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  1. Hey everyone!


    As per usual, I've failed to keep this blog regularly updated. Life has been crazy hectic these past few months, work is ramping up on my Master's course and my shift has been taken away slightly from this project - but it's still going alive and well!

    Firstly, I meant to make a blog on this last month, but, THE OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER FOR THE SOLDIER'S DESTINY is now live! Had a lot of fun making this one. I drew a lot of inspiration from the fantastic second teaser for The Force Awakens all the way back in April 2015, and I really wanted to homage it here. In fact, there's a couple of nice nods/homages to TFA in the film...

    Secondly, I'm pleased to say that I am PICTURE-LOCKED on Taris, minus a couple of SFX, the first hour of the film is technically good to go. I'm sure I'll find a hundred things to cut/move after I sit down and watch it all together for the first time. I've also made some good progress on Dantooine, and had a surprising amount of time to do a lot of the basic assembly on Tatooine. There's some really nice sequences throughout this film I don't think you'll see coming. Some are definitely a "first" for KOTOR Machinimas, brand new stuff. I wanted this film to be the freshest take on KOTOR yet, and I'm still sticking to that goal.

    This month is going to be very hectic for me with deadlines, so progress had been at a near-halt since late March, and will probably stay that way until the end of the month, but I should have a lot more time to devote to the film in May, with looking at a possible late-June/early July release window, but, there's no rush. I'm adopting the CDProjektRed philosophy of: "It's coming when it's ready."

    Finally, if you're curious about hearing some of the score for the upcoming film, I've just released a brand new video highlighting some of the themes. This is some of my favourite selections yet, especially for Bastila's NEW theme, Dantooine & the Star Maps.


    That's it for now, look for another blog entry come early May!


    ~ DV

  2. The semi-regular report on my extraneous activities continues. I spent the better part of March breaking and then fixing my computer, but there's some new stuff too. Here’s what’s been going on since last time:



    Odyssey++ - Recent updates to Notepad++ radically altered the file structure, so I’ve updated Odyssey++ to keep up with that.


    New Mods

    Feat Fixes for K2 - Fixes some feat stuff for K2. Several feats weren’t available to certain classes for reasons unknown, and Finesse: Lightsabers didn’t do anything Finesse: Melee Weapons wasn’t already doing so it had to die.

    Security Spikes for K1 - Security spikes never did anything on the PC version of K1. I’ve replicated their intended function as best as I could, so when you use the item you get a temporary bonus to your Security skill. Or, if you prefer, you can choose the other option that removes them from the game altogether.

    Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Makes the wearable Mandalorian armor more consistent with other Mandalorian armor in the game so they follow the usual blue/red/gold rank system. Also fixes a few other oddities with Mandalorian-related items.

    Backstroke of the Old Republic - Edits all text in the game to provide a... different experience.


    Something Completely Different

    A while back, @A Future Pilot recruited @DarthParametric and myself to help with the next update to the K1 and K2 Community Patches. We’ve mostly been working on the K1 one first. AFP had a list of issues he’d been collecting since the last release, almost a year ago now, and we’ve checked off just about everything on that list. Between those and the other issues we found while fixing those, plus some more that were reported in the interim, I think we’ve easily doubled the amount content in the Community Patch.

    You can follow our endeavors on GitHub.

  3. Sith Holocron
    Latest Entry

    All of my blogs now have one of those pictures that (usually) indicates the title of the blog. I’ve numbered all of my blogs since I’ve started creating them and I’ve finally reached 100 of these things.  

    Wow.  100 blogs.  Someone, please call a doctor!

    Instead of me rambling on yet another niche topic, I’ll now invite you to go through the previous 99 blogs and see if there’s something you may have missed from me.  I’d like you to have opportunity to consider if there’s something you might add to the conversations I’ve previously started.  

    Yes, I do realize that many of the blogs are locked.  You’ll be able to tell because it has this picture as the blog’s title picture.  


    If you encounter one of these locked blogs and you still want to acknowledge it, I believe you can still drop either a “like”, or “light side” icon, or a “thanks” icon on the blog.

    If you’re going to comment on M4-78 stuff, I would recommend you limit the comments on the “like/love” blog on M4-78 EP version 1.5, the “disappointed/hate” blog on M4-78 EP version 1.5, or the “M4-78: Set Decoration” blog covering all of Zbyl2 and Hassat Hunters versions of M4-78 EP.  Having detailed reviews of version 1.5 – split in the pro and con blogs – will help me work on another chapter on the documentary if at some point I decide to resume working on it. 

    Note that as of this date: version 1.5 is only available on Deadly Stream.  Version 1.3 is only on the Steam Workshop, and MODDB has version 1.2.

    As I’m preparing to move across the country relatively soon, I’ll be holding off making any new blogs until I am settled in a new place.  I haven’t even figured out where on the east coast that my wife and I are moving to so I can’t offer any estimates.  And let’s be honest, time estimates aren’t one of those things that I like doing any way.  (Have you ever seen my signature?  LOL)

    If you do decide to comment on my blogs, I want to read your comments and not look at one of these . . .  d95f7jr.png

    This . . . 


    is less helpful to me than something like this . . . 


    or this


    With the last two pictures, I know what you're trying to say and have more information to use when replying to the comment and/or making new mods.  (In the above example, I corrected the mod by putting the missing file.) The likes and thanks icons don't give me any hook to work with.

    So my faithful reader: Keep safe, keep modding, leave some comments (on my blogs, my mods, and my videos), and I’ll see you at some point on the other side.

  4. Heh. One of my favorite moments in the Dark Knight trilogy. Anyways...Like one of my IRL friends, I'm really not one for receiving presents; but...I do enjoy giving them. So, as an inverse birthday present, I'm repackaging some of my mods to upload / update them here with new previews and consistent readme formatting. I started last night with updating "Clothed Beginning", and hope to get more of them uploaded /  updated soon.

