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Needing saves for M4-78 EP coverage in the documentary

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In order to speed through not 1, not 2, but three different play-throughs of the versions of M4-78 EP for the documentary, I am going to need a particular type of save file.  Here's what I am looking for.

  • You have all of the companions that you can normally acquire in the game unlocked. (Those could be different whether you skew LS or DS - which isn;t an issue in my case.)
  • You are using TSLRCM but you don't have a copy of M4-78 EP installed.
  • You haven't landed on Korriban yet.
  • Your character can be either male or female.  The gender is irrelevant.

Credit will be provided in the documentary credits assuming the save you provides works for at least one of the play-throughs.  If you wish to remain anonymous, that can also be arranged.  If someone else provides a save here, don't feel that you shouldn't submit one. Please do submit one. The other fellow may have provided DS saves when you have a LS, for example. In that case, I may well use both. And perhaps your save will work when the previous submission will not. It's best to cover my bases here.

Help me Deadly Stream, you're my only hope!

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