Blog #109 - Happy Birthday to me

Sith Holocron



So you've seen the icon above as my avatar today (06 DEC 2022) and it's there because it's my 50th birthday.  (Edit: now it's my 51st birthday!)

I have no idea what I'll be doing on this day.  So it'll be a mystery what I'll actually do that day.  I will likely not even be visiting the site on 6th.

However, some folks may be inspired to leave comments or do something - for some reason - so I now leave this space open for today's "festivities" and for the days beyond.

If you need suggestions on what you can do on this page to help me "celebrate" turn a half century, here are a few suggestions:

1) Leave a nice comment below!

2) Rate a mod of mine that you have previously downloaded 5 stars and actually leave a nice text review.  I know I've asked folks to do so in most if not all of my mods but that doesn't mean it's happened.  You can find all of my mods through this link.

3) Watch on my videos on my YouTube channel.  Leave a like and a nice comment?  But don't watch the "Want Kaah Gone" video though, because I wish to spare you your sanity.

4) Give me money?  I'll gladly take your virtual (i.e not real) money.  You could send credits or items to me on SWTOR. My Republic character is named "Emfour" and is on the Star Forge server.  (My Imperial character "Emfive" is on the same server for those with a Sith flair.)

5. Perform an act of random kindness on this site, the KOTOR subreddit, or their Discords. (This is a separate action than listed in no. 1.)

6) For those wishing to go the extra mile, visit this Steam store Wish List.

And suggestions for the staff?  Delete any nasty messages that are left here.  That's the gift YOU can give.

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Quote's my 50th birthday.

Age is just a number, and yours just half-a-century, hahah. Happy Birthday to You, SH -- wishing you the best. 🍻

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Happy Birthday Buddy!!! No wonder you called yourself Sith Holocron, you must have enough ancient knowledge in that old container of yours :P 

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Hey, SH! Congratulations on your big day. You used to send me correspondences on my own Birthday, so I feel it only right to return the favor. ;)


     - PS: Some uncouth individuals would say you're now half a century old , but I have disavowed these silly notions. (Such humor is simply below me, as you know..) -


{Crap, someone already made that joke.. I didn't mean that they were the uncouth ones just allegedly I would say something like that were I so inclined.. No intention to offend - The Editor}

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Happy Birthday Sith Holocron!

I particularly like the banner with the Sith Holocron's with birthday hats! 🤣

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I didn't realize when re-connecting with ya on DiscordYou've done a lot over the years, and you've got more yet. May the Force be with you, SH!

P.S: I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I hope you had a good time that day.

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Haven't been on Deadlystream for a bit and I miss one of the big blog posts, I knew it was coming, but not when! Happy Birthday SH, have a wonderful 51st! 

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This is the best 6 months of the year!

This is when Sith Holocron is a year older than I am. Then, we are the same age for 6 months.


Round and round we go, in a never ending duel of fates. He deals in absolutes, I prefer high ground. It's a mess.


Happy belated you old coot!

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