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Malkior's Blog > Details on my Computer's Issue

Posted 08 May 2017

As of a week ago, my home desktop has been getting serious hardware errors (bluescreen of death, specifically), and performance has degraded to nearly the point of programs flat-out freezing at some points.  Unfortunately, this is my only computer I can mod with, so I have to repair it in order to continue making the mods I already started.  ...

Malkior's Blog > Somehow the EU Already Knew

Posted 21 December 2015

First, I will start this post to say that I was aghast at the sudden termination of the Expanded Universe. Like it or not, I personally grew up reading everything I could find on Wookiepedia (the ultimate compendium of all Star Wars brand literature and entertainment properties)  From a fairly young age I was thrilled that such a thing as the Star Wa...