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A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Author: N-DReW25
1.0 Release Date: 03.7.2016
1.24.0 Release Date: 05.05.2020

1) Make sure you install my mod first before any other

2) Simply place the ALL the files within the "For Override" Folder into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder

3) Then place ALL the files within the "For modules" Folder into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic modules folder

4) Make sure you place all the VO audio in "For Streamwaves" into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic streamwaves folder

5) Then place the "dialog.tlk" into the Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic folder and overwrite the one currently in there

This is not necessary though if you want the any optional modules simply open the "Optional" folder and copy ALL the files within your desired folder and place them in your override folder

N-DReW's Gameplay Improvement is an upcoming mod project that plans to cover the whole game by improving certain features in the game including NPC's, Party Members, Merchant Loot, Custom and Restored Content, Items, dialogue and much more. Future updates may yield content including small side quests! Please be aware this is only a DEMO and is incomplete but it does *plan* to span across the entire game and add new content!

Corspes in the Rift Station on Manaan have new appearances
The NPCs in the Rift Station modules have been revamped
Added "Republic" and "Sith" Selkath Variants from ROR
The surviving merc from the Rift Station will always go hostile, your player choices determine whether you gain DS Points, LS points or none at all (This is because he vanishes without a trace once you find the Star Map)
You can no longer return to Ahto City upon reaching the Rift Station until you've found the Star Map (This is because according to the merc the Sharks destroy any departing subs and the fact that Roland has no real dialogue for returning without any news)
The Dark Jedi Corspe is now a Republic Officer who now carries the Sonic Pistol used to kill the Firaxa (The original Footlockers now contain a Squad Recovery Stim and a Life Support Stim)
Modified Sami and Kono's dialogue and appearances
The scubba diver Merc now has matching VO in his death scene and normal dialogue
You can now destroy the Rift Harvesting machine without that hard puzzle (Light Side made easy)
The Tu'kata Queen and the Tu'kota Brutes now have brand new textures
The Shyrack Wyrms have a new texture and the Shyrack Raptors now have their cut content textures
Thalia May is now an Echani
Jorak Uln now has proper content and won't crash the game
The experimental Assassin Droid is now a HK-50 unit (placeholder)
Restored Bastila's Dantooine Crystal Lines
Dantooine Crystals now only give colour crystals instead of power crystals (Logically you shouldn't find naturally occuring Rubat Crystals when Rubat Crystals only naturally occur on Phemis according to Legends Canon)
Dantooine Crystals now have an inventory with a crystal like in TSL
Kinrath Eggs are no longer destroyable (Can be reverted if no one likes this)
Added an optional "Green Dantooine" reskin, no more odd yellow grass
Added an optional "Kotor 2 Pazaak" which turns the low res K1 Cards into the HD Cards from K2
Added Content for the Leviathan Hangar
BUG FIX: Fixed a game breaking bug which crashed the game when spawning Darth Bandon
BUG FIX: You can no longer "Insert your Lightsaber" into the Whimpering Locker in the Rift station if you aren't equipted with a Lightsaber (Locker dialogue also reworked)
BUG FIX: Restored the ability to talk to Firith Me
BUG FIX: The Slave in Davik's Estate now has a body texture
BUG FIX: Davik Kang no longer drops dead during his intro cutscene
BUG FIX: The Hangar Security Terminal which was once the normal Security Terminal and the Security Terminal which was once the Hangar Security Termina in Davik's estate and both been written and swapped back to their proper place
BUG FIX: Zhug Brother in Davik's Estate now has a Duro soundset instead of a 
BUG FIX: Tanis' droids are now fixed
BUG FIX: For the second time, Shaardan now properly spawns in Ajunta Pall's tomb
BUG FIX: The Selkath Sith Apprentices are now neutral instead of hostile, thus fixing them

For previous updates please check the update log

Main Features:
Trask is now a lore friendly Jedi Twi'lek (No more Trask Tutorial)
NPCs overhauled throughout all areas the mod covers
NPC Loot Drops overhauled
Merchant loot overhauled (Merchants now have lore friendly loot worth buying)
Item stats overhauled
Party Member and player stats overhauled
Movie Style Dark Side Transitions
Realistic Visual Effects
"Blasters Reloaded" style balance
Ported TSL Items
Various Cameos and custom created characters that are seen throughout the journey
New items

Will be incompatible with anything that uses .mod files (So yes k1R and K1 NPC overhaul aren't compatible), appearance.2da, baseitems.2da, classes.2da, classpowergain.2da, featgain.2da, and regeneration.2da

If you want to know if a certain mod is incompatible with my mod please PM me on Deadlystream

If you have any suggestions for future idea's please give me a PM on Deadlystream and give me a detailed description of what you want and it may be considered (Don't be shy). If you would like to help the mod out I will accept whatever help I can especially if you can script or make textures!

You can NOT edit, upload to other websites or claim as your own without permission from me.

Bioware for such an amazing game
Obsidian for the second game and its assests
Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool
FairStrides for trying to help me with ERF Edit

VO Talent:
Zhaboka- Kaah Ohtok

Bith Musician items/HK Melee Mod- Khrizby 
Dark Side Reimagined Mod- darksidebirdie
Jedi from the Start scripts- darthbdaman 
M200 Intervention Sniper model- Skateordie808
Realistic Visual Effects Mod, Jedi Robe Skins- Shem 
Various textures- 90SK
K1 Enchantment Pack assests- SpaceAlex
Wookiee, Echani, Combat Suit skins- redrob41
Dark Jedi Robe texture- Ankh
MedHypo mod- Rtas Vadum
Sith Commander/Manaan Sith Soldier Skins- Dak Drexl
Scout/Scoundrel uniforms- jonathan7 & FoolInTheWave
Force Fashion 2- jonathan7
Sungladdes, Shields, Female Mandalorians by Inyri Forge
Saber Pikes by DeadMan
Brotherhood of Shadow Assests- Silveredge9
Female republic soldier skin and the HD republic soldier skins- Dark Hope
Republic Helmet- SithSpector 
Revenge of Revan Assets- Logan423, RedRobe41, Paige Lehnert
Various Textures- Whyp
JC2, TheRealDarthRevan- Scripting aid
Sith Stalker- Qui-Gon Glenn, Dak Drexl, redrob41, Marius Fett, Varsity Puppet and j7
JC's Heads Modders Resource- JCarter426
Saeikan's Armors of the Old Republic Textures- Saeikan
Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue- Revanator
K1 Better Twi'lek Heads- Ashton Scorpius
Robes for Korriban Sith Students assests- Shem
JC's Vision Enchantment/JC's Slave Bastila/JC's Supermodel Fix/JC's Head Modders Resource/JC's Republic Soldier Fix- JCarter426
WOTOR weapons- T7Nowhere
Manaan and Korriban Sith Soldier- sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
Drinking Animation- Darth Parametric and Alvar007

This mod contains assets ported from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment.



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I'm currently on a playthrough with this mod and it's excellent, I love the visual changes of various NPCs!

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Great content


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