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Marginalia > Advice about modding, no.2

Posted 07 November 2016

Just a quick entry, with a tip I've recently rediscovered, namely: how to take screenshots without the GUI. All you need to do to take screenshots without the GUI visible in TSL is: 1. Activate free-look mode (default keybinding is caps lock);
2. open the console and warp to your desired area. This will load the area, but leave the console...

Marginalia > Advice about modding, no. 1...

Posted 20 March 2013

Several points of advice which are worth knowing:

- Planning now means less time revising, fiddling, dawdling, and wasting time later;
- Reading tutorials is never time wasted;
- If you don't know how, read the tutorial, test the result, and then go and ask - it's the only way to learn;
- 90% of the work goes into 90% of the mod; the other 10% of the mod...