    Unfortunately, I lost most of my original preview images for mods, so I had to make new ones for use in redesigning my website. And I decided, despite recent events, to start uploading my mods on Steam Workshop too. But, because of how they handle installing mods, it'll mostly be the ones that don't involve 2da files to avoid compatibility issues. To start, I uploaded "Clothed Beginning" there last night. Both copies of that now have the same screenshots, readmes, and preview images.

    Here is my modding plate right now:

    • Redesign my website
    • Upload mods here and Steam (new readmes / previews for consistency)
    • Work on a few mod projects (nothing ready to announce just yet)
    • Update a few mods, including Clothed Beginning (to hopefully fix the bug with Atton / Kreia not acknowledging the player being clothed) and Playable Twileks.

    Concerns & Worries

    I have been notified no matter what happens, once I release the first version of my mod, it will be the same as releasing the modders resource which means I will just be releasing them as one and the same. V 0_2_5 is ready and I will upload them when ready. Though for the moment in both games the areas can only be warped to.

    I am not sure when I will be releasing it as I have thoughts about the future of both KotORs that may be compromised if anyone else goes crazy making content with the resources.

    My worries are that loads of different people will make loads of different universes for both games, which though a great thing is conflicting for the overall experience of the game unless they are used in total modifications, therefore I believe my best plan of action is to set up a website for The Expanded Galaxy project which will focus around getting the entire community to contribute to the project enhancing and adding to the overall KotOR experience as well as if possible adding an online feature for both.

    In order to prevent too many different universes popping up over the next few years that will rapidly change the KotOR 1 & 2 games for the better or for the worse.

    Thank you for reading and I really look forward to releasing after setting up a website, once I have a website I will reach out to the community with all of my ideas for both games as well as for people to help and get involved with every aspect of the mod.

    ModDB Page


    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords Expanded Galaxy Project

    Over all both releases contain everything necessary for KotOR and KotOR 2 in order to add every planet / missing module to each game and vice versa as well as an overall questline during the game for each area as well as an expansion to both games, currently every module can only be warped to with the cheats enabled in the swkotor.ini files for both games.

    Revans Eternal Empire - K2 Map Source for K1 ( 900mb ) 2.13 uncompressed

    This mod will add both a light side and dark side expansion for Revan, addingmore planets throughout the main storyline with short questlines, once finishing the game the player will have the ability to conquer the universe to the extent that prequels SWTOR.

    Exiles Expanded Galaxy - K1 Map Source for K2 ( 700mb ) 2.02 uncompressed

    This mod will add a continuation of the second game, with all the ability to travel to all the new planets during the focus of the main game with some missions as well as an overall end game addition which will add a new story focused around the Taris Restoration Project and the Exiles influence in founding it or informing the sith as well as a new galaxy crawl where the player will need to go to every planet once more and follow a trail of information to help or devastate Taris.

  6. Welcome!

    I'm not necessarily proud, but excited to share a gameplay trailer I worked on. I hope it gives you a visual understanding of what to expect from LME, of course, about 60% of the mod isn't included in the trailer, simply becuase it would have dramatically increased the trailer's time. 

    But to reiterate, LME seeks to create an altered main quest, that forms a triangular effect. Side with Mandalorian Faction, defeat both Rakatan Factions. Side with the One, Black Rakata, faction, and defeat Mandalorian, and Elder Rakata factions. Side with Elder Rakata, and defeat Mandalorian, and the One, black Rakata, factions.

    What's shown in the video: Main Quest triangle, Mandalorians speaking Mando'a, voice acting, battles, loot, quest logs, and a fan made Mando'a soundtrack by SazMando, which will be included in LME.


    What's not shown in the video: 3 sidequests are included if you decide to work with the Mandalorians. Party interactions, from the following list of companions: HK-47, Canderous, Juhani, and Zaalbar.

    Wearable Mando'a armor, stats of Mando'a weapons, increased difficulty of enemy foes (footage was taken on easy, impossible difficulty is intense in the added battles), oppotunities for LS and DS points, NPC interactions with Mandalorians, and some other secrets that the PC will be able to experience if particular choices are made. 


    I plan to release LME relatively soon, but with finals nearly upon me, finishing work (such as typos, slight adjustments to different things ... etc) may make this a mid December release. 

    Thanks for reading and watching!




  7. Quote

    [NR] Bao-Dur's return to Citadel Station - Bao-Dur was supposed to take the PC back to Citadel Station and then it'd be there that he'd track the Ebon Hawk to the polar ice cap instead of going through the Czerka base.


    This is a piece of cut content that was not restored in TSLRCM. This feature is probably unnecessary thus why it was cut, for anyone who is interested this blog will read out how this section of cut content was going to play out (I may, at times, need to guess what was going to happen to make this make sense as this is content clearly unfinished). 


    In Vanilla and TSLRCM, Bao Dur found the location of Atris' academy through a computer terminal on the landing pad. Through the terminal, he was able to hack into the Force Field Network. In this cut content, the terminal is not on the Landing Platform but rather it is the terminal in Chodo Habats office. Once you defeat the mercs and go onto the empty landing platform Bao Dur's dialogue would go something along the lines of


    Bao Dur: "The freighter's not here. We'll have to enter the underground ruins and look for the military escape shuttle. The entrance is at the south end of the compound."

    Player: "How do you know the shuttle will be there?"

    Bao Dur: "I don't, but that's not going to stop me. I'm getting back to Citadel Station if I have to build a new ship myself."

    If you spoke with Bao Dur after this he'd reply with 


    Bao Dur: "We can talk later. Right now we've got to find a way back to Citadel Station."


    The Military Base would play out normal, the player would take the Shuttle from the Military Base back to the Hangar of wherever you left whether that be the Ithorian or Czerka Hangar (Please note there is no movie for a Telos Shuttle landing on the Citadel, if someone did make this a mod it'd have to reverse the takeoff video to make it appear as if it is landing though then an NPC in the background of the video would walk backwards though this NPC "may" be able to be edited out). As the player would have no idea where the ship is this is why they'd come back and not to the Polar Region. On the Citadel you could, if you wanted to, talk to Grenn where he'd say his vanilla "So you have returned" lines though only this time he'd say them much earlier than in Vanilla as you return earlier. When you arrive at the Ithorian HQ Chodo would have some new lines if Bao is in the party, without him in the party you'd be stuck until he is in the party.


