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    This mod reskins RedHawke's ORD Mandell extra planet mod, using textures which were unused in the original game, mostly from Sleheyron. This was originally made in about 2006 or 2007, I think, and sent to RedHawke, who never used it. Sith Holocron reminded me I made this, and suggested I release it now that ORD Mandell is available on DeadlyStream, and now that the mod rules are less strict. Note that you will need to install ORD Mandell first, and then install the reskin. This will not work without the ORD Mandell mod. Installation To install, copy the contents of "Override" into your Override folder, and the contents of "Modules" into your Modules folder. Uninstallation Remove the files you copied over. This mod replaces the .mod files installed by ORD Mandell, so either make a backup of those first, or delete them from your modules folder before reinstalling ORD Mandell. Permissions As this is a mod modifying someone else's mod, please don't upload elsewhere or modify without my permission. Credits/Thanks RedHawke for the original ORD Mandell mod; Sith Holocron for reminding me to release this.