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    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    I would think that if the game will run natively on Mac OS, you should run it natively in Mac OS for best results. However, you could use wine to install TSLpatcher mods if running an .exe is the issue there. I am not the one to ask about Mac OS unfortunately.
  2. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    The Workshop simply doesn't work correctly for our games; that is the issue. It makes a new folder for each mod, each with their own hidden override. The engine can't digest that... And it opens up all other sorts of issues. Subscribe to just TSLRCM. Install everything else old-fashioned. That's the way to best results. Without a windows emulator to run the TSLPatcher, not sure how this is accomplished on Mac.
  3. Good luck! I found this article recently for an issue I was having with Battlefront 2 (2005). Namely, it wanted to install DX and Win 10 said nupe. I resolved it at the time by changing to XP3 compatibility mode. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/games_windows_10/directx-9-on-windows-10/7b7cec82-4a6d-4bb8-b7a5-3889aae764c1
  4. Mods in Win 10 should be installed as a moderator. The Patcher works in mysterious ways to W10, and it doesn't like it. Test this by looking at the 'tslpatchdata' of one of your mods. Compare it to the contents of your override. Override files from tslpatchdata folder should be there; if not, W10 security is killing your mod install and not giving you an error message (because lol M$) Also, good advice from SH and Odinson!
  5. The game engine of the two games are different and not entirely compatible. TSL is a derivative of KotOR. Thus, if you were doing this the other direction, you would likely have had almost instant success. As it stands, I do not think this mod will ever work without actual programming. Copying files and renaming them is simply not enough for this job. Sorry to be that guy.
  6. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Malachor VI: An Ending Mod

    Just wanted to repost this, in case anyone was looking for it. Took me about an hour and a half, mostly reading posts from old familiar names from LF. Nice nostalgia trip The codebase for this WIP is here: https://github.com/VarsityPuppet/Malachor-VI It would be nice if it were edited into the OP, but at this point I'm just glad they left the code up. This will be a fun rabbit hole.
  7. Ok, please edit your post and get rid of the enormous dead space of no text. Second, you are using the disk version. The issue is likely Securom; Windows 10 does not support it. To fix that, you might try a no-cd patch. When looking for help, include the OS you are using please. Did you install anything as a moderator? Are your game folders writeable or are they marked as Read-Only? Have you tried running in compatibility mode? XP SP3 would be my recommendation.
  8. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    They are that stupid. Still hopeful this game turns out to be a good spiritual successor to JKO/JKA. My heart has already been turned to stone by Disney and EA, but maybe they'll surprise me.
  9. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Basil Bonehead's Mod Analysis Facility

    I lost a planet mod that was 2/3rds done. Modules had been spliced with working area transitions. Dialog was 90% done and 60% in-game. I was about to start recruiting skinners to make the modules look different and somewhat related in theme (since they came from different planets), and VO talent for the major roles. Mandalore it was originally, then changed to Serroco. I was having difficulty tweaking Nar Shadaa in the Serroco encounter - I wanted to integrate that bit into the mod and make it the trigger for the planet quest. However, Nar Shadaa is a modder's hive of scum and villainy; editing those modules and maintaining a TSLRCM compatible AND not game-breaking mod was pushing me. But, I would have figured it out. Then my new NAS enclosure fornatted the RAID 0 HDDs I had everything stored on, and yeah recovery was beyond me. Modding can be painful that way. I still have most of the paper notes. However, the volume of work I put in will not be replicated.
  10. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    I just want to say I appreciate your effort in maintaining this thread and documenting your voyage, @Thor110. The thread becomes a tutorial itself! Keep up the good work
  11. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Basil Bonehead's Mod Analysis Facility

    The tomb.... When I realized DI was actually far ahead of me and not just a dude that knew tidbits It is a good mod. Makes me weep for Rhen Var thinking about it
  12. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Creature Spawning

    If for K1, you don't really need it. Enter "whereami" into the in-game console (need cheats enabled/console on in .ini, use tilde "~" to access). This will give you your player's location and I think orientation, without any armband. However, Star Admiral made good stuff and if you need more info, the link @DarthParametric gave will provide it
  13. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Creature Spawning

    TB12 made a population function that automates this.
  14. Qui-Gon Glenn

    LucasForums Tutorial Archive

    This is a small collection of tutorials I took from LucasForum many years ago. It is entirely possible that all of these tutorials exist here already; if that is the case this post may be deleted or edited as the moderators see fit. included in this 7zip are the following tutorials: Adding planets to the Galaxy Map in TSL BioWare's official Aurora Creature Format document A basic Dialog .xls template (I may have made this, but I doubt it) Editing items using KotOR Tool Item Properties Non-script method for adding player-made items to placeables Saber Tutorial Storyline Mod Tutorial To add a planet to the Galaxy Map via scripting KotORTutorials.7z
  15. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    And that you aren't actually working on the Aurora engine at all, but the Odyssey engine. Almost trivial detail, but it is correct.
  16. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    No, not really! I just didn't want to make any assumptions, which looking back I clearly failed indeed, sometimes little details can help a google search, so you are welcome.
  17. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Fair Strides' Script Shack

    All of that is pretty easy. Spawn script, and a .utc edited to include those items for loot drop. This is an old post, so hopefully you worked that out. If not, in this thread I believe you can find a spawn script, or I can post one. Whereami entered into console will give you coordinates in K1 that you can write down and use.
  18. Qui-Gon Glenn

    MOD:K1 Ported Alien VO Replacements

    I shall follow this thread with great interest!
  19. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    My confusion reading your posts, now, is some inconsistent history. This may be because English is your 2nd/'n'th language? Specifically, the Aurora engine was not "handed" to anyone. BioWare themselves made it from scratch - those crazy Watamaniuks and their coding skills ❤️ (if you have ever spent any time writing script for these games you have read their code comments, bless them). Also, it was not used in K1 or K2. The Odyssey engine was used; also built by BioWare themselves and a derivative of the Aurora engine (thus many things can still be learned about Odyssey engine from the NWN Lexicon). This may help you, just getting a couple more terms involved. { Aside: Interestingly, Aurora engine was licensed (not Odyssey) by CDPR for The Witcher 1. This is due to CDPR using a whole host of different softwares to make that game, meaning they incorporated 3d environments in a different way than Odyssey would have allowed. } Obsidian then got awarded the sequel contract (TSL) and licensed the Odyssey engine, which they also modified IIRC. So, there is a little history lesson
  20. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    Yes, and you can do that and get help here without talking about that part of what you are doing. Pro-tip - you will fail miserably trying to port the games in one direction, and have success the other. I will not explain.
  21. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    Signal the tower! To arms! Just don't talk about those plans here again, and keep on doing what you are doing. Edit your OP to not say that, and edit your funny and good post to keep it all good. This is unfortunately your best course of action. Increasingly the internet is composed of busybodies, crybabies and tattletales that will try to control you any way they can to satisfy strange needs. Ignore them as much as you can. Edit: DO NOT CONTACT THE MAKERS, ARE YOU MAD?
  22. Qui-Gon Glenn

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    Having the tool is better than not having it. Creating a VM is not beyond any of our capability; there is free software for it. Getting a copy of w7 is "easy".
  23. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Kotor 1 Level Cap Change

    Another limitation is GUI. It was designed for what it was designed for regarding number of party members. That can also be fixed if you are going to reverse engineer their code. I don't really know which is harder; both a little outside my comfort zone.