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  1. Holy shit. Nar Shaddaa looks great. It fits the dark tone too. It's gotta be the one that needed improvement the most, and yours fits to perfection.
  2. So this is a call to arms to tell everyone to keep doing what they're doing.
  3. Ahh, gotcha. This could be pretty great for the audition thing at the Lower City cantina. Or for some mystical, magical Force spell, to be honest. Thanks!
  4. I tried replacing them about a month ago, but failed miserably. It's not done through the .2da, is it?
  5. What about the cantina dance animation that seems to be restricted to female Twi'leks? That a body model thing too? Any way to apply it to the regular model?
  6. The door could be opened on the Xbox, but I can't be sure about the dialogue part. In this video the guard attacks you right away. Whether that's because the player triggers Zaerdra's dialogue beforehand or not I cannot say.
  7. Hehey, got 10 out of 11. Not bad. I'm gonna take a guess and say the one I missed is in the Matale grounds after you clear the area, around a mound on the way to the Matale house.
  8. Let's see. The ones on Taris you'll probably get pretty much always. There's two in the Upper City (that only matter when Mission or Bastila joins you), one in the Undercity close to one of the entrances to the sewers (might be the fake one), one in the sewers right before the rancor, and one in the lower level of the Vulkar Base going through one of the corridors. If you want to force them, I guess you could just walk from your hideout's appartment complex to the racist fossil at the other end of the Upper City. I remember another at Davik's estate when entering the throne room coming from the torture room. Then there's one by the cave entrance on Dantooine. There's one in the open space right by the door to the dune sea at Anchorhead, and there's probably another on the dunes somewhere. Another one's on Manaan either right after you enter one of the modules or after you return to the initial plaza, probably coming from the one where the cantina is. Those are the ones I remember.
  9. The dialogue is not triggered by time duration. You have to walk through specific areas to trigger them, but not every companion interacts with the other.
  10. Oh yeah, totally forgot about that whole shenanigans. Thanks, JC. That thread should be announced somewhere other than the blog section, I swear.
  11. That's gotta be something with the supermodel (which contains the animations). You had everything in the same folder during the whole process, right? Checking some of the later responses in this thread may help.
  12. It's easy enough once you become somewhat familiar with Kotor Tool. You need that to extract the model (.mdl) and model extension (.mdx), as well as the supermodel so that the face animations aren't missing. Then you just need to use MDLedit to port whatever you want. Note however that the editing tool will screw up the smoothing groups. There's some steps involved, so let me know if you want to give it a try.
    Always bothered me too. Essential.
    5 stars well earned for: - Nar Shaddaa (holy crap). - The visible parts of Goto's Yatch. - The additional asteroids and the visible Peragus core. - Telos. - The Sith fighters - The Sith fleet. - The Republic fleet. - General starfield backdrops. For some of the other Peragus stuff, I've got your awesome Starfields and Nebulas mod. I may use more stuff from the pack in the future, since I still need to test and compare some of it, but for now these are the most impressive for me.