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  1. "Edits to Bandon's dialogue have been redone." So is the Trask dialogue option removed when you encounter him in your journey, or is the edit referring to something else? I'd rather not yell at him over a non-existent memory of Trask that never happened.
  2. Some insight on the editing of STAR WARS (1977), intended as a rebuttal of the "How Star Wars was saved in the edit" video. It provides the reasoning behind the edit of one of the previous cuts of the film. Jump to the intercutting section starting at 28:28.

    > YouTube <

    1. 1Leonard



      This video could use a good edit itself...

  3. There you go. Can't do much about the underwear models. Those would need to be rescaled specifically for this. I could always replace PFHA04's soldier and scoundrel underwear models with that of the scout (the officer's height), but I figured the difference is too subtle to come to that. You might also be interested in making the hair in the portrait black so that it matches with the new head. Not sure if I can simply extract that asset from the game as is for you to tweak it, but otherwise I can darken the hair for you. There's also a mod that makes her hair more pleasing to the eye. appearance.2da
  4. All right, I swapped PFHA04's head for the Czerka officer's in all classes, set the officer's backup head to PFHA04's to avoid conflicts, and set the three underwear textures to Caucasian. Also as requested, I set the default clothing for all classes to the Czerka outfit. You may notice a slight height difference after changing clothes if you play either as a soldier or a scoundrel. I could set all of PFHA04's heights to the Czerka officer's if you prefer. Just place the file in Override and voilà. Don't give up on KTool if you're looking to make more changes like these though. appearance.2da
  5. @DarthParametric Is there any other instance of the latest version of a tool not being the one provided in the tool's download page?
  6. Well... can't say I expected that to happen. Let's wait a bit for someone else to chip in. If it's not resolved in a day or so, just attach the appearance.2da file from your override folder and I'll make some tweaking for you. If you don't have one, I'll attach the vanilla file with the model swaps you want.
  7. Nah, I'm just here to hijack random request threads to let people know how to do stuff, if it sounds easy enough. If she's got any doubts, I'll be here.
  8. According to KTool it's Czerka_Protcol_OfficerF, which uses head 83. It's basically the Asian head with the bun, just Caucasian and with earrings and without the ribbon.
  9. It is though. Hey Kayleigh, if you're interested in doing basically any appearance change you want to any character you want, have a look at this. And this too for good measure. Any doubts, just ask.
  10. There it was. Yeah, these pictures are definitely better. All right, I can make an entry over there.
  11. It would appear the post I made about a year ago raising this issue got deleted, so I can't compare the original screenshots with these ones. Nevertheless, I do believe you can see the clipping eyelid very clearly in these. Apparently I need to install Fraps to get a bigger shot, but really anyone playing on a larger resolution should be able to see it. Compare: See that part of the eyelid with makeup as she frowns? It's going through the skin. I ain't really sure to what degree this is fixable, since this only takes place during the listen animation, but last time the problem was that it was not noticeable enough, so it couldn't be addressed. This is simply a suggestion for the Community Patch's sake.
  12. May I ask for a version just like the "belts only" one, only with the bit of mantle on the back that would precede the cape if it were there? Namely the DS female variant, but you're more than welcome to make it a whole separate update if you so wish. After looking closely, it'd simply be the "cape and belts" model, just without the flowing section of the cape.
  13. Hey JC. I'm using this as the handmaiden's dancer model, since I'm also using Bastila's BA as her underwear. Basically I just ported the model and threw the model files and the .tpc in Override. Should there be any problem?
  14. I personally like this one. God bless whoever made it.
  15. Man, Korriban really really needed that.