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  1. I personally like this one. God bless whoever made it.
  2. Man, Korriban really really needed that.
  3. Well, the skyboxes are great. It's not a quality issue. The main problem I have is that I grew attached to the original structures seen from the docking bay. They look absolutely majestic and colossal in my eyes. They make you feel like you're in a truly alien world. I see what you mean about the darker-than-it-should-be sky, and I agree. It's just the Ahto complex that bothers me, even though the models you made for it are really well made. Come to think of it, I'd probably have the same issue with Taris if it weren't because the new skybox fits so well. I guess while we're at it, in the first two screenshots I see a weird blue glare on the clouds closest to the sun that doesn't feel natural, especially when you compare it to the original. The sun itself has a peculiar blue hue as well. Then regarding the seabed, it always made sense to me that it was pitch-dark because of how deep the harvesting base is supposed to be. But that's just a really minor thing. Hope some of that helps.
  4. Man, I can't help but feel this is going to be one of the most welcomed mods to date. Everything looks so real. The presentation with sliders on github is really appreciated. I have reservations about Manaan, but the rest, they're gold. In fact, I'm seriously considering starting a LS to DS playthrough, which I never do, just to see that landscape at the end. Again, really appreciated.
  5. I say option 3, since it shows how impressive the change truly is, but when viewing the gif on imgur it can flicker instead of having the expected waiting time. You could also have two screenshots in a before-and-after fashion. I definitely prefer this to a cut-in-a-half picture of both. That Taris landscape is really something, by the way. Feels like something an official remake would have.
  6. Thing is, you can't change the actor's performance, whereas the quality of your recording can be improved. And your performance here is better than his. You can always try voicing your concerns to him and sending him your recording for reference to give it a second try. He may throw you a freebie. You never know.
  7. Oooh. I like it a lot better now. We have some palpable fatigue and hardship. I also approve of the mixture of anger and agony. Considering that the original voice is downright Huttese, it's not too far a gap to imagine Mandalorians having different accents, so I say use your version instead. I can still hear the sibilance on the mic though, so I would advice muting those bits using a sound editing program. It's mostly noticeable in "Sith" in this sample.
  8. I can tell you my impressions, at least. The audio quality is naturally superior in the voice actor's. I can't help but feel he's making his best Cryaotic impression, which I don't think fits here. Now, there's basically no male character in Kotor with any sort of inviting voice except for Carth, I guess, so it's not like it brings nothing to the table. However, he doesn't sound exhausted or tortured in any believable way. He sounds like a charismatic person trying to convey assertiveness, which is not what's happening here. That said, the dialogue line doesn't allow for any truly believable delivery, I don't think. No one talks like that in that state outside of fantasy worlds. And it's not like Kotor is always perfect voice acting wise. Your recording, on the other hand, suffers from the lower audio quality, and it would be painfully noticeable in-game, especially in words like "Sith." It would simply stand out because of the microphone used. I also hear an accent, which doesn't have to be a bad thing, but again, stands out. Hope you find the input helpful. I would use the actor's recording simply because of the audio quality and decent delivery. I don't think it fits the character, although a change of appearance might help on that front.
  9. Holy shit. Nar Shaddaa looks great. It fits the dark tone too. It's gotta be the one that needed improvement the most, and yours fits to perfection.
  10. So this is a call to arms to tell everyone to keep doing what they're doing.
  11. Ahh, gotcha. This could be pretty great for the audition thing at the Lower City cantina. Or for some mystical, magical Force spell, to be honest. Thanks!
  12. I tried replacing them about a month ago, but failed miserably. It's not done through the .2da, is it?
  13. What about the cantina dance animation that seems to be restricted to female Twi'leks? That a body model thing too? Any way to apply it to the regular model?