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  1. It is ok to be ignorant of things, especially if they are unknowable. To insist that one has knowledge yet can provide no proof, is arrogance. Arrogance leads to anger. Anger leads to suffering. Do not fall into the Dark Side because you believe you know things you don't.

    1. jc2


      Yet there are things known that cannot be fully demonstrated or proven, concepts, like motives, can be questioned by any but perhaps only known by the thinker, if even. Insistence on unproven knowledge is not arrogance. Arrogance is insistence of superiority based upon knowledge, action, reaction, etc. It is not the knowledge that is evil, but the man. How never answers why. 

    2. Qui-Gon Glenn

      Qui-Gon Glenn

      This is poetic, and I fail to see a good argument.

      You are depending on semantics to make your argument.

      Insistence on anything being a fact when there is no proof, is arrogance. And other things.

      Real question, regarding your first line - what are you talking about? Give me an example, motives aren't a great example because people lie.

    3. Spectrometer


      I understand that when you say proof you mean empirical proof.

      Well, there are various philosophical schools on that. There are traditions of thinking that also value pure logical/abstract knowledge as evidence, and therefore there are things that are knowable but not empirically provable according to these schools, just logically provable (from these things philosophy establishes metaphysics and mathematics, both of which are unempirical).