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#62188 My Projects In the Pipeline (mostly texture related)

Posted by Malkior on 14 January 2018 - 07:31 AM

Yeah you should add slow effect to blasters, I did that. 


Ion weapons sound like a good idea, but I wouldn't add the stun effect to them.


Additionally, you could have some blasters come with a feat such as improved rapid shot. Not to mention you could play around with the restriction, making certain items only useable by one class throwing in a level on uniqueness/balance.



Do blasters use any impact script? If so I could script a knockback effect into it for the bowcaster or whatever else.


Cool. I was thinking of adding slow or stun specifically to the Sith Sniper Rifle with a minor lowering of ranged defense throws ( To balance out its insane damage and critical potential, and since sniper rifles are generally unwieldy and it's hard to dodge incoming fire) The slow or stun would make it more of an interesting unique weapon IMO


As far as the rest of the weapons, I added all of the rapid shot/power blast/sniper shot feats where they apply.

So for the blaster rifles, most if not all have an improved rapid shot or improved power blast. Some benefit from Master versions of these feats if their description warrants it. The "shotgun" type weapons generally have Improved or Master Power Blast, and some have Improved Sniper Shot if they have scopes on them.



Also, I looked through the scripts, and I don't know if there is an impact script. All I could find was k_hen_damage01 in the Kotortool. I'm fairly inexperienced with scripting, so I use just the Kotortool and even then I'm not great at actually *reading the scripts. However, if a knockback effect could be scripted, that'd be quite awesome.

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#62140 Reshade for Kotor / TSL

Posted by Malkior on 11 January 2018 - 08:13 PM

After some examination I noticed that I was hovering over the old 3.0 version in that screenshot. Regardless neither versions work after a clean install. No mods or anything have been added to my game.


The version that I downloaded from the website is called: ReShade_Setup_3.1.0.

But when I go to the file description It says version 1.4. Could you possibly upload the latest reshade install file, or the one that worked for you.

Oh I see. That was the installer version.. :X 


Well, I also found an article on their site of possible things you could do to troubleshoot including a link to get earlier versions. https://reshade.me/f...their-solutions

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#62097 Reshade for Kotor / TSL

Posted by Malkior on 10 January 2018 - 08:36 AM

Reshade isn't working for me.


I downloaded reshade from here, after downloading I selected kotor (the gog version), then I selected opengl. After downloading all of the default addons I complete the installer. I run kotor, and I'm met with no reshade. I press "shift F2", but still nothing. Can I get some help please.


Here's what my kotor folder looks like after installing Reshade. 


Which Operating System are you using? I can see that you have Patchw32.dll, so I  assume you're using a 32 bit OS?

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#62055 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by Malkior on 09 January 2018 - 11:08 AM

Here is another preview of what I am working on, this time another video:


What do you guys think of this? And I know there are spelling errors and typos all over the place, these will hopefully be fixed by the time it makes it to the Demo. The reason I replace the Zhugs on Dxun is that they didn't ultimately mean anything to the plot, while you can mention their deaths to the Zhugs on Goto's yacht I also plan to remove them as well as their dialogues make little sense with the game. With Dezanti gone this mod makes Azanti the sole leader of the Zhugs and once he is dead after your party kills him the Zhugs become destabilized and collapse once Nar Shadda is finished. In this mod, the GenoHaradan were tracking the Exile and where shot down in the space battle.

Another thing I am considering is removing Zez Kai Ell's cut scene on Nar Shadda where he stands over the Exile's unconscious body and says he's going to go rescue Mira. Reason for this removal is that he doesn't go to rescue her, you may argue he appears in the Jekk Jekk Tarr to knock Hanhar out then gets knocked out by Kreia but that made no sense, I'll remove that also so that Kreia knocks Hanhar out.

I love how much wit you put into this character's dialogue. The line about doing the galaxy a favor by letting them kill you was priceless.

