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  1. Thank you, every effort should be made to elevate Revan's cadence to something befitting the character described to us in KOTOR 2, smart evil, or pragmatic good. Not manic evil or goody two shoes.
  2. Also for a professional look, retain something similar to the visuals we see in the FMVs in those areas, for example the Telos hangar.
  3. Useful as inspiration for the Tomb on Dxun perhaps? And I apologize if I appear standoffish. I want wholeheartedly for nothing more than you finishing this project for both video games, giving them a proper modern update as you say.
  4. I don't do this kind of argument, so no and yes, because it's just the truth.
  5. Yeah, but like your Twi'lek animation/Pazaak card design thing looks out of place regardless, nothing else does. Just saying. Also considering the nature of KOTOR being so long ago, I think being inspired by Fallen Order etc is fine, but using stuff from it wholesale again, feels jarring. And yes I understand the window effect, it just doesn't suit the specific place you put it in.
  6. It's always great to see someone else doing something I was going to do far better than I ever could, keep it up!
  7. Dead man's robes are my favourite by far.
  8. Yes, I think that texture could totally work somewhere in KOTOR or KOTOR 2, but the wall you put it on is far too large, and therefore I believe it's quite ugly, it's in such a small place in BF for good reason, it's detailing and not a design that makes up the bulk of the wall- in contrast I think the fish gave the environment a ton of life. I think the questioning of your decisions is down to fear, all past attempts by any modder I can think of that said they were going to retexture and generally update the entire game never followed through. So, there's an aspect of comfortable familiarity to the shades of grey in KOTOR 2 in particular that reflects the state of the Galaxy, KOTOR 1 less so- but neither look entirely like the OG Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy and that's a blessing, the look is unique. I think like Xuul (I believe) once said, the best kind of mod is one you don't notice but if it's ever removed you feel it's absence. I must stress I do like the majority of the work you've done, for example I think your reimagining of Tells is near perfect, but don't stress faithfulness to your sources (Fallen Order etc) to the point it's not aesthetically pleasing or doesn't suit the area, or even what the game can feasibly represent. A screenshot or model from the modern EA Battlefronts (Or anything like them) would feel highly out of place for example. When it comes to the environment, it's details and what's in it- use Chris Avellone's philosophy or MrBTongue's "Shandification" idea- think of where, when and how this object or texture got there when you find yourself questioning whether or not something is appropriate.
  9. No, can't say I'm too keen on your replacement for the fish personally, on a purely aesthetic level the way it's cut up reminds me too much of a broken texture personally. But otherwise I quite like everything else. I personally prefer the more classic look for the Pazaak cards, as I said before, anything that's clearly too high poly to exist in-game feels incredibly out of place. I do really like the new look for Peragus, but may I suggest perhaps,having some areas look more like the original appearance? As atmospheric as it is, I think you should also remember it was once a place where people worked, perhaps you could emulate emergency lighting?
  10. Yeah, that's totally fair- but as you say, it can only be taken so far without starting to replace models etc, but I will say, what I mean is less adhering to the exact designs present in KOTOR 1 & 2, and more the atmosphere- KOTOR 2 for example is very renowned for feeling grey, gritty, and looking that way in some respects. It's the most realistic take on the SW universe I've ever seen without losing the magic so to speak. Especially in KOTOR, with it's theming you feel all the planets are "broken" in some way and it shows in their appearance. I took another look at your V1 and V2 Telos, and I only wish we could have both, as each looks phenominal. I'm particularly interested in how you'll handle a planet like Dxun, that's mainly a forest. If I must give you one piece of advice it's not to you use that Twi'lek graphic you created or anything like it, as nice as it is- it really takes you out of the immersion when you see a character model that's clearly too high poly to be actually anywhere within the world. I think in such a case, less is more. Oh! And please keep the fishes behind the Swoop manager, that was amazing. Also, for certain textures I remember you once said XNVIEW was required, but I've often found turning them upside down achieves the same affect. Good luck, your work is truly phenominal. I can't wait to see what both games look like in 2026 when you're done. Haha (:
  11. I have to say, very impressed, but I think for example- I liked your old Telos better in some ways, I understand you're trying to modernise the game(s) but I think straying too far from the atmosphere of the original version is a mistake. I think for example, Halo 2 Anniversary is the perfect way to do such an overhaul.
  12. I've got a question, if I may- I'd planned on doing this myself, with not a single repeating NPC across the two games, is that your goal? Although I think you'd require a couple completely new "hooded commoner" models (male/female) for areas such as Onderon where you can't stop the repeated characters.
  13. Any chance of ToastyFresh's weapon model overhaul getting ported to TSL, specifically the Melee part?
  14. Don't mean to unnecessarily resurrect this thread from the depths, but if I wanted to use Toasty Fresh's stuff for TSL how would I go about that? Toasty's original mod, then this i gather, but I recall something about either MDL, MDX or TXI files from KOTOR 1 not behaving properly in KOTOR 2, but I can't remember which?