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[TSL] Griff drinks the Galaxy

16 March 2017 - 03:14 PM

Squik/Griff replacement Mod


  • replace Squik, the passed-out/knocked-out Twilek in the Nar Shadaa swoop racing den, with Griff from K1

  • Add optional Griff sidequest

  • Cannot recruit, but will have him as a temporary party member for “Boss Fight”

  • Mission cameo on completion


General Idea


It always annoyed me that there was a drunken Twilek passed out on the floor in the swoop racing den of Nar Shadaa. Borna Lys has little to say about him, really no one does. When you look at his .uti and .utc, you find that his name has changed. He was Squik… and I would think he had a story. It has been a while, but I don’t think I ever found much in the .tlk regarding Squik, so it may have just been something Obsidian had an idea about but never got to go into. For all I know, the GenoHaradan were involved.


That said, he is a boat anchor, and I would like to give him life. Griff was a loser I could sympathize with, and his character has good potential for slapstick comedy. I happen to like slapstick comedy, I like a little Gonzo humor, and the Exile needs to get drunk more. If you decide to get involved with Griff, he will lead you on a bar-hop across the galaxy, where you can get Griff in or out of trouble, or in and out of trouble… which will lead to a monumentally awesome OP MLG ONLY Boss Fight. <feel the sarcasm>


The mod is not complex, it is not combat heavy and combat is “optional”, it mostly involves meeting Griff and either going Gonzo with him or trying to reform him, kill him or ignore him. It has a slightly adult theme (still PG-13 I think), is not anything that adds to the game story in a meaningful way, and is solely for fun/laughs. Think of Griff as Tyrion Lannister, just taller and not nearly as smart. But he does drink and know things.



Status of Mod


  • Griff re-skin 0% (will be farmed out as I am not a skilled artist in this regard)

  • VO 0% (see note 1)

  • Dialog 30% - Main script 100% written, skeletoned, some trees built on paper

  • Scripting 50% - (see note 2)




1. There will be two voice-acting roles in the mod, Griff and Mission. Mission has aged, so I have no issues with her small cameo being done by a different actress, and neither should you :P

Griff is a slightly different issue. I have been working on this mod for a long time actually, and have actually recorded my own VO for Griff in K1 to just replace his original lines. I was never happy with the result, but I had it all in-game, so if I find an actor willing to take on this role it would be nice to have them do a VO replacement for K1 Griff for the sake of continuity. In K1, his character is fairly small, but there are still a few lines to record. For this TSL mod, I expect the artist to have about 30 minutes of recorded dialog total, which will obviously take a fair amount of time. It is not a small job.


2. As I mentioned above, I did some work on K1 replacing vanilla Griff VO with a custom one. I also added a few lines of dialog to the final tree, which fired a few scripts I wrote, and did a litle thing. I have all of that still, so the K1 portion of the 2-game spanning mod is only missing a better VO to be the segue to this mod. I have not done a lot of TSL modding, but I have written some different action scripts for various dialogs, and I have papered out a fair amount of algorithm for several of the instances where a script is required. Mostly, this mod consists of small edits to the dialogs of each bartender, and a few custom dlg trees for the extra characters involved - really not scripting heavy, and I can work it out with a little help from our friends here :D