that's a different discussion. Can we please get BioWare to rewrite the ST, please? I was absolutely blown away by it. I am giddy every playthrough. I have never felt this way when playing SWTOR. I love SWTOR, but this story piece...
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    Hey well guess what? My pc just crashed and wont come on anymore. I’m guessing power supply but don’t know for sure. Was actually testing something in TSL and it just shut off. dead. capoot. Guess im done for awhile.
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    Happy holidays! My girl made me a little SW tree