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  1. Sam Fisher

    Kotor Apeiron

    Bye Bye Apeiron.
  2. Hypothetical: If there was a KOTOR/KOTOR 2 Package remake- would you like them to be remade beat for beat or be remade in the style of the upcoming; Resident Evil 2 Remake? Where the gameplay is changed entirely to take a more modern gaming perspective but maintains the spirit of the original. What would you change about KOTOR 1 & 2 in general to improve them? My main one change would be changing the PC's dialogue in KOTOR 1 to make the main character sound less like a moron.
  3. Sam Fisher

    Star Wars Games Graphics

    I'll agree to disagree- there are so many minor fixes to add from different mod authors, as well as patching the EXE for both KOTOR games. (& The HUD mods that come with that.) TSLRCM & The TSLRCM "Tweak Pack" 100% required IMO. and that's not even including purely cosmetic updates like decent looking robes- but then you have to do Lightsabers, HD Characters and that becomes an unending rabbit hole all it's own.
  4. Sam Fisher


    Was this in-part cancelled because of future prospects? What's the likelihood EA's even making a SW RPG at all? Half of their tenure with the license is done and they haven't released a single good game in all that time. What a waste.
  5. Sam Fisher

    Obsidian joins Microsoft Studios

    Indeed. It's the Chewbacca game idea X 10.
  6. Sam Fisher

    Obsidian joins Microsoft Studios

    Lucasfilm's management of the brand since George Lucas left has been piss poor in general. After the initial hype of TFA died down, we're left with utterly nothing worthwhile aside from arguably a few books.
  7. Sam Fisher

    Star Wars Games Graphics

    Story, gameplay ultimately doesn't matter all that much to me if your story's not worthwhile. Whereas I can forgive janky gameplay if the story is compelling, although I may find myself wishing- it had been a book, TV Series, Film or otherwise if the story's linear. In K2's case I wish Chris Avellone's team could've finished the game and the gameplay was more akin to Witcher 3- but the ambience of the world and being good in combat is still gratifying- hence why I wouldn't want it to be a Telltale style game for instance. It does really really annoy me that KOTOR 2 isn't as accessible as- The Darth Bane Books for instance, which anyone can experience. You can't really even experience KOTOR 2 at its finest today without spending a week modding the game before you launch it. Assuming you do everything correctly.
  8. Sam Fisher

    Star Wars Games Graphics

    Imagine if you would, that in some magical way that games visual fidelity was unaffected by time. Now imagine instead, magically their graphical fidelity was always consistent with their heirarchy in the list of Star Wars games- For instance, KOTOR 2 is the best and graphically is the quality of let's say, The Witcher 3 or Nier Automata. Where do the rest of the Star Wars games fall? In your opinion. Is OBI-WAN for Xbox an underrated masterpiece?
  9. I'd honestly just want a remake of KOTOR 2 under Chris Avellone's supervision. More than anything.
  10. Sam Fisher

    Obsidian joins Microsoft Studios

    Agreed, Star Wars is crap, Dead Space and Mass Effect are dead- so EA's surviving on? Battlefield and Sports once more I guess. What a sad state of affairs.
  11. Honestly? Even TESB is overrated, excellent but Star Wars is put on such an impossibly high pedestal it's not surprising some people don't care for the original entries. Especially considering TFA is essentially a best of mix tape digestable for modern audiences. And that's not an insult to it or modern audiences, it rejuvenated the brand by doing this.
  12. Have to say, like J.K Rowling retroactively changing characters years later- as someone that's a part of an unrepresented group; Lando being Pansexual isn't a problem, the fact that there's no indication he is in the film is. It comes across as disingenuinous, (but it's not as bad as Bioware's recent characters representing these traits as the only element of their character to bait those demographics) but it's not genuine. See- Blue Grace Marsalis: Alien The Cold Forge, for a character of this nature done well in a franchise with well established themes. It's also a fantastic standalone book.
  13. Sam Fisher

    [Request] Inverted Endar Spire's Panels

    Man, old games are weird.
  14. Sam Fisher

    Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR

    Nah. Good work tho Paramedic.
  15. The problem with all new SW media, IMO- is you can't beat Chris Avellone's writing.