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The Historian

The KOTOR mods I want

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To the modders out there, I need your help.

I know you can do this stuff better than me, this is why i need you.

There are some mods that I as well as many others would like to have, so here's the list:

1: Swtor Revan face. Ever since The Old Republic first came online, we finally got to learn what Revan looks like,Image result for revan face mod

and since then, MANY have tried to bring the face into KOTOR.

Image result for revan face mod

Now, I agree with the mullet man being the canonical choice, as was explained by Lucasfilm executive Leeland Chee,latest?cb=20130531214301

But I as well as many others would like to see the Swtor face in the mod, as for me it truly represnts who Revan is. Now i'm not asking for a design using the mullet man, This is what the face should look like:Image result for revan face mod

Not to be mad at you, just want to see someone make a perfect model.


2: Canonical Lightsabers. Ever since we got our glimpses of the pictures of the lightsabers, many have tried to make perfect designs of the characters weapons. VP's Hi Poly Tin Can's mod is a good start, as the modder put in Darth Malak's canonical Lightsaber in,

Image result for malak lightsaber mod tin cansand it matches the hilt perfectly.latest?cb=20090209221245

But there are other hilts that we need. Some have tried to make it happen. The Lightsaber hilts we need are,

Revan's Lightsaber

Image result for revan lightsaber

Now, I know that Qui-Don Jorn made the hilt, calling it the Valorous Knight Lightsaber, but I want someone to create a mod that makes this hilt the lightsaber that you construct on Dantooine.

Bastila's double bladed lightsaber


Now, I know that JC has created the hilt already, Image result for bastilas lightsaber mod

but I want this to be the lightsaber that you retrieve from Brejik's corpse, as well as when she is on the dark side. Here's an Idea to avoid mixing it with others, Call the weapon Bastila's Lightsaber, then have a description of the weapon, well as a different picture in the inventiory.

Juhani's Lightsaber

Image result for juhani lightsaber

This picture is all we have got, so for any modders willing to try, be my guest. Again, to avoid confusion, call it Juhani's Lightsaber and give it a description.

Jolee Bindo's lightsaber


When Rakata was introduced into Swtor, Jolee's lightsaber was obtainable, for a time. This is Jolee's canonical hilt, so if you want to go, be my guest. Again, to avoid confusion, call it Jolee Bindo's lightsaber and give it a descriptiion.

There is something else, though. At the time of Kotor, the blade was green, but at the time of Swtor, it was blue. If thats the case, if any modders want to try, could you have him welding two Identical lightsabers at the start on Kashyyyk? One green, one blue?

And finally, Darth Bandon's Lightsaber

 Image result for darth bandon lightsaber

The design of the weapon in SWTOR is the canonical hilt for Malak's apprenice. One modder had started crafting the hilt,

Image result for darth bandon lightsaber

but never finished, so if anyone wants to try, go ahead. This has to be the lightsaber that he wields once you confront him.

All of these hilts are canonical, so I as well as others would want them

3: Remove the dark side restiction on Shem's Revan mask

The Remove force Alignment restriction mod has helped me wear Revans robes while on the light side, but I would like you to remove the Dark side restriction on Revan's mask on SHEM's mod called Revan's robes. I've had to install several Revan's robes mods so that i could have him wearing the robes and the mask together, but if you could remove the dark side restiction on the mask, i wont have to do that again. Thank you.

4: Having to wear whatever you want during Light side ending Medal ceremony

For me, I would have liked if you could wear anything you would've wanted while during the Medal ceremony during the light side ending, as you can with having to wear anything on the Dark side ending. All you wear on your character are jedi robes. If any modders want to try to make it so, then go ahead. I would like to wear revans robes during the ceremony.

5:  Bombarded Dantooine after Leviathan.

Once You recover the first three star maps on any other world after Dantooine, you will face the Leviathan. Afterwards, you find out you can no longer go to Dantooine because of what happened with the Leviathan. Well, I would like to go back and see the damage that Saul karath has done. Modders, If there was a way to put the ruined Dantooine maps from Kotor II into  Kotor, then do so. The Story of the Ruined Dantooine is that you arrive back in the ruins of the jedi Conclave in the ebon hawk and discover the damage that Saul Karath has done (keep in mind, the place is not overgrown yet, like in Kotor II, but the place is destroyed. You and your party scout out of the Enclave and scour the plains, trying to find anyone still alive. If you already visited Korriban and you have redeemed Yuthura Ban, you may find her at the courtyard along with any other Jedi survivors. As the canon dictates, Master Vrook did not participate at the Conclave on Katar, so my idea is that, if you are leaned towards the light, you find Vrook back at the Conclave, trying to restore it along with others. You can talk to him, telling him of the revelation that had taken place on the leviathan, and Vrook will tell you that he had feared that it would happen. He was worried that if they took you into the order, Revan would return. You can say that you are Revan, but you are not the dark lord you once were, you are a servant of the light, or state that you are not Revan. Vrook can ask about Bastila's fate, and you tell him what happened, and that you are determend to save her from Malak. As you prepare to leave, vrook will say 'may the force be with you'. However, If you are leaned towards the dark side, Vrook is not even there. (i'm not saying he dead).

I know that you can do this stuff better than me, so if you want to try, be my guest.

Thank you.

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I found this file on DS-servers:

If anyone wants to tweak this mod to make this the lightsaber you recover from Brejik's corpse, as well as when you encounter Bastila on Rakata and the Star Forge, then be my guest.

I really could use your help.

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In light of recent events, i've decided to do my requests one at a time.

DO NOT GO TO THIS PAGE! I dont mean to scare you away with my long list.



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