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Fair Strides' Blog > Reminder: EU Scripting Livestream

Posted 05 January 2017

Hello guys! I'm not sure who all just glances at the front page and doesn't read everything, so I'm repeating here the edit to the news article: 
The EU Scripting Livestream will be held on Saturday January 7th at 9AM PST (UTC-8).  
This is very much delayed from the US stream and I hope to avoid this long gap in the future, so I apologize f...

Fair Strides' Blog > Scripting Livestream Event

Posted 23 November 2016

Hi guys! It's been long enough that I've had time to go over some things and get some feedback on my previous blog post about a scripting event. I've checked my schedule and gone over some software with Xuul and I believe I have a plan now. The Scripting stream will be done twice . This is to accommodate both those in the United States with one sch...

Fair Strides' Blog > A Proposal for Scripting

Posted 04 November 2016

I would like this idea to see as much light as possible, so for those that see the blog and the status update (or even the Reddit entry), please show this to anyone that might be interested. 
I am considering looking into a platform like Discord to hold something akin to a livestream event. Except that there wouldn't be music or gameplay footage, tho...

Fair Strides' Blog > Where Do I Begin?

Posted 30 September 2016

I don't know if these blogs have any sort of length limit, but I guess I'll find out, huh? *Warning: This might look organized at first, but I jump around and just drop a whole lot of info on you. If you are able to make sense of what I'm trying to say, then good on you.* I would welcome you to my blog and ask that you enjoy the first post I've...