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In Topic: Create A Jedi Trainer

Today, 01:04 AM

As for Zaalbar, if I can get Weston to spawn I will understand why the other trainer is also not spawning. I am sure similar errors in each incidence are the cause of non-spawn.

I got distracted by my ongoing bathroom renovation, discovered the sink insert I bought for the new vanity had a cracked off backsplash. Homeownership is a never ending blast :|

Anyways, I will begin now. Hopefully when you return tomorrow, you will see an update from me.


Well, I know what I did wrong on Weston. My memory played tricks on me and I mistook the Endar Spire module name. I suspect this is the issue as well with Johcli, but it is hard to say. I am going to ask you to simply use a console command to get the location of your Johcli spawn point. "whereami" is built into KotOR1 & 2, but the invisible console of KotOR2 renders it useless. It will give me the exact barebones info I need for KotOR - frankly, the armband you used has TMI :D

Anyways, there is a problem with your dialog. It doesn't work. It gives your last line of dialog as a barkstring, interestingly with VO.



In Topic: Create A Jedi Trainer

Yesterday, 09:08 PM

Nothing to apologise about! I was asking the forum in general that question, not you :)

I will install your mod and load up KotOR shortly, and will focus on the Endar Spire and Weston. I have looked again at your utc, and at first glance everything seems fine. I will play with some different spawn points - it is possible that your coordinates are screwy, or that I entered them wrong. Either way, I should be able to get something going.

Once I can get Weston to spawn, I will send you the latest revision. If anyone else is following this thread that knows how to mod, I would greatly appreciate someone taking a glance at my latest attached zip of files in here and see if anything stupidly obvious is missing!

In Topic: Is there a viable Android GFF Editor for our games?

Yesterday, 04:00 PM

^^^ thanks for that reply, I figured it might take some engineering on our part.

I will follow your search leads and see if I can discover more :)

In Topic: EA is in trouble.

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

I have no idea what a finstler is... Sometimes I invent words to convey a meaning from my spiderweb of a brain, and assume the translation is perfect.

People seem very confident that Star Wars will continue being this grand money maker. I am starting to become confident that Disney is (not intentionally) killing the franchise by dilution (too many stories) and lack of originality.

The Prequels, while painful at times, and with some new lore I despised, still brought new and interesting things to the table when it wasn't focused on teen romance and angst, or a bumbling wunderkind that does all the right moves becuz 9000 midichlorians yo.

These new movies I find to be a significant downgrade from the prequels. Their gaming community hasn't really had a game to love since Lego Star Wars - the last title that LucasArts made was TFU2 and it was an uninspired and rushed mod of the original game.

The original DICE Battlefront underwhelmed for pretty much everybody. Now this game starts off on a very wrong foot.

Visceral's game was cancelled, and that was the only game many people like myself were looking forward to.

EA is in trouble. It is a massive corporation and has plenty of other properties to keep it afloat, but they will lose their Disney Star Wars contract IMO. They lost the goodwill of most of the gaming community years ago. They have their iterative sports service franchises, and then a bunch of garbage. NeedForSpeed would be a bigger deal, if anybody cared.

They are publishing titles, more and more, that people may look at, but will shrug and pass on by.

They are fucked. It just will take time. In my lifetime though.

Edit: CPY is a game cracking consortium. Not something we generally talk about here.

In Topic: EA is in trouble.

Yesterday, 01:42 AM

Okay, suppose that we fix the progression system, so that it is more in favor of the consumers, than in the publishers. What then?

I agree with Sith Holocron, unless you are suggesting that WE as a modding community should "fix" it.

Don't worry, CPY is working on fixing it as we speak lol. That's the game I'll play, if I do, just to be a turd finstler.