    Chodo: "Ah, Bao-Dur. I heard you'd returned. This pleases me."

    Bao Dur: "Good to see you again. Have you already heard about Czerka's operations on Telos?"

    Chodo: "I had. Moza has been in session with the Telosian Council regarding some Czerka files your new companion helped us acquire."

    Chodo: "Dol Grenn interrupted with news of what you'd encountered, and Moza sent word immediately. It seems that Czerka's days here are finally at an end."

    Bao Dur: "I would hope so."

    Bao Dur: "Come. The Ithorian's computer system is hooked up the Restoration Zone Grid and shield network. Let's find your ship."


    Presumably, if you helped Czerka Chodo would deliver some news along the lines of "things are going bad" and "we can't seem to be able to stop Czerka". None of the Czerka dialogue was written as it's all incomplete, whilst Chodo would dislike a Dark Sided Exile Chodo would still tolerate his/her presence in his own HQ, especially if his own friend Bao-Dur is with him so I have little doubt that a Dark Sider would still need to come back to Chodo to gain access to the shield network (The other only alternative is Jana Lorso as one can assume she has access to the Czerka controlled restoration zones herself, however, in vanilla Bao-Dur shows distaste for Czerka and in cut content Jana Lorso betrayed Bao-Dur and almost had him killed, this cut dialogue will be released in one of my upcoming mods). Once you interact with the terminal Bao Dur would have his dialogue with the terminal about finding the power interference in the Polar Region minus the dialogue of having to go into the Military Base as in vanilla on the landing platform. Once you had completed this you were then meant to return to the shuttle either in the Ithorian or Czerka Hangar. It is a possibility, yet unconfirmed, that once you finished up with the terminal you would hear an announcement over the loudspeakers from Jana Lorso.


    "Attention, Citadel Station. This is Jana Lorso, your Czerka branch's Executive Officer."

    "As you may know, Republic negotiations with Onderon have deteriorated of late. Czerka entered Citadel Station in the hopes of resolving the situation for the good of Telos."

    "I regret to inform you that the Telosian government, with the aid of the Ithorians, has entered an anti-Republic treaty with Onderon."

    "In order to protect the Republic's investment in Citadel Station and for the betterment of Telos, Czerka has been forced to assume command of the station."

    "Until Republic forces arrive to formally depose the Telosian Council and restore order, Citadel Station will remain under Czerka control."

    "This should not affect your daily affairs. Please go about your business as usual. Thank you for your cooperation."


    This is related to another piece of cut content I will detail in another blog as I have no reason to confirm or deny that this would happen right now during this section of cut content. This could of, for all I know, happened once you finished Telos completely and if you helped Vaklu on Onderon. Once you leave the station the HK-50 droids would arrive in the Bay Control area and presumably kill the Ithorian or Duros inside and have the exact cutscene as they have in the Military Base aka they send a squad out to the Polar Region to kill you. If the Ithorian is killed in the Bay Control you won't be able to talk to him if you want to steal the Prototype shield for Samhan Dobo (Despite this, you will still be able to complete the quest).



    And that is the "Bao-Dur's return to Citadel Station" cut content. Feel free to leave opinions on this down bellow (how you feel about the content, was it a good idea to have this cut, should TSLRCM include this, should this be it's own mod) and also let me know whether or not I should write up any more explanations for cut content.

  8. These are just some ideas that I wanted to write down after going through the end game sequences again. I was using the Extended Enclave mod as well as TSLRCM, and overall I think it is better than normal TSLRCM, there is still some things that I think could work better.

    First thing, I would have the Nihilus/Tobin cutscene trigger during your next space flight after completing Onderon, instead of  when entering the enclave. It disrupts the flow of the sequence a bit where it is now. Handmaiden confronting Kriea and finding out she is Sith before the trial is awesome, and makes the whole scene way better. The scene where Visas confronts Kriea seems redundant though. I imagine it would be good if the player was female, but with Handmaiden already there it is sort of odd.

    Everything else with the masters is awesome, and I really like having the Genharadan explosion stuff here. It fits pretty well, but it could use some more editing. The Sion/Nihilus fight is perfect, and I love having it here. The conversation with the party on the Ebon Hawk could use some retooling though. Handmaiden's "come with me" line added by Extended Enclave is totally out of place. It can just be removed, she doesn't need to say anything and they can cut straight to the ship. I'm fine with having Handmaiden not immediately trying to take Kreia to Atris. She seems pretty OK with her being a Sith in the first conversation, and doesn't stop her from killing the Jedi masters. The only thing that bothered me was Visas being here after confronting Kreia. If the earlier scene with Visas confronting Kreia was removed this would be fine.

    I think the order of events could use some adjustments. There really should be a scene of Kreia knocking out the Handmaiden if she's the one that took her to Atris, so there is a reason why the fight with the sisters occurs after Kreia gets to Atris. Once Atris is dealt with all the attack space battle cutscenes should play out and we can have our conversation with Grenn, where he brings up Bao-Dur and HK-47 being missing. After this line is when the HK factory stuff should start. It doesn't work nearly as well right now, occurring after the factory is already over. You could then have the shuttle flying cutscene, come up with some excuse for Bao-Dur to die (shuttle crash maybe :), and have HK do the factory as normal.

    I'm not sure how you could fix the weirdness that goes on with the Ravager. The shuttle boarding on the station is written so that Mandalore, Visas, and the Player are all together, and makes perfect sense. But the second they get on the Ravager, the player clearly shouldn't be there until after all of the proton cores are placed. I'm not sure if there is a satisfactory solution to this. Restoring the Citadel Station destruction ending would be cool, and I don't think it would be that much of a stretch to just show the shuttle leaving the Ravager, and then cut to the Ebon Hawk leaving from the polar cap instead of the station.

