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    Combat armor

    That's the head of Lara Croft, isn't it? Is it on Playground?
  2. I really dig the aesthetic of the worn one, but I won't lie; it wouldn't fit with what the HK-50s are supposed to be, which is assassins in disguise. Perhaps something in-between? As it is, it looks like it fits run down HK-47 better. Maybe something like the brighter one, only with a different approach.
    Since you don't really get to see much of bearded Canderous even with TSLRCM installed, this is a change I can really get behind. The beard covers his scars, but it's worth it. The texture makes him look older and more mature overall, which fits his character progression.
    You know it. JC's a god in the dialogue department. Inspired by a great mod and improved to the point where you wouldn't know it's modded content. Instead of adding fan-made lines for the player character to say, the mod simply removes the sex checks, while also taking out bits of dialogue that obviously refer to a male character. I gotta say, I do wish this bit from K1R was part of the mod. I could see it happening seamlessly if asked about the Star Map either for the first time or in repeated instances of the same question.
    The mod that essentially fixes the most satisfying moment after reclaiming the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Part of me wishes there were more troops in the crowd in place of assault droids, but the placement couldn't be better, from the dark knights standing at parade rest, to the saluting high ranks, to the troops at attention, as well as the troops in the back. A definitive improvement in every way.
  3. Looks very good! Perhaps the feet are a bit too big for a woman but otherwise this is great.
  4. I was actually very interested in the full model as well to see if it could be implemented to a mod @DarthParametric made which adds an extra dropable uniform and changes the requirements to pass the Upper City guard to check for two sets of Sith armor, though I didn't want to bug anyone about it. The idea seems simple enough. It would behave as a disguise just like the male model, but I'm not sure about how it could be properly implemented to have both in the game. I guess that extra uniform would need to be a different item entirely, but then the scripts of the mod would need to be tweaked to account for that. It's the most realistic and immersive option I can think of when playing with a female character, since the guard refers to your party as a patrol.
  5. @Revanator Found a couple typos in Canderous' lines.
  6. I think that was it. This one's from 2020. I couldn't get Bandon's dialogue to work as it should but the quest works now. What's weird is that the tslpatchdata folder from the version I was using was from this year and month. Thank you.
  7. September 19, 2007. Downloaded from the NexusMods page if memory serves.
  8. @darthbdaman Would using the backup for ebo_m12aa and reinstalling the mod confirm it's an issue of this mod? The quest works with the backup. Then I reinstall the mod and now it doesn't.
  9. Hmm... I've got the latest version installed though. Two files are from this year. I also can't think of anything else that could be breaking that quest.
  10. @darthbdaman Some issues I found with this mod: ebo_m12aa breaks "Dwindling Supplies" (Sasha the stowaway's quest). The food storage box doesn't say anything new. "[A destination is still in the Ebon Hawk's computer from the last trip Davik made with it.]" isn't really a tutorial line, but was removed nonetheless because it's part of the navi computer tutorial cutscene. The cutscene could be kept to show that one line. You can still yell at Bandon for killing Trask when you cross paths. Other than that, the Endar Spire section went just fine.
  11. You could also add the sound effect for the compressed air coming out of the Hawk.
    I doubt any of us expected this much from a modder. A Jedi could have done such things, of course, but only by drawing heavily upon the Force.
  12. Guess I was the only one trying to tease Bastila. Many thanks!
  13. On my end, the line "Touched a nerve, no. Getting on my nerves, most definitely." doesn't play the audio. It's part of the first conversation after the first Star Map.
  14. Updated. I recommend trying both new versions to see which one you prefer. The differences are not noticeable by screenshots alone.
  15. Ah, I thought it was the textures you mixed. A mix of models would be nice nonetheless.
  16. Hey @Marius Fett, after seeing this I'm very curious to know if you have a Sion body model that's aligned with the PC's neck. That's the main issue I see with the mod LoneWanderer managed to dig up. It'd be nice if there was a rescaled version too.
  17. Edit: Upon re-evaluating Bastila's custom animations in the modded head and contrasting them with the way they look in vanilla, this version will be published at the very least as an alternate version, as it merits the appreciation, and some could argue the expressions fit her character better.
  18. All right, after multiple comparisons, I can safely say that the version above is not how the face is supposed to look like. The mouth opens too much when talking, and what's happening in the listen and idle animations is that she's perpetually frowning upwards in a concerned sort of way. One of the idle animations looked interesting at first until I noticed she wasn't making the expressions she was supposed to be making when compared to the female player character. I should point out that none of these animations appear to be missing in the head model from the current version. Her eyebrows appear to be moving normally in all instances, and the mouth looks fine when talking.
  19. Not sure I'm testing this properly. What animations in particular should I look out for? I'm currently in a new playthrough so it's going to be tested quite extensively either way, but I can do a better job if I have a general idea on when it could be a good time to swap the files and compare the two versions.
  20. @DarthParametric This looks fantastic, thank you for the fixes. Updating the file and screenshots in a bit. I can include your username in the readme if you wish, since you receive supplementary credit for building on Darth_Tempust's work. I was given the admin go-ahead on that.