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    The Revan upscaled texture alone makes this mod worthy of 5 stars. That said, Revan's importance in the grand scheme of things makes the Sith Lord deserving of the main menu podium, which makes this mod the one you'll see the most.
  1. Good to know the knowledge was put to good use.
  2. Exactly. Oh, you just save the changes in the Override folder, just like any other mod that doesn't use TSLPatcher. EDIT: I've made a couple edits to the previous post to make it clearer. Try reading it again, see if that helps.
  3. Note that if all you want is a head model swap, that is done by making changes in appearance.2da, which you'll find in BIFs - 2da.bif - 2D Array. That will display a list of the models and textures the game uses, in a series of columns and rows. You just need to replace the head model your character uses with Deadeye's. Deadeye's row is 412, so his head is the number you see under normalhead (74). Just copy that and use it to replace your PC's. In order to locate your character, you need to understand the labeling and the face order. Look for the bunch of rows that start with P_MAL ... Then there's A for Asian, B for Black and C for Caucasian. SML is the Scoundrel class, MED is Scout, LRG is Soldier. You'll want to replace a Caucasian one, naturally, although the Asian underwear texture probably matches Deadeye's skin tone better. You can check the face order by a couple ways. You can open the texture files in swpc_tex_tpa.erf, but what I usually do is just launch the game and click on New Game to go to the character creation menu, then check which one your character is. There are 5 for each race. You'll still have the problem of the portrait not matching the head, though. You won't have dark side transitions either. EDIT: Note that you'll have to change Deadeye's row for it to use a different head, since the game leaves NPCs headless if they coincide with the player's.
  4. That's a great picture right there. I didn't even know about Juan Giménez. Just learned about him searching for the image. Great futuristic vibes.

    This scene always felt like it fit regardless of the Exile's sex, so thank you for removing the sex check. It's also made in such a way that it doesn't conflict with the Exile's relationship with other party members, and if you're using the Handmaiden and Female Exile Romance mod, a newly added check will make Visas mention the Handmaiden, just like in the male version.
  5. 2) In the restored dialogue between Atris and “Last of the Handmaidens” (that shows up if it is the Atris the one that sends her with the male Exile) there is the line, told by Atris, about how the fact that she has been sent with the Exile by Atris and reason why, should both be kept as secret from her sisters, but in the very next scene Atris tells them both of those things herself, therefore I removed that contradictory line. Only that one line is removed, the rest of the restored dialogue is not touched. I fail to understand why this was included at all and not even made optional, since as of now you cannot have 1) without 2). Atris asked the Handmaiden to keep it a secret so as to make her sisters believe her, Atris, and not the Handmaiden. In the next scene, what she says is "Her reasons are unknown to me. But I fear she may no longer be trusted". There's nothing contradictory here. There's manipulation and lies, but no contradiction. What makes no sense is removing that line, so that there's no reason for the Handmaiden not to tell her sisters, and then have her sisters not know why she left.
    5 stars for the long sword option, since it makes more sense storywise. It's definitely better than having her pull a vibrosword out of nowhere, and the long sword is a far more elegant choice for the scene as well. In my eyes, pulling a lightsaber would contradict the fact that she had been searched by the Peragus medical personnel. And even if her mind control was a possible explanation for that, she wouldn't have had the opportunity to gather the materials to construct a new one after being cast out, and it's unlikely they let her keep hers after being stripped of everything else. Other than that, I would welcome an optional install that repositioned that particular camera shot to make the soldier's body more visible.
    5 stars for the dynamic light-reflecting alien eyes.
    5 stars, of course. Just look at the shading on those plasteel cylinders. The atmosphere can't get better than this.
  6. Yup. So no fix for that then. I won't be able to get to my main computer for some time so I'm stuck with a laptop to take the screenshots, but the eyelid clipping should be more noticeable comparing these two. You can see the eyelid popping up and almost clash with the eyebrow. It's certainly noticeable in-game during the response selection.
  7. Just noticed these clipping issues (hair and eyelid) in PFHC01 during the listen animation. I can start an issue thread over at GitHub if that's more convenient.
  8. I can teach you how to do it, if nobody volunteers. You'll need Kotor Tool and Gimp installed.