  9. Many thanks to:

    , My first ever porting attempt went a success! :cheers:




    I remembered back then; the very first thing I wanted to do with modding is on doing this, which ends-up me going nowhere with the attempt lol. So, although I'm not actually "create" one, it is always a pleasing feeling to see an effort comes to fruition. Again, credits to the aforementioned folks; as only because of their effort, the dream isn't just a dream. :respect:

    May the Force be with you all! :cheers:

  10. This guide is requested by @Sith Holocron.

    In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, there is a side quest on Dantooine named “Sandral-Matale Feud”, which you receive after you have dealt with Juhani at the grove and met the Jedi Council.

    This quest line revolves around a family feud between the Sandrals and the Matales, mainly between the patriarchs of each family, Nurik Sandral and Ahlan Matale. The questline will lead to a heated confrontation between Nurik and Ahlan, and there are multiple ways to resolve the questline.

    This guide will provide details on the different ways to resolve the Sandral-Matele feud, and how to achieve those endings.

    Here is the link to my Sandral-Matale Feud Ending Guide

  11. Twelve years ago in Boston, I went to a release event for Drew Karpyshyn's first Darth Bane novel, Path of Destruction. I was so excited to meet the man who wrote my favorite video game of all time. When I got there, I was one of about 6 people there, two of which were my parents who graciously drove me, and it felt a little awkward to be honest. Drew read a passage from his book and opened it up to a Q&A afterwards. I asked him about the possible KOTOR connections that might be in his book (the passage he read has included the mention of Selkath), my Mom politely asked him about his other works in fiction, and then it was done. The 501st showed up in some Stormtrooper armor, which was cool, I got my book signed and off we went. It was a nice little event. Over the years as each book came out and then the Revan novel, and then TOR, I would email DrewK who would actually engage in back and forths with me about characterizations of Revan, the Exile, and lastly the apparent non-twist ending of Dynasty of Evil (I still don't understand this one). Overall, don't really know where I'm going with this other than to say that Drew was a nice fella, and I'm appreciative for the experience and whatever slight connection I made with him.

    So, that's that.

    Also, if I said that I was working on voice lines for you, I still am. Trying to get paid work now that I'm in the proper state, so that's been my absolute focus - but I will get back to the fan stuff soon.




  12. So, this is something I've been meaning to do for quite a while, but never got around to doing it. Until now. I was also partially inspired by the posts about the TSLRP, which brought back memories of elementary and middle school, and watching the trailers when I couldn't play the games. And since we are past the 14 year mark for K1, and about to hit the 13 year mark for TSL, I though it would be nice to share these. I had originally planned to post this in the KotOR General area of the forums, but figured it was more suited for a blog post. I wish I could have done something to make the videos not look so pixelated, but think of it as a flashback to 2003, and waiting for the videos to fully load. Or was that just me? :P I also added timestamps in the video description to the different trailers.

    0:00 to 1:23 (I'm guessing that this is the E3 Trailer, along with the totally different UI, and some things that aren't in the final game, along with the different launch dates.)


    1:23 to 2:56 (The old KotOR website says this is Trailer #1, and is the game as we know it today, for the most part. I wouldn't have minded that directional indicator. Would have made questing on some places a lot easier.)


    2:56 to 4:32 (This is Trailer #2, and the one I saw everytime I turned on my XBox. It's a bit different than that trailer in some aspects, but this looks like it might be the final trailer before the XBox release of the game.


    4:32 to 5:52 (This is the PC Launch Trailer, not much to say here.)


    5:52 to 6:23 (According to the file name for this one, this is the TV trailer for the game. And the trailer that turned me onto the game. So, I have a special love for it.)

    Since I could only find two trailers, even though I swore there was a third one, I added a demo video from IGN for the E3 version. Which, that in itself is a treasure trove of things that were different between the time of this demo, and the launch of the XBox version in Christmas of '04. I think there might have been another demo video out there, but I forgot where it might be.


    0:00 to 1:27 (I want to say this is a trailer from around E3. There is a glimpse of M4-78, Dxun looks different, A rare Shiny Mandalore, And you can see the PC wearing Jedi robes that aren't in the game, including the Star Forge Robes. Although, compared to comments made in the demo video, this might have been released after the release date changed.)


    1:27 to 2:38 (This trailer is pretty much the same that is in the streammovies folder, and on the Xbox version.)


    2:38 to 7:17 (This is one of the demo videos I found on the IGN site, or maybe game trailers, I forgot which. But from what I have seen online, this is a demo from E3, which explains why the launch date for both the PC and XBox versions are different in this video, compared to the first one. And, I remember reading somewhere, that some of the dialogue for the demo is still in the dialogue.tlk file, and if anything from the demo was still IN the game, other than the dialogue, it would have been a nice little side quest in the game.)

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    Recent Entries

    Oh, where to begin?


    First of all, Happy 40th Birthday Star Wars. And what better way to celebrate than by finishing my current KotOR playthrough today. I've been recording this current playthrough(with obvious, redundant gaps and no movies), and all in all I have about 46 hours (256 GB) to sift through.


    Why? Because I'm actually going to be using my YouTube Channel for something that'll keep my post-production skills sharp: Reviews and Analysis videos.


    Now, there may be those of you asking "Why review a game that is so old like KotOR? Wouldn't it make sense to review newer games that are coming out?" I have two reasons for doing things this way. The first is because my laptop's hardware isn't up to par to run newer games that are coming out today. If you must know, here are my specs:


    Model: ASUS G46VW
    OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    CPU: Intel i5 3230M @ 2.6GHz
    HDD: 750GB 5400RPM SATA
    RAM: 8GB (4GB x 2) DDR3 1600MHz
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 2GB


    Most modern games I barely meet the minimum required hardware in at least one of these fields. Some games (I'm looking at you, Witcher 3) would never be able to run on this laptop.


