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    1. Spectrometer


      Great news! Star Wars needs awesome writers like Avellone more than ever.

    2. Mellowtron11


      Looking forward to the April reveal then! That's neat that Avellone's back writing for a Star Wars game. 

      Wasn't Obisidian trying to pitch an idea for an RPG set between Episodes 3 and 4?

  1. Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, stealth reboot? Yes prithee. Thoughts everyone?
  2. Indeed Ragnarok. Aside from it being for the best, modern Star Wars desperately needs a resuscitation, with entries of excellence and so does KOTOR (1 & 2).
  3. In addition to Electronic Arts superb track record with the Star Wars license in recent years, ( recently another story has come to light. As for the first story; this speaks for itself 1998-2006 (LucasArts) LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Star Wars Battlefront I & II, Star Wars KOTOR I & II: TSL (TSLRCM Required), Star Wars Racer, Star Wars Racer Revenge, (TPM, JPB, BFN), Star Wars Obi-Wan, Star Wars Starfighter, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Star Wars The Clone Wars, SW Republic Commando, Star Wars RotS Videogame, Star Wars Galaxies MMO, Star Wars Empire At War, SW Rogue Squadron I, SW Rogue Squadron II, SW Rogue Squadron III, SW X-Wing Alliance, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, 20 Good, 5 Bad. 2012-2018 (EA) SWTOR, Galaxy Of Heroes, Star Wars EA Battlefront, Star Wars EA Battlefront II. As for the second story; my opinion- First though, I'd much have preferred ground up remakes of the first two games please- (RE/Resident Evil 2 style) with both Chris Avellone and Drew Karpyshyn expanding, rewriting and revising some of the immature writing in the first game to bring it up to the standards of "The Sith Lords" and restore some things to KOTOR 2 that were planned and no longer exist. Considering Bioware's recent releases, I don't exactly trust them with the KOTOR Mythos (SWTOR is absolute trite.) anyway to create a sequel that would live up to the first two. The Doctors are no longer with the company and neither is Drew Karpyshyn, so I would fear for the idea of a KOTOR sequel under Bioware. In this day and age, I'd much prefer to see CDPROJEKT RED make a KOTOR sequel.
  4. We'll see, I'll not promise anything yet.
  5. Absolutely breathtaking. The scope has me worried though, so many "Complete Overhauls" Have come and gone incomplete.
  6. Ugh. Boy oh boy; I gotta start editing that Dialog.tlk for KOTOR 1 then.
  7. Will these games ever get a professional update? Or would I be better off to just bite the bullet and start modding the shit out of these games?
  8. Sam Fisher

    Kotor Apeiron

    Bye Bye Apeiron.
  9. Hypothetical: If there was a KOTOR/KOTOR 2 Package remake- would you like them to be remade beat for beat or be remade in the style of the upcoming; Resident Evil 2 Remake? Where the gameplay is changed entirely to take a more modern gaming perspective but maintains the spirit of the original. What would you change about KOTOR 1 & 2 in general to improve them? My main one change would be changing the PC's dialogue in KOTOR 1 to make the main character sound less like a moron.
  10. I'll agree to disagree- there are so many minor fixes to add from different mod authors, as well as patching the EXE for both KOTOR games. (& The HUD mods that come with that.) TSLRCM & The TSLRCM "Tweak Pack" 100% required IMO. and that's not even including purely cosmetic updates like decent looking robes- but then you have to do Lightsabers, HD Characters and that becomes an unending rabbit hole all it's own.
  11. Was this in-part cancelled because of future prospects? What's the likelihood EA's even making a SW RPG at all? Half of their tenure with the license is done and they haven't released a single good game in all that time. What a waste.
  12. Lucasfilm's management of the brand since George Lucas left has been piss poor in general. After the initial hype of TFA died down, we're left with utterly nothing worthwhile aside from arguably a few books.