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Stand alone version of resisting arrest on Manaan.






Until I update this mod, it may cause a crash leaving two of your companions permanently stuck. Recommend uninstalling, or not having companions when you encounter the Selkath after finding the Star Map.


If you intend to use this mod, please save prior to encountering the Selkath.


To uninstall simply remove "man26_selambush.dlg" from your override, the rest of the files operate inside that dlg and shouldn't cause any harm if left in your override.
However, I encourage you to remove all of it, just to be safe.






If enjoy playing Dark Side, then this mod is for you!


After you vent poison into the Selkath waters, effectively ruining Kolto production on that planet, you are arrested.
This mod allows you to answer "You'll never take me alive!"


You are then able kill the Selkath Planetary Security forces attempting to arrest you.
You will not be sent to a court room, and have boring/long conversation about "your crimes."


Unless you choose the remaining two options of "I will go peacefully" or "You can't prove a thing!"
Those two options are left and will trigger your courtroom trial!


Unleash the full fury of the Dark Side upon the fools who dare stumble across your path!


Installation: Unzip files and place into override


If you have Shanilia installed, then you do not need this mod!


UNINSTALL by removing those files from your override!




FS for his door script and his youtube script tutorial (used the changefactionto function explained there)
Kexikus for his advice
LucytheAlien for being a fan
Deadlystream.com for hosting my mods!
Holowan labs for various scripting tutorials!


Please PM me with Feedback about dialogue choices, and if you run into any bugs.


Sincerely, JC2

What's New in Version 2.00   See changelog


  • 1.50 Fixed bug, options to be arrested were missing a script. Also, Shanilia will be released within the week!
  • 2.00 Issue with K1R no longer compatible, can cause glitch of unknown origin if K1R is installed, otherwise you are fine. I was wrong the bug doesn't originate with K1R users...

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