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In Topic: Nar Shaddaa Expansion

17 May 2017 - 03:24 AM

Wait, wait.
I think you are on to something.
I mean why are there no toilets in kotor?

Edit: This sarcasm was not intended against you Malkior, or against Hunter Qyzen.

You have a point. ;)

I agree that in-depth thought about realism in a theoretical scenario surrounding a fully artificial game level seems superfluous at first, but please bear in mind that toiletries would add little to nothing for gameplay opportunities. (other than a toilet cleaning minigame, but who wants that? :P)

However, I feel this is a bit different than finding "problems" with the realism.
My personal belief is that fleshing out a viable economy other than the cliche' Cantinas and Swoopracing seen everywhere on other worlds could make for unique quest opportunities and possible ways to connect the gameplay to its grossly underutilized setting.

Needless to say, I also believe this is the case for Onderon as well, but that is a topic for a different thread.

In Topic: Nar Shaddaa Expansion

17 May 2017 - 02:19 AM

Interesting idea... We all know we can't have Grocery Shops/Restaurants in Star Wars. Cantinas and merchant quarters will have to do. Anyways, the quest is amazing, and the cantina in the Landing Pad SHOULD have the bartender complain about 'not finding resources' at one point. Nice idea :D

How did I miss this topic?!

Expanding on Nar Shadaa's economy would do so much for my own personal view of the world. :) Since the average civilian isn't capable of purchasing food monetarily, I think a marketplace of various goods directed toward off-world travelers or entertainment centers (virtual speeder bike racing/ something equally meaningless) could possibly work as well.

To be fair though, most of the economy for somewhere like Nar Shadaa would more likely than not be of the nefarious kind, (slavery, illicit substances, black-market weapons, etc..) but it could also export some sort of chemical or substance found in its infamous core. (Nar Shadaa must have had a decent economy before all of the criminal empires arrived and took over, right?) It could also have some sort of holo-performance industry not unlike the Twisted Rancor Trio from Taris to keep offworlders coming to line its numerous proprietors' pockets.

Is there already a build in the works? I am quite intrigued by this mod idea, and would love to see what you're thinking of.

In Topic: KOTOR Remake : "Apeiron"

16 May 2017 - 09:25 AM

Would you also put a comma between 'core' and 'Apeiron' in the last sentence?

I wasn't aware that the basic rule for the conjunction 'and' between independent clauses is to put the comma in front of it. Interesting... :) My language wouldn't ever put a comma in such a case, and I don't *think* any of the other languages I know would. Will have to check.

You could put a comma between "core" and Apeiron" in the last sentence, but that would be a matter of sentence flow rather than the reason I chose.

In English, a comma before the conjunction (in this case, "and") is also generally used to separate two statements that are being used as one sentence.

Example: Kotor is pretty old yet it still holds a classic appeal for me.
(the comma would be before "yet" in this example sentence)

It is fascinating that this isn't a universal rule for some other languages, though.

In Topic: KOTOR Remake : "Apeiron"

16 May 2017 - 12:57 AM

Apeiron: the gift that keeps on giving.

It seems their page still hasn't corrected the spelling errors.


These errors have only been on their site for 15 months or so. I even messaged them when I first spotted this because - perhaps I'm anal-retentive?

If we're going to play that game, there are also a slew of grammar errors in that screenshot as well.

In the second sentence, "Engine refresh" should be "Engine refreshes". That same sentence is also missing a comma after 80's, as it is composed of two statements.

The next sentence is also two statements yet has no comma after "Half Life". (technically the word "Half-Life" should also be hyphenated, but that's getting into pedantry)

The next sentence would either need a semicolon instead of a comma after "refresh", or it could be separated into two sentences. The next portion of the sentence would then have a comma between "Aperion" and "since".

Lastly, "it's" should be "its". (the most egregious offence in my opinion)


Hm... It seems I missed one. The phrase "in the Unreal Engine 3" is technically wrong, and should either be "in the Unreal engine" or "in Unreal Engine 3". This is because "Unreal Engine 3" is technically a proper noun.

In Topic: KOTOR Remake : "Apeiron"

14 May 2017 - 11:01 PM

Saw a post on the KOTOR Subreddit showing new pictures of Apeiron. The insults given to it - especially by Snigaroo - in that thread seem pretty spot on.

Here's the post on Reddit.

Here's the IMGUR post they're talking about.

I'm conflicted by this post. While on one hand I absolutely like the visual style, it is fairly obvious that the actual implementation of quests and dialogue were overlooked or simply haven't been added.

This is a huge problem on account that a majority of the game is composed of these elements notwithstanding an RPG combat system..

If they go the low road and just port the quests, dialogue, combat system, and scripts from Kotor then they're shooting themselves in the foot and will be possibly hit with a copyright lawsuit.

However, if they actually hope to port Kotor into a far more expansive visual medium, then they would be better off showing videos of the characters in action than what is literally a "pretty sandbox"