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  1. You can pretty much forget about activating any Force power boost or energy shield, as well as switching between combat styles, grenades and offensive Force powers. Just a heads-up.
    5 stars for the faces of Mira, the Handmaiden and Atris.
    I gotta say, some of these look really really good. I can't think of one single male character from the first title whose face looks good enough for them to be handsome. This adds at least two. Some of the others look very unique, which is perfect for NPCs. Overall, quite pleased with this use of real portraits as face textures. I ended up using A3, B2, B3 and C5 as faces for the PC (as well as first options for some NPCs), and A1, A2, B1, B2, B4, B5, C2 and C3 for NPCs. Heads up, PMHB05 is using the dark side texture by accident, so it has to be renamed.
  2. You know, it does have a bit of that Tales of the Jedi look. Would it be too difficult to make the female supermodel use this body model?
  3. There's no issue regarding body model ports, as far as I know. There's MDLEdit, which is pretty straightforward to use. We also have an extremely updated KotorBlender now, but I'm yet to try it out.
  4. What is up with HK's K1 vanilla texture? In some walkthroughs, as well as on my end, he looks like crap and his eyes don't even seem to be turned on. In others, he looks just like the XBOX version, only better. This isn't an integrated graphics thing, is it?

    1. Mr Ardvark

      Mr Ardvark

      It could have something to do with Frame Buffer Effects

    2. Mephiles550


      Integrated graphics probably is messing it up, big problem Kotor has on some integrated graphics (almost always Intel) is that shininess turns to shit. 

    3. La Ingobernable

      La Ingobernable

      I was afraid of that. Too bad I'm miles away from my main computer.

      At least the reskins help.

  5. This update output is God tier! Get that "Import Armatures" thing fixed and we're golden. But feel free to take a break!
  6. Would it be possible to change their combat behavior so that they activate stealth field generators and prowl towards the Hawk's ramp? I know that might make the turret minigame a lot easier, but having them run around while shooting seems as jarring as seeing the original Sith troops.
  7. Hi, folks. Probably not an appealing idea to many, but cherishing TSL and the Echani lore Obsidian came up with, the Echani you encounter on Manaan just comes off as... unbecoming. Maybe even ridiculous, considering the voice acting choices. I'm not even referring to his appearance, it's his demeanor and overall mentality that clashes with the lore built up in TSL and embodied by the handmaidens. The exchange when having Canderous in your party has got to be the worst. So this is just a request to remove the clown from Manaan's cantina. I kinda see it as a continuity improvement, even if content is being removed. I'm guessing the most complex aspect of this is dealing with his triggered exchange with the Sith recruiter. Hope the request makes sense. Many thanks in advance!
  8. So then that's great, since you'll no longer need to compromise or sacrifice shading when tweaking models. But how would you replace supermodels without MDLEdit?
  9. I got pretty excited when I read it, but I'm probably missing something to get the whole picture. There's two issues at work here, right? One is smoothing groups, which get screwed once you convert the binary. The other is rerigging, because Obsidian. So at least working with the model in KotorBlender for the same game would be safe shading-wise, because of the binary importer/exporter, but then one of the issues listed as of yet is the lack of smoothing groups support. Now, since you need to rerig the model to port it right, you'd still need to compile it with MDLEdit or MDLOps, because of the differing supermodels, which affect animations. So what is the "export for TSL" checkbox for exactly? And of course, as for head models, you modding wizards work your magic by making manual adjustments with the model editor.
  10. Holy crap, this is big. And it works both ways, right? K1 to K2 and K2 to K1? Really appreciated. Truly.
  11. So we no longer need to convert a binary model to ASCII—messing it up in the process—in order to modify it, but we still need to use MDLEdit to port it to the other title?
    A great glossy alternative to Quanon's retexture.
    Yes! I've been waiting for this and didn't even know if it was possible. Besides the combat camera turns, the dark Jedi's dark side corruption was the one instance the XBOX version was superior.