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In Topic: Modifying pre existing Dialog.tlk entries via TSLPatcher [TSL]

Yesterday, 09:58 PM

If necessary, you add the entry for dialog.tlk with TSLPatcher and then you simply edit the StringRef in the appropriate global.jrl entry. global.jrl is a standard gff file, so you can edit it with your gff-editor and then use TSLPatcher's compare function to create the installer.



I don't know but I would guess that he added these strings to dialog.tlk and then changed the description to those new StringRefs. But then again, I might just be wrong about all of this.


Well, technically Fairstrides walked me through the entire process, but that's exactly what I did for the mod. I created a bunch of Strings for the new descriptions and then injected them into the GFF files and added them to Append.tlk. I believe the TSLPatcher doesn't actually edit the Dialog.tlk, but rather uses the Append.tlk to add entries. (I'm not sure about the technicals, but there are certain to be others on DS who could tell you more)

In Topic: Integrated Graphics Mod (Please help! :D )

05 September 2017 - 02:06 AM

Hello all,

I'm a complete n00b when it comes to modding and have never tried to mod a game. I currently have the KOTOR Tool and the BFF editor. My main goal is to create a mod that removes as much of the particle/smoke effects from TSL by either moving the particle generators to not be viewed by the player or replacing the objects (that generate those effects) with easier to render things (like plasteel containers instead of smoking droids for instance). The method I've been using has been saving the GIT file in question and editing the "placeable list" TemplateResRef to match this. The purpose of this mod would to make this game playable on computers with integrated graphics (if I succeed in making this work, I'd love to mod the first KOTOR as well).

After poking around using the GFF editor and the KOTOR Tool I have found the following :
Plc_smoke is the naming standard for smoke placement
Plc_stm is the naming standard for steam vents
Plc_gas is the naming standard for gas effects


plc_brkndroid is the naming standard for some broken droids
g_tresdrd is the naming standard for other broken droid.

So far I've had success in editing the GIT files for Peragus to get the objects to appear how I'd like but I'm hitting an interesting issue. If I extract the 101per.git file using the kotor tool and place it in the override folder (with no changes to the file) the game starts the first section just fine. However, when I make any single change to any field in the git and start playing the game, the camera just doesn't work correctly. It breaks cutscenes for that specific area. 101per.git is the very first section where you wake up. Is there another file I need to be placing in the override when making changes to the .git file?

TLDR: Cutscene camera breaks when putting modified .git file in TSL override folder

I believe that is because putting a GIT into the override folder overrides certain parts such as the camera triggers. I remember when testing some GIT changes for the Peragus Redux mod, the animation you see when you first enter the room didn't play until I walked to the zone the actual trigger was.

I believe there are others on this forum that can explain why in more detail, but the gist of it is, putting a GIT file in the override does this.

In Topic: The Workshed

04 September 2017 - 01:45 AM

Comic was 100% canon in the previous Expanded Universe canon, and written by Chris Avellone himself. Miraluka are also long established as having no eyes, going back to the 90s here. So my vote would be for that as well, although I understand the technical challenge. I don't think it would look too weird, and you could include an option with a bag over her head. It should even be possible to unlock her headgear slot and make that an equippable item for her.

Well, color me impressed. I had no idea Chris Avellone wrote those.. I guess I was thinking of the other Kotor behind the scenes stories. (That Rakghoul arc that basically went nowhere for example)


Also, I thought Miralukas were brought in specifically for Kotor. Thanks for the clarification, man. :)  


My opinion regarding validating the EU, is that if the property was created by the many publications during the EU, then it should be the final source on what is or isn't true.

If someone during the new establishment of Expanded Content decides a property from the past should be added into the new Canon, then they should respect its origin rather than retconning everything about it and retaining its name.

If they want something similar, then just call it a different name as their new universe should be able to stand on its own content.

In Topic: The Workshed

03 September 2017 - 04:48 PM

Thinking about it, having eyes that are sealed over with smooth skin -- where you can clearly see the bumps of the eyes -- depending on the texture work, could look both beautiful along with unnerving. And legends altogether is not canon, and I wouldn't hold the comic up as a standard. I find in particular a lot of the comic book "lore" to be rather unsatisfactory -- juvenile writing pandering to early teen boys.

I think she is meant to be like a "counselor" type, and not really a warrior. So thinking about what works in that context might be best. So, a helmet that fits that as long as it doesn't feel like something a warrior would wear..?

Still, it is your work and I think as a creator that at the end of the day, it has to be something your happy with.

That "comic" everyone is referring to was a what if scenario, so even if anyone holds it up as canon its validity is dubious at best.

Second, how do you figure she is a councilor type?

Are you referring to her player class or personal philosophy; because, let me tell you, in game she only exists to fight and to do her "master's" bidding. Her council is more or less whatever her master told her and that is almost the antithesis of what a councilor is.

In Topic: Help to HK-47

02 September 2017 - 05:45 PM

I thought this was a cool idea so I made something like this. It adds a "HK-48" to the little room in the munitions area that joins your party. It's not in a state that I'd want to release but if people want it I could work on it some more (I have plenty of free time at the moment...).

I also assume I should ask permission from one of the TSLRCM team if I'm going to make a mod that modifies the HK Factory?

A little while ago, I downloaded a mod that adds a gold HK48 into your party (he was pretty much the antithesis to 47 IIRC so it was a fun addition) , but it unfortunately conflicted with my mod setup, so it was lost to time. You wouldn't happen to be connected to that possibly? as I'd love to see it again.