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In Topic: Download:Zeison Sha / Jal Shey Reskin

Today, 07:12 PM

Effix: Jorak Uln uses a modified C_Baremetal.tga, which is a more powerful form of the original. As you're textures were designed for the original's shininess, the effect is overpowering when using Jorak's texture.

Lucy: You could try editing the .txi files of Effix's mod to point to something like "C_Baremetal2" and then extract both C_Baremetal.tga and C_Baremetal.txi from KT and rename them to "C_Baremetal2" and that should work.

In Topic: Blasters Reloaded

Today, 01:13 PM

When you do your K1 version, please consider this mod please: http://deadlystream....nd-flight-suit/

Uhhh... I know I've been up late, but how does that relate to re-tooling the blasters and feats?

In Topic: K-KAO "Komplete KotOR Audio Overhaul" - need some help please.

Today, 09:21 AM

Sorry for the delay, I knew I was forgetting something. I'll write it up in the morning before I catch the bus.

In Topic: *HUGE SIGH* Incomplete dialog

Yesterday, 08:34 AM

@Both of you: I took a look at both the 852nih.dlg from the .erf and the .mod and came to the same results Bead-V did; however, that was by extracting the file and then opening it with DLG Editor.


I then opened the .dlg file in KT's dialog editor and saved the file. Upon opening it in DLG Editor, I got the same results RezTea had. KT's Dialog Editor isn't used because it doesn't work right with KotOR 2 DLG files and I've never used it in K1's files myself. It was pretty much the reason why DLG Editor was created.


In the future, I recommend only ever extracting a dlg file with KotOR Tool and only opening it in DLG Editor.

In Topic: Idea for a "small" mod for KOTOR1

23 February 2017 - 06:38 PM

In addition to what Bead-v said, you also need to change the LinkedToModule field to the name of the shadowlands module, kas_m24aa.