(As a possible aside, it'd be funny if when Goto tells the Exile that Jedi and Sith are the same thing the PCs response could be something like, "Would you believe I've heard that before" in reference to hearing the Genoharadran guy and Kreia say the exact same thing. ;) )

Will you change the Ubese armor or is this a hint that the Ubese bounty hunters you see on Nar Shadaa will be replaced with the Genoharadran? (So the Exile basically gets sold out to them instead)

Also, do you know if the Zhugs were supposed to be something more, or were they basically the replacement for the Genoharadran after they were cancelled? I dont hate the Zhugs per se, however I do agree that they were out of place in the game.

#62015 A few amazing Battlefront 2 mods that have just come out.

Posted by Malkior on 07 January 2018 - 11:04 PM

In order to stick to the vein of Battlefront 2 discussions that have just sprung up, here are a few mods that were just released that make the game look and feel much better.




HarrisonFog's 2018 HD Graphics mod and Rezzed Maps



It adds much higher resolution textures (hence why he calls it "rezzed") and his 2018 Graphics mod complements it by adding extra levels of detail and brightens the skies significantly.


Currently he has released Hoth, Mustafar, Death Star Interior, Tatooine (Mos Eisley), Geonosis, Kamino, Coruscant, and Mygeeto


The Graphics mod is a Reshade Preset, so it will work on every map in the game.




Ultimate Sides Mod



First of all, this changes up some of the units so there are entirely new classes devoted to most existing classes and each complement eachother.


For example, the engineer no longer has to carry all of the healthkits, that role is taken over by an actual Support class which has their own regen buff. With the new units come a bunch of new weapons and abilities. http://www.moddb.com...ass-description


A big reason I also like this mod the most is that it greatly improves the blaster bolt sprites and makes firefights quite cinematic in dark spaces as it also causes them to cast a lot of ambient light.




If you want screenshots or videos of these mods ingame, there are a bunch on the Moddb site, and I frankly don't know if the authors would want me to repost them here. :D




I figured I'd mention these mods since it seems like most mods for Battlefront 2 (Original) are from 5 to 10 years ago, and it's good to see some new and better stuff still being developed for it.

#61893 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by Malkior on 04 January 2018 - 12:30 AM

Personally, I think the HK-50 Droids are TSL's Sith Assassins from K1. For now, the Assassins I have in mind for the Telos Surace are a three-man attack similar (But not mirroring) the K1 Sith Assassins but with more dialogue than the Sith or the HK droids. For other planets, I do have idea's for GenoHaradan attacks in "shady" area's like caves but I find these unlikely at the moment.

You, know, I completely forgot about the HKs.. (I guess Obsidian choosing exact duplicates of some guys you met on the first two planets wasn't the greatest choice for "memorable assassin squad") So, I guess that's kind of impossible to replace without removing a key part from the game. :)


I guess I missed that part about the Geno. I had assumed based on Kotor 1 that they were just exclusive assassins and that in TSL they were hired by their leader to kill the Exile because He/She would be a challenge..

While this could be made a mod this seems more ideal for a stand-alone mod.

Yeah, a lot of my information was wrong so I guess the Genoharadran will have to be mostly side quests just to keep things consistent with the actual TSL storyline.

#61736 Custom lightmaps don't affect doors?

Posted by Malkior on 28 December 2017 - 08:19 PM

You'll have to create custom textures, possibly unique per door, and bake the lighting into the diffuse (or fake the effect of such at least).

If I recall accurately, when FS and I worked on A Darker Peragus Redux, we fixed the issue by changing the placeable color for quite a few objects in the GIT. So, basically what you say about "faking it". ;)

#61654 Revan "clones" in star forge and Taris

Posted by Malkior on 26 December 2017 - 11:10 PM

While I am waiting to see if bead-v can resolve the issue with the VFX, I decided to put together an optional extra. Seeing as Malak asks you if you recognise the captured Jedi, I figured it would make sense to add them as background NPCs on Dantooine. The first group I added having a sparring session in the landing bay:


Thanks to Kexikus for helping out with the scripts. I still need to figure out how to make the two that are fighting non-selectable though. I removed their names, but they still have health bars and a selection circle on mouseover (or when closest to the camera).