    The second reason is because I've found that there are in fact gamers who've never heard of many of the older titles that have helped define what a video game should be. I feel sad whenever I mention KotOR in an environment of people who have never played it, and I know I'm not the only one. And KotOR is just one example.


    With all that said, now to the reason why I've decided to do two different videos. I originally just wanted to do simple reviews. However, I believe that reviews should give away as little information as possible and yet still be informative enough to help a potential customer decide whether a work of fiction is for them or not. When it comes to games, there's usually a lot more to talk about regarding certain spoiler-ish topics, and I want to be able to share my thoughts as well. That's where the spoiler-filled in-depth analysis comes in.


    One other thing that needs mentioning: No, I will not be leaving modding behind, it just has to make room for this other new activity. I will make sure the community here knows when they can watch my review of KotOR. Until then...


    DarthTyren has spoken.

  13. As of a week ago, my home desktop has been getting serious hardware errors (bluescreen of death, specifically), and performance has degraded to nearly the point of programs flat-out freezing at some points.


    Unfortunately, this is my only computer I can mod with, so I have to repair it in order to continue making the mods I already started.


    I have only a very limited amount of experience in repairing computers, so I might need some one-on-one assistance in actually fixing it.


    All I can really tell is that after turning my computer on after about a week away, it showed the infamous Bluescreen of Death and restarted. After the restart, I installed the newest Malwarebytes on the off chance that my AV (Avast) missed something but that returned negative, save some PUPS (potentionally unwanted programs) from an AV I installed a while back which has never caused me these kinds of problems. After the scan, my computer worked fine for a few hours until it restarted via another Bluescreen error with the new issue that my internet adapter suddenly stopped functioning. This happened an additional time following.




    Here are my computer's Physical Specs


    Manufacturer:Gigabyte Technology Co, LTD
    Total Amount of System Memory:2.00 GB RAM
    System Type:32-bit Operating System
    Number of Processor Cores:3
    64-bit Capable:Yes


    Total Size of Hard Disk(s):2403 GB
    Disk Partition (C:)74 GB Free
    Disk Partition (D:)10GB Free
    Media Drive (E:)CD/DVD
    Disk Partition (F:)636 GB Free (1863 GB Total)


    Display Adapter Type:Nvidia GeForce GT 640
    Total Available Graphics Memory:2814 MB
    Dedicated Graphics Memory:2048 MB
    Dedicated System Memory:0 MB
    Shared System Memory:766 MB
    Display Adapter Driver Version:
    Primary Monitor Resolution:1600x900
    DirectX Version:DirectX 10


    If need be, I have the Windows 7 disk I bought nearby to reinstall/wipe the Hard Drive, but I hope it doesn't come to that.


    Additionally, I'm in the market to find a decent priced laptop with similar specs, so if you have any potential ideas, I'd be interested in hearing about them.

  14. The jury is decidely out on the "happy" part, but today is indeed my birthday. The grand 21 milestone, where most people would get drunk, do drugs, go to a strip club, or some combination of the three and more stuff.


    I might drink, but won't try to get drunk, do not and have no intention of doing drugs, and I was walking past the strip club a day too early on the way to mini-golf with my brothers.


    No, instead I was on the receiving end of a t-bone collision as a passenger at a very bad intersection up in the hills. I can definitely say a few things I learned:


    1. A Honda Accord does not win against a Hummer.
    2. A glancing blow from swerving is a hell of a lot better than a steamroll.
    3. Seatbelts hurt my chest, but damn if they don't save my ass.


    In short, I am okay. The Honda is totalled (the Hummer impacted on the driver's front fender), the Hummer has a buckled frame from aiming for and landing in the ditch when they tried to swerve to avoid us, and everybody is sore, but no broken bones and thankfully no fatalities.


    I am not going to school tomorrow (but literally, that's only because the doctor recommended against it) and am spending the next few days not doing much of anything. So if anyone wants to chat on Skype or Discord, feel free; I'm not going anywhere. :)

  15. Guys, i was looking in the Movies files, if there was something interresting (mainly because i searched for cutscenes, where the Visionary and Ravager was included). Now you can guess 20 times what it is, but no! I want to share it with you. The Movie is called "MalMov06.bik". But why talking, if i can show it you!


  16. blog-0191159001489906109.png

    One thing that I think is an easy win in making KotOR more enjoyable is simply increasing the polycount on the different models. One click to tesselate the head model for the female NPC Twileks dulled the blade-like leeku on her head and made her look incredible. I hope to have a mod for it soon so everyone can enjoy this simple yet really effective mod in making KotOR a more modern looking game to be enjoyed by newcomers and old timers.

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    Most of you probably remember the KotOR soundtrack. It was truly immersive, wasn't it? I remember almost every single piece of it - it's really remarkable and hard to forget. And what can we say about soundtrack for TSL?




    Dantooine probably got some of the best themes in the first game. It's almost impossible to find a KotOR player who doesn't remember those three themes which appeared on this planet. Many of you probably found TSL Dantooine really disappointing. It was much smaller, completely didn't follow K1 geographic schematics and last but not least, its soundtrack. "Boring" and "unfitting" are the first words that come up to my mind. In first KotOR game we got three themes. Dantooine was a big planet, but it was perfectly enough, as they perfectly matched our visual experience. In TSL, there are only two themes. It would be perfectly enough again, as Dantooine is now smaller than K1, but how they sound is a disappointment, too. Main Dantooine theme is just one of the main themes repeated elsewhere in game at least five times, and Enclave Sublevel is just noise. The only truly remarkable Dantooine theme and probably the one in the whole game is the Rebuilt Enclave, but I didn't count it as it appears only once in game.


