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Carth's Blaster




AUTHOR: Marius Fett

NAME: Carth’s Blaster

Special Thanks: BioWare for the original model.

DESCRIPTION: This mod is a port of the Ardent Defender’s Blaster Pistol from SWTOR, which I have made into Carth’s personal blaster. In addition to the gun model, the mod also contains a new ammunition type so that the blaster fires snazzy green bolts rather than red. Bit of a nod to T7Nowhere and WotOR, I suppose!

This mod won’t change the gun Carth uses in the cutscene where he takes a few pot shots at Malak on the Leviathan, as even using module injection and GFF file patching, the game still doesn’t seem to like carth_temp_gun.uti having a base item type which isn’t one of the vanilla ones. I did try, but no joy. Sorry!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Run the included TSL Patcher utility to install the mod. 

PERMISSIONS: This mod may not be used without the explicit permission of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author.

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