I figured I would spawn the remaining ones in the outside courtyard, where you meet Nemo. There are a couple of groups of settlers that could each have a Jedi attached to them.

I am personally all about this kind of detail. The Enclave is supposed to be some kind of refuge for the jedi so it would only make sense that there would be more around the main building than just the Masters and the few Padawans milling about.

Plus, it would add a sort of drama to the final confrontation with Malak, since you might actually have some sort of connection to the jedi he's draining; perhaps causing some to hesitate in letting him drain them all for the sheer convenience.

#61456 Mod of the Year 2017 Voting

Posted by Malkior on 21 December 2017 - 10:58 PM

Man, there were so many great mods this year. Choosing the best was quite difficult. :)

#60861 EA is in trouble.

Posted by Malkior on 22 November 2017 - 08:38 AM

Now the original title of this Topic has new credence. Lootboxes are looking to be universally banned in Belgium and some Representatives Hawaii are apparently rallying to stop them in the US.

EA is in huge trouble for putting this increasingly controversial component into their game and indeed for using the Star Wars label to do it.

#60857 EA is in trouble.

Posted by Malkior on 22 November 2017 - 02:35 AM

Well, this proves that EA shouldn't have tied the progression to loot boxes. Does anyone know any mods that would be helpful to Battlefront II (2005)?

Check out Dark TImes 2 Rising Son http://www.moddb.com...g-son-released1 and possibly the Battlefront Conversion Pack for those sweet Battlefront 1 maps plus apparently quite a few more http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-battlefront-conversion-pack


They both make the game look great and add a lot of replayability due to the sheer number of playable maps and modes.


Additionally, it seems someone decided to make a bunch of graphical upgrades on Moddb within the last few months, and although I've never tried them out myself, they look pretty sweet. :D

#60791 Is there a viable Android GFF Editor for our games?

Posted by Malkior on 18 November 2017 - 04:00 AM

I have found no mention or links to projects specifically to edit GFFs.

However, in my searching I stumbled upon the Xoreos discussion where you could theoretically convert the GFF files to XML, and I know there are a few XML editor Apps out there. Perhaps that's a place we could start in designing something similar?

Alternatively, some Reddit threads mentioned a way to make KSE work on Android, so instead we might use this information to rebuild something like KGFF for it.

#60740 EA is in trouble.

Posted by Malkior on 16 November 2017 - 11:53 AM

They just did the AMA.. From what I hear, it went predictably but not in a good way. https://www.reddit.c..._developer_ama/

#60695 Download:Infinite Energy shields [TSL]

Posted by Malkior on 15 November 2017 - 01:53 AM

Good work, even if I don't really see the point. 

Pretty useful if you're tired of having to go to the item mini-menu every battle. Since you can't just use a shortcut key to activate shields, it's an extra pain.

#60572 EA shuts down Visceral. Their Star Wars game to be revamped.

Posted by Malkior on 10 November 2017 - 02:45 AM

They were sure great! It almost makes me sad when I look at back at how awesome SW games use to be until Lucasarts ruined everything. When the next generation of consoles came out, something changed for Lucasarts, and the quality of their games from that point on really show, I think.


That article makes me sad. KOTOR 3 by Obsidian would have been epic, but thanks to Lucasarts, we'll never get to experience that, because we all know EA will never allow that.


Interesting. I remember hearing something about a "combat upgrade" that supposedly ruined it, but that's all I know.


Here's really good article that explains Lucasarts tragic downfall for anyone interested.     http://www.gameinfor...ary-studio.aspx

Just because we seem to be sharing more depressing Game Journalist articles, here's what happened when Disney actually took over. https://kotaku.com/t...sarts-472038151


I'm starting to get the feeling that anything related to Star Wars has such a dramatic backstory since on one hand, creating things for the IP is amazing, yet there is so much bad blood in the development and publishing side of it.

For the record, the Star Wars novelists weren't any friendlier with each other.