    By modifying Kexikus' music replacement method as TSL music system is quite different than the K1 one, I would personally and for personal use only put a K1 Dantooine plains theme on K2 Dantooine plains, give Crystal Caves an exclusive theme like in K1 using a K1 one and use a K1 Jedi Enclave theme as a Khoonda exclusive theme. I also think about Enclave Sublevel theme... Bastila's theme from K1 seems fitting, but "Tython, the Wellspring" seems fitting, too.


    Nar Shaddaa


    As opposed to Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa didn't appear in K1, so we didn't have so many expectations. Yet soundtrack writers still made us disapointed. Nar Shaddaa was the moon of fun, moon of smugglers, moon of contrast. Do we see it with the soundtrack TSL proposed? Not at all, completely and utterly. Again, one of the main themes repeated and a battle one for Jekk'Jekk'Tarr. While I couldn't think about Jekk'Jekk'Tarr, I think I know how would it be possible to show contrast between two worlds. "Nar Shaddaa, the Playground" from SWTOR shows a bit of wealth and could go to the Docks and the Landing Pad, while "Taris, the Plague" sounds like, hmm... a plague and could go well with the Refugee Sector, of course under a different name. And does this posh club called Entertainment Promenade sound like entertainment? What about "Do the Holos Show Up on the Bill"?




    Korriban really deserves a better main theme and I think the SWTOR one would go well. I'll leave an old one as a Ravager theme. "Into the Past" doesn't really sound mysterious, kinda just a battle theme. I don't know if I will replace it, but Uthar Wynn's trials from K1 will sound more mysterious.




    Onderon... huh. It's got maybe not the worst soundtrack from all the planets, but still boring. Completely no character. City of Iziz will probably become Senya, the Matriarch from KotET. Both Onderon Battle themes could be changed into Siege of Alderaan at the Sky Ramp and Valkorion, the Patriarch at the city. Royal Palace is actually good, but not in royal character. Its first half is a beautiful 9th November morning and in the second part you get an information that Tr... Santa's dead. Will definitely replace it for myself with Alderaan, the Throne.




    Malachor was totally boring. In addition to endless enemies, a boring, stamp music. I'll use Remnants, the Sith Empire to Trayus Academy and the Eternal Throne instead of the Final Battle. Maybe Thexan, the Lost Son for Malachor surface. It's quite calm, but really immersive and its title matches its character - quite painful and reminds of a lose - goes well with how the Exile remembers Malachor - a lose of so many beings, the wound in the Force and the ultimate loss of Revan. Yet Malachor soundtrack shouldn't be fulfilled with hate - the Exile treats it like an old friend and this is how this soundtrack feels.




    Dxun... I'm sorry, but I can't remind myself of at least a little sound from Dxun soundtrack. Probably "Occupation of Balmorra" would go well with the Mandalorian Camp.




    Citadel Station would go well with Zakuul, the Eternal Empire theme. Vaylin, the Prodigy for the Restoration Zone. Czerka offices will probably get Czerka theme from K1 and the Ithorian Enclave, let's go with Voss theme from SWTOR or Ahto City theme from K1.


    Did you ever find TSL soundtrack too repetitive and so dark that themes lose any kind of character apartament from darkness? That's what I felt all the time when I was playing TSL. I'm going to try to make a soundtrack replacement tool, of course with multiple possibilities of creating a soundtrack (actually, to avoid porting, I'm limited to giving you a recipe and a tool, just like Kexikus did), I hope it would work. And you, if you've got more interesting suggestions how to improve the TSL soundtrack, write your ideas in the comments!

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    Episode I
















    Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. A growing insurrection, led by the mysterious Count Dooku and his legion of clones, has gripped the Outer Rim Territories.








    In a stunning move, Count Dooku has boldly swept into the Mid Rim region of the Republic and lays siege to the peaceful world of Naboo.








    While the Republic organizes its response, Minister Bail Organa has secretly dispatched Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to rescue the royal family of Naboo...








    ​One of the biggest problems I had with the prequel trilogy other than the poor writing/dialog, the subpar acting, the over dependence on CGI, and of course Jar Jar Binks was that it didn't quite fit my vision of the story. I'm a first generation Star Wars fan. I stood in line back in 1977 to see the 'Star Wars' and waited patiently for the sequels. I collected the toys, listened to the LP/vinyl story narrations, read the comic books, and listened to the radio dramatization. There wasn't a lot of expanded universe stuff back then. The SW universe was solely the movies. I was reminded of this recently while watching the SW anthology on television. It got me to thinking on how as a kid I thought the story of Darth Vader and the Clone Wars began. This vision was based only on the various small portions of dialog uttered by characters throughout the original trilogy. So, I've begun writing a short story to reconcile my vision with that of George Lucas'. I'm going to let George do most of the heavy lifting. Many of the names, places, etc will remain the same. It's his world after all. I'm just going to reshape it a little to create a more consistent storyline.








    ​Some things that I plan on changing:

    • ​​​​​​​​Rearranging the movie title order. It will go Attack of Clones, The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith
    • ​The clones are bad guys. As a kid, I always assumed the clones would be the enemy. I assumed the practice of cloning was outlawed within the Republic. Cloning may lend itself to a form of slavery or class structure which would be in conflict with a just republic. Also, I kind of saw the clones as unnatural and an affront to the Force.
    • ​The story will take place over a shorter period of time. Trying to stick to the accepted timeline, I am looking at my story taking place roughly between 22-19BBY
    • I see Anakin as a very different character. First, he will be older and more experienced when he first meets Obi-Wan. I'm basing this on two quotes: "He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior"- Obi Wan Ep4 and "When I first knew him, your father was already a great pilot, but I was amazed on how strongly the Force was with him."-Obi Wan Ep6. Plus, when Vader is unmasked in Jedi, he's an older man--well into his 50's possibly 60's. This would mean Anakin would have to be in his 30's when we first meet him and not some child who wins one pod race. He would have already left Tatooine on his own, and there would be no mommy issues. Also, his path to the dark side would have less to do with saving Padme but more along the lines of a reckless quest for power and glory. You might counter that the Jedi would never train someone that old. First, we didn't know that piece of information back in the day. Secondly, we know they are capable of training an older candidate---Luke. Thirdly, Obi Wan says "..I took it upon MYSELF to train him as a Jedi....I was wrong."-Ep6. Finally, I plan on creating a situation where the Jedi need to train Anakin.
    • ​Obi-Wan will be older as a result.
    • Bail Organa will have a more prominent role than the one portrayed by Jimmy Smits. In her hologram, Leia states, "...years ago you served my father during the Clone Wars". I'm going to bump ​Bail up to a position similar to a Secretary or Minister of Defense, specifically Minister of Peace. He's the official in charge of the military, and the Jedi work closely with him. Therefore, the Republic will have at least some form of a 'standing army' and fleet at their disposal. I always saw the unforms and weapons used later by the Rebellion as surplus items from this time. Eventually, the Empire would replace these forces with ​stormtroopers.
    • ​Padme. She'll be ​Anakin's love interest, but not really a motivating factor for his fall to the dark side.

