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In Topic: Why Don't Sith Assassins use Force Powers in KOTOR 2?

14 July 2017 - 03:35 AM

I assume it's to avoid a balancing issue, since you fight them primarily on the first level in the game, and their vibrostaves already do a fair amount of damage.

Honestly, it makes no sense to buff their attack to match the player's, as it's not like someone with more force power suddenly hits harder.

If you want to match the description they should hit with roughly the same damage as two vibroblades and carry an equivalent amount of Force power with Force Drain Life or Death Field to match the player. (maybe throw in Slow or Cripple to give variety)

In Topic: Finally reading the classics and I need a list of em

14 July 2017 - 02:46 AM

The Thrawn Duology is indeed the direct sequel to the Trilogy, but if you are interested in how Luke and Mara get along after their marriage, then the novel Survivors Quest with its own prequel mini story, Fools Bargain might be worth looking into.

That said, most of the characters and locations from Survivors Quest are introduced and expounded upon in Zahn's Prequel Era novel, Outbound Flight. (Zahn also uses many characters you may recognize are from the Thrawn Trilogy and many of his other Star Wars books, like Talon Karrde and Jorus C'Baoth)

Lastly, his novels Allegiance and Choices of One reveal Mara's past and further expound on how the Empire first started. Additionally, they also provide a very decent look at Luke right after A New Hope when he was trying to come to terms with Obi Wan's death and also become the rebel soldier he has to be in Empire Strikes Back. (personally, I highly recommend it as a bridge between the two movies :) )

Zahn has since published a standalone heist story starring Han Solo and Lando Calrissian (Scoundrels) that also manages to weave the weirder parts of the EU like Winter the eidetic silver haired handmaiden and childhood friend of Princess Leia.

-As an aside I have been a longtime fan of the Expanded Universe and I was legitimately having the greatest time guessing who each character was or which location would end in the story, so this ended up being quite a treat, especially how it all fits perfectly into the final heist-

In regards to his non-Star Wars books,

If you enjoy Zahn's creative science fiction writing, I would suggest the Quadrail series as a fun mixture of both Flash Gordon-esce alien weirdness and high tension noir mystery. I read it a few years back and had a great time learning about its universe and following the twists and turns of the mystery component.

I haven't read them aside from excerpts, but Zahn also wrote a series of young adult fiction about a child who has a living tattoo of a dragon which touches on morality, slavery, and mortality known as Dragonback.

Another which I've been trying to get into is the Blackcollar or Cobra series. These are hard sci-fi, so it isn't for everyone, but if you like all of the technical details of a fictional universe told from the perspective of government funded supersoldiers or how a government could even feasibly create such a thing, then this is a very fun one to read.

Also, Zahn wrote two phenomenal Terminator books set in the Terminator Salvation timeline that both make Skynet a literal force of nature in that you can only outsmart it enough to survive, and also keep the terminators themselves true to their names with a body count higher than any novel I've ever read of Zahn's. There are also no "mcguffins" that give the main characters a way to destroy the T500s other than superior firepower or many explosives. So, basically, it is in my opinion the best movie-based novel ever made. (especially amazing considering how mediocre to horrible the movie, Terminator Salvation ended up as ;) )

Lastly, within the past few years, he also co-wrote a novel set in the Starcraft game universe. I have only just purchased it, but I will let you know how that is once I get to reading it.

In Topic: Fumble! Grenades

02 July 2017 - 09:29 PM

Looking good, man. :)

In Topic: Selkath with lightsabers

15 June 2017 - 05:23 AM

I feel the need to say I absolutely love the name of this topic. :)

In Topic: Compiling Module Textures vs Putting Them in Override

12 June 2017 - 07:19 AM



On the plus side, having textures in a module allows you to use different retextures of the same texture across different modules without having to hex edit models, simply because those from a .mod file are only loaded in that one module.


Since TSL is notorious for reusing random textures in equally random places, this sounds like an amazing opportunity to me. We could, say change the Telos vidscreen without affecting the Mandalorian Compound monitors, or possibly we could even to have unique textures for each level instead of Peragus and Ebon Hawk textures strewn throughout the game.