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  1. But, I've been modding myself for years and I've grown tired of it. I like KOTOR and I love KOTOR 2, but they have some problems- Identical NPC appearances, a myriad of glitches and bugs, low resolution badly placed textures, low polygon models, broken models. On top of this, wonderful modders have fixed these issues nearly completely throughout the years- aside from every NPC having a unique appearance which I took years to do myself. But yet I have a complaint, my back ups and hard drive was destroyed in a flood recently. I want to play KOTOR & 2 again but I don't have the time to install the 100+ modifications, and fiddle with them to "perfect" both of the games' flaws. But it'll be difficult to go back to vanilla. Has anyone got any advice? This feels rather hopeless if I'm honest and all the more makes me wish for an HD Remake of both games.
  2. Why?

    1. N-DReW25


      @Sam Fisher You are aware this user is banned right?

    2. Sam Fisher
  3. Sam Fisher

    Copyplays You should all be following this artist's adorable work on KOTOR. Linked just in time for the best game of the bundle.
  4. Glad to see the porting rule is dead.
  5. Sam Fisher

    Queedle Fix

  6. Sam Fisher

    Helmeted Head Request

    Basically I'm sick and tired of visors not spawning on characters in the Refugee Quad, speaking particularly of the Serreco and their cloned goons. I was going to put masks on all of them to alleviate the same-face but it's not working. What I'm requesting sounds simple enough to me in theory. PMHA05 Seen here modded by Niuhaka, couldn't find an unmodded picture. Basically when wearing the it looks pretty merc-ey, as if it could be anyone. I'd like someone to create a head model that essentially, makes both of them one model with no facial animation. A helmeted head, that could work for any mook. Diversifying the NPC's in this game has taken away, months and months, far too much but there's a certain point when I can practically do no more. I would IMMENSELY appreciate it if someone could fulfil this request.
  7. Sam Fisher

    Dialogue Module to Module

    But how would I do that practically?
  8. Sam Fisher

    Dialogue Module to Module

    No. I don't really know how I can explain it better, I want an NPC to use dialogue that's only found in another module. In this case. The dialogue found in Telos Docking Area (Module 201) on the Male and Female "Traveller" NPC's that wander the halls. I want to take their dialogue and attach it to a couple of NPC's in the Residential East (Module 203) rather than those NPC's default dialog, which you can see in their UTC's. I'm sorry I don't understand.
  9. Sam Fisher

    Dialogue Module to Module

    In KOTOR 2- I want an NPC To use; 201TravM and another NPC to use; 201TravF in the Module 203, I want to know if this is possible and if so, how?
  10. I've used Jorak's mods for a while and tbh- half the time for the textures to display correctly (To get the same result as using XNView) all you had to do is flip the textures vertically and volia. In short his methods using XNView I find to be unnecessarily complicated.
  11. Sam Fisher

    Visas Marr's Med-Bay Body Position

  12. Sam Fisher

    [Request] Korriban Academy Quest Resolution Fix

    Just extract the needed modules and files from K1R then, done. That's what I did a while ago.
  13. Sam Fisher

    Download:Effixian's Bao-Dur Reskins

    Exactly why I don't like it and why I don't feel it fits with the tone Obsidian set. I'd much rather Bao-Dur's skin indents became deeper, and his eyes changed, something rather subtle like that. This guy isn't Darth Maul.
  14. Sam Fisher

    Download:Effixian's Bao-Dur Reskins

    Ever considered a darkside transition without tattoos?
  15. Controversial opinion; XarWars is great at making textures for walls, floors, industrial environments. What he's not so good at, is the organisation of the textures he makes. Take a look at his Peragus OTE reskin, it's the best one around; aside from a couple of strange choices. I'd even argue concerning walls and signs his Telos OTE outdoes even Jorak Uln's work- in terms of being faithful to the original look of the station. I personally have myself installed a mix of both, the best of both worlds if you will in terms of Telos. Jorak's an obvious choice but I don't know how available he is. Curtis1973 also does some good work, particularly when it comes to making areas of the game look like the original, like XarWars but doesn't as often make the textures too busy looking which XarWars is guilty of. To be fair to XarWars though, particularly concerning TSL- Obsidian's texture placement- is... certainly less than ideal.