    ​That gives you a taste of where I'm going. The writing is going well so far. It's not so much an actual short story, but reads more like a Wookieepedia entry. We'll see. It's always evolving.



  17. tumblr_ohp3p7ez9P1taw2i8o1_540.jpg
    Okay, so this is turning into the most difficult texture job I’ve ever done. I didn’t know it when I chose the model, all I looked for was a whole chest on the texture: can’t do a Republic Admiral double breasted uniform by mirroring the left half on the right half, like so many models do.


    A lot has happened to the franchise since 2003 when KotOR came out, we now have seen Old Republic Admirals in the comics, the books, but of course none of them are super consistent with what Admiral Dodonna looks like in the game. By the way, other Admiral titles have also been introduced, so differences in style may be attributed to that. Still, if I’m doing mods for KotOR games, I want Republic Admiral uniforms to to look like the one we have seen in the original game.


    So back to the Military Suit that I’m trying to turn into a uniform. I easily turned the blaster holster into a utility pouch, raised the collar, loosened the sleeves a bit. On the texture side of things, I had to turn gloves into bare hands, get the whole suit to match the colors of the uniform, replace the belt. What turned out to be tricky is the decorative elements around the wrists and on the shoulder boards: on the texture for Admiral Dodonna, they look pretty straight and planar and easy to replicate, you can see that’s not the case on this model.


    Now I still have to draw some stuff on the chest, it’s starting to look like a uniform however, hopefully the end result will be worth the trouble. In a way it’s already worth it because I’m learning to draw textures, which is cool. If the uniform doesn’t look any better than the one I did years ago, I’ll start over with another model. We’ll see.

  18. Just a quick entry, with a tip I've recently rediscovered, namely: how to take screenshots without the GUI.


    All you need to do to take screenshots without the GUI visible in TSL is:


    1. Activate free-look mode (default keybinding is caps lock);
    2. open the console and warp to your desired area.


    This will load the area, but leave the console invisible. To make the console visible again, just enter and quit free-look mode again.


    On an unrelated note, I have the impression from some basic tests that the Steam version of TSL has deactivated the game's fog settings. Can anyone confirm/deny? It's a little frustrating if, like me, you use them to create an effect rather than to reduce draw distance.

  19. So, I'm making my way through the Undercity, killing Rakghouls. Nothing particularly special.


    And so I get to one corner which has a ton of them in it. And they start to overwhelm us (as Impossible Difficulty rakghouls will do if they get up close to you). So Mission beats a hasty retreat as I'm already down and Carth stupidly charges into a nest of them. And I'm left with just Mission up, having to kill the remaining rakghouls before I can do anything else.


    Actually, my character revived before Carth got himself knocked out, so I was able to go repair a droid to attack the rakghouls. The droid went down pretty quickly and then my character just watched as they came and knocked him out, because the AI is dumb. So I'm back down to just Mission, with six or so rakghouls to kill. And with some grenades, mines, and the highly successful strategy of RUNNING AWAY, I manage to kill all but one. I head back to the area to pick of the last one...


    And the whole pack has respawned again.


    That's around ten or eleven rakghouls, each of which can and will oneshot Mission. At this point, I fell like I was very much justified in saying "Screw this," decreasing combat difficulty to Easy, using an exploit to revive and heal my character, and then watching as Mission killed all of the rakghouls herself since they rarely did more than 0-1 damage to her at a time. I don't regret doing that.


    Seriously, KOTOR's a great game, but there's times when it gets downright frustrating...


    Oh, and Mission's the best. Just saying.
    Was this post fun? Stupid? Boring? Let me know!

  20. I'm not new here, I've been a member here for a little over a year now, and did a LOT of browsing before then.


    I only made an account to send a PM to FairStrides about KSE, never knew I'd actually get involved in it's development. To make matters worse, I know NOTHING of modding KotOR and very, very little about Perl. Not one of my strongest languages, but I'm learning. I, it's such an ugly language. Makes me feel like I'm working with Objective-C again, and it gives me nightmares. "But Perl is like PHP" ha! I don't think so!


    I'm a programmer, and I mainly work on websites and desktop software (in C# of course, cause THAT language is closer to PHP than Perl...)


    As you can tell, not really good with introductions, so let's just list a bunch of junk and go from there, shall we?


    I think it's best just to list out some of my work, idk why, but let's do it. Here's just some of what I've done (only a couple are SW related, sorry fellas)

    • Scara PHP MVC Framework (My current project I dedicate most of my time to)
    • MELauncher (A modding tool for Mass Effect)
    • Arena Game Save Backup Utility (Gamesave backup tool for TES: Arena) - I made it for me, and decided to publish it, idk why
    • KSE/KPF (I just do little things for KSE (Remember, I'm not good with Perl) and the current dev for KPF AND it's Linux counterpart)

    I'm not really a modder, so being here for me is kinda weird, but then again, aren't we all? I'm a programmer, it's what I do best (even if my 6+ years of development haven't gotten very far, I didn't go to school for this) and I enjoy what I do.


