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    DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

    Just because I can't resist, and you might be amenable - Were the issues related to all models, or just some? Perhaps a resource release of the models that met your standard? I understand your PoV - it was a milestone project for you in your quest, and it accomplished that for you. However, you are an artist, and I say that humbly and honestly. So, consider this a fan request, that you can always disregard
  2. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Bandon .utc

    Yeah, making .mod is next level, don't feel bad! KGFF, and lots of testing.
  3. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Bugs / Errors Reporting with M4-78EP

    @zbyl2, @Hassat Hunter Fix your mod. Or revert to last functional build. Or give someone else the keys. I feel happy and just fine telling these guys what to do with their mod. I was working on it with Stoney literally years before either of them touched it. They didn't have to release an update, but they did. Making it a piece of garbage that doesn't work is not ok; if nothing else they should get over their political idiocy and just upload the most stable recent version (1.8.3?) to DeadlyStream. I'm sure you're both busy. So am I.
  4. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Bugs / Errors Reporting with M4-78EP

    Fix your mod dudes. Pretty sad, when the shiny "new release" that you "cared" enough to make, is broken worse than previous versions. Regarding political reasons: are we adults or not? This crap drives me nuts, and not swearing there was serious challenge.
  5. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Special Malak Face

    This is a request for a newer WIP that is very early and rough, but that I think could also be a nice modder's resource and I don't want to be so greedy with your talents! Specifically, I want a Malak face with dangling jaw/gore, as if it had just been struck by a lightsaber by his Sith Master. Since, canonically, that's how it happened. Bonus if we can make a blood emitter
  6. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Editing Placeable Items In KOTOR

    A more recent tutorial: Older tuts, by Achilles... Probably the most staggering intellect I have encountered on the internet, which is saying something. https://www.freewebs.com/achilles01/tutorials.htm You need to use whereami to get your coordinates, and then as far as orientation goes it isn't massively important with containers but you may need to experiment there. It is mostly the same process as spawning an NPC, at least if you are doing it by scripting. It is better to edit the .git but that is a bit more complicated. Try scripting first.
  7. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Changing Sounds for Aliens During Dialogue in K2

    Filenames have a 16 character limit. I like to do this - qg_derp.ncs qg_sithtalk.wav qg_dumbledore.lol Basically, you know that 1) I made it, and 2) it is unique Edit: Regarding readme, to add to what ashton said... Include the installation instructions, how to uninstall, any modders you feel deserve credit for helping you (like Fred Tetra for example) and the obligatory legal disclaimer that we all just copy paste from some other mod. I always copied @InSidious
  8. Qui-Gon Glenn

    [K1/TSL] BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle

    I get misty any time someone mentions LFN. ;_; Classic gun!
  9. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Global Values for Bastila romance?

    Glad you worked it out!
  10. Qui-Gon Glenn


    Multiple arenas is an interesting tidbit. Makes me wonder what kind of things could be going on, driving each arena. Do they have a unique crowd? Does one arena cater to Robot Wars, while another wants blood and death, and another just wants a "no-harm-done" melee with a clear victor but no death? Lots of food for thought... Such a fertile ground for modding, and it sounds like there will be a real world that doesn't desperately need it Regarding signage.... OOH SHINY! I like all of the work, and the news. Thanks for the update!
  11. Hard to say where the issue lies, but if you installed HLFP with the Improved AI, I believe that is a known incompatible mod with TSLRCM. Old school advice: one at a time, read the readme of each mod and follow the uninstall instructions for it. Then test your save. It may be that you can get lucky this way. However, no edits to GFF files will be removed doing this, so if the problem lies there you will need to reinstall. Always read the readme.
  12. Uninstall KSE. Make sure it is completely removed from your workshop. Reinstall KSE by downloading it from this forum's Download section. You may have to do a registry tweak so that KSE finds your install directory. Then, hopefully you can work it out. The Workshop in general should be avoided for TSL and KotOR; it is a broken implementation that does far more harm than good unfortunately.
  13. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Kast's Projects

    Another old fart still modding. Good on ya, I look forward to looking at your recruit script; I always learn things looking at the code of others
  14. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Any Mass Effect fans here?

    ^^^ I saw this on nuBSN. It looks pretty well done; I assume it is using UE4 and assets from all of the games. You have been pretty bold, sharing this thing publicly. I have to admit curiosity, but I cannot help but feel this will get C&D'd.
  15. ^^^ Something is janky with your install, or your Windows permissions. Have you ever verified that your files are saving properly in your game folders? It just seems like nothing is sticking/your game files are set to read-only.
  16. The KotOR Tool Script Editor has a built in function base. I highly recommend playing with it. As mentioned above, the limits of the nwscript are our limits - we cannot add to it unfortunately.
  17. Hmmm, well then I suppose that oughtn't matter. I wonder about making that line... But before blind experimentation, I would think someone more knowledgeable than me on TSL modding could chime in. It is a mysterious issue. We must unravel it.
  18. Qui-Gon Glenn

    New Installation Load Order

    Paging @Snigaroo.... This is that user's specialty. Search "reddit snigaroo sith lords" and you will find some of what you seek, and the horse's mouth may be able to provide further assistance from there. Mostly it is about maximizing .2da compatibility, but with some mods you may need some minor script alteration to make it work. Once upon a time, I made minor mods for this like the BoS/RHJawaShop patch I wrote. Depending on what you learn, and what conflicts you might find, I might be able to help you with scripting conflicts.
  19. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Sabers of the old Republic

    This is the way of the Force. @OP, I believe you will find most of his old hilts in his newer mods. That was his modus operandi.
  20. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Sabers of the old Republic

    Search Kaidon Jorn Mods here on Deadly Stream! That's what I did...😉
  21. Use KotOR Tool. Open the .2da in the .2da editor, and look for darkshort. If you find its index number, you are all set.
  22. Qui-Gon Glenn

    MOD:Visually Repair HK-47

    This is a fantastic mod idea, and I look forward to trying it out!
  23. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Editing Placeable Items In KOTOR

    IIRC, you do not want to edit the contents of that footlocker; lots of scripts attached to it. Instead, spawn a new unique container in the same room.
  24. Seems like musictable.2da, if it was modified, has to be the culprit. I have never had an issue modding sounds into the game, but to be fair that has all been K1 modding.
  25. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Sabers of the old Republic

    Because it has been superceded, and that modder preferred that you only use the latest versions of the mods he created. Ergo, he probably would prefer this old mod was no longer available, but that's just my surmise.