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Marius Fett

RESOURCE:Female Sith Troopers

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Female Sith Troopers




AUTHOR: Marius Fett

NAME: Female Sith Troopers

SPECIAL THANKS: N-DReW25 for the request/suggestion.

DESCRIPTION: As with my previous release, this is NOT a standalone mod, but a modder’s resource. It is an edited version of the Sith Trooper model which adds a few feminine curves and uses the female animation set, ultimately giving you a female Sith Trooper, which the original game didn’t provide. There is a TSL Patcher installer included which will add the three variants of the female trooper to appearance.2da for you, but they are not placed anywhere in the game. That part is down to your good selves to get creative with!

OPTIONAL: There is a folder in the zip which contains slightly different models which retain the Sith Troopers unique pause animations. If that’s something you’re interested in, then simply copy and paste the .mdl and .mdx file into your Override folder after you have run the TSL Patcher.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Run Female Sith Troopers.exe to install the mod.

PERMISSIONS: The files contained within this download may be freely used by any modder as part of any release they make, provided that due credit is given.


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