    Gotta remember, this is an introduction, so I just talk about me. If you don't care about my work (you're evil) I mean, it's cool ;)


    I'm 23, almost 24. I started programming when I was quite young, learning QBASIC writing simple DOS programs. Then my uncle got me VB 6. I learned some VisualBasic and for some reason, a bit of Fortran too, though I don't really touch that language anymore. Too similar to Python, another language I can't stand......


    After a while I sorta stopped for a couple years. Now, I'd 14 years old, and finally I can join MySpace (anyone remember that place?) I hated the design, it was crap. (What wasn't back then, we didn't have HTML5 and beautiful site designs. Everything was tables, nasty freaking tables! MS has the option to use custom themes. So, being the little programmer I am, I decided to learn HTML/CSS. I made some themes, and gave them out to people on MS theme websites. Then, I met a girl there shortly after joining. After a while we were serious, and I stopped programming again. (Jesus, I wish I never stopped, I'd be better than I am now.....oh well)


    Years go by, it's 2010. Senior in HS (well, Junior, my dumb self (not really, more like lazy not caring self) failed because I didn't care and didn't do any work...I graduated on time btw, just required more effort..) and I get a web design class. I'd been trying to get this class since Freshman year, it was about damn time I got it too. By then though, I was in my "I don't care" stage and just didn't care. Then the first assignment comes, everyone in my class (with the exception of a couple) were computer illiterate, taking this class. I thought, "I'll half-ass it, make it look like I'm on their level." (Gotta remember, I didn't care. That meant for people too..) Turned out better than anything he's seen any student produce (I live in the south, people aren't very bright down here. Sorry, but it's true.)


    Knowing I didn't care, he said "hey, you're good. If you wanna learn more or just do some website stuff, go for it. You don't have to do anything others are doing." Except tests and stuff, had to do those. So, I spent my semester learning PHP, even launched my first site that year. Built a couple websites for other teachers there, learning as I went along. Diving into other languages such as C#, C++, Java, and others.


    Then I go to college for web design. Thought it was a good fit. I left 6 months in, the curriculum was garbage (for me at least, I had all this knowledge by then, wish I'd have stayed, I'd have a bachelors by now...oh well)


    While I was there, I met this guy in one of my coding classes (didn't have to do anything there either, I showed the teacher my website, and was off the hook..) we decided, "hey, we're college kids, we know programming. Let's build this new awesome social network!" Safe to say it never happened, but it was an experience. I learned a LOT during that, even if my code then was an abomination to look at.


    Last year, I made an account here. Never posted anything, just browsed. I needed KSE so I could edit my save in KotOR. Download it, KotOR has an update....WHAT???!??!!? KotOR2 is available on Linux, and now supports cloud saves. I look at KSE's source, submit a patch (which still doesn't work right btw..sorry, still working that one out) to FairStrides, and build an updater for KSE. It's abandoned now, but oh well. A year later, we're here in the now. I'm a KSE dev (well, as good as I can be for now, remember, I still suck at Perl) and the main developer for KPF, the path finding tool for KSE. I'm also responsible for building/testing the Linux ports for both. I may not be a modder, but my programming landed me here in the KotOR modding community.


    Geeze, sorry that was soooo long. I'll post a TL;DR here..soo...



    I may not be new here, but I thought it best to introduce myself. I'm not a modder by any means, but I am a programmer, and that has brought me here. Glad to be here, and hopefully one day I'll get to know a good bit of you guys!


    - Pazuzu156

  21. BioWare's GFF files are simply... uhh... perplexing.


    I had... quite an interesting time trying to grasp my head around the ideas.


    So this post is kind-of a self-note for me.


    So, we have "Structs". Inside a Struct, there's a property "FieldCount"


    A Struct can have one "Field", in which case the "DataOrDataOffset" property contains an index to the "Fields Array", pointing directly to the lone field definition of that Struct.


    So far so good.


    But what's interesting is if a Struct has more than one Fields. In this case, the DataOrDataOffset property points to -- here's the key -- somewhere within the "Field Indices" section of the file. Then you get N elements from the Field Indices starting from the location that DataOrDataOffset pointed to (where N is = FieldCount above).


    In other words, the "Field Indices" list is an "unlabeled" set of Fields. It's a looooong list formed from the list of Fields used by Structs.




    Let's say Struct 1 uses fields 1, 4, 5. Struct 2 uses fields 1, 2, 5, 6. Struct 3 uses fields 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


    The content of "Field Indices" will be:


    1, 4, 5, 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7




    Struct_1.FieldCount == 3

    Struct_1.DataOrDataOffset == 0 (numbering begins from 0)

    Struct_2.FieldCount == 4

    Struct_2.DataOrDataOffset == 3

    Struct_3.FieldCount == 5

    Struct_3.DataOrDataOffset == 7


    WHew. Now, that's not difficult, isn't it?


    Now that I can (kinda) grasp the "major structure" and ERD of the GFF file, I should be able to parse dem files...


    And with this understanding, I also realize that I have to totally rewrite the logic of the current parser, to make things efficient and to enable a file validity checker.




    I need some rest.

  22. Hi all,


    Quick announcement in regards to my streaming and such.


    I've created a public discord server (HERE) to use in order to collect and share links and chat in our live-streams.


    Since the channel stays up even when I am not streaming it will also allow anyone to post links ahead of time, get help with mods, and just hang out and play games.


    I don't plan to JUST use this for the live-steams. I want it to be a place I can hangout and help viewers, and where all of my wonderful internet friends can sit around and talk to eachother.


    I plan to do a video on how to set things up if you are unaware, but I would really like it if people came on board to join me. I am currently in need of at least one person to have the moderator badge since I anticipate a few trolls appearing after the announcement video.


    You can download discord HERE or just open it up in any web browser once you make an account.




    What is Discord?
    Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming.
    It features:
    Both voice chat and text channels
    Availability on Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS.
    EASY setup