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JC's Supermodel Fix for K2

26 August 2017 - 06:51 PM

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File Name: JC's Supermodel Fix for K2

File Submitter: JCarter426

File Submitted: 26 Aug 2017

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes


This is a fix for a number of issues present on the supermodels, the stock animations used for most characters in the game.


First, Obsidian added several combat animation variations for K2, but they messed up a couple of the names, causing the game to play animations that don't exist and resulting in characters freezing in place. This mod fixes that.


Also, the animations for dual blasters had the hand objects in the incorrect positions. For male characters, the blasters would clip through the hands, and for female characters they would hover above the hands. I've restored them to the positions they were in K1.


I have also changed the melee running animations to match how they are in K1. I included this as an optional part of the installation as it's an issue of preference rather than a straightforward fix.


Click here to download this file

Cinematic KOTOR

25 August 2017 - 03:36 AM

Hassat Hunter mentioned that he wanted but was unable to get a camera similar to one TSLRP did for TSLRCM. So, I decided to do one.


Here's the original, for reference:



That's just the camera, not the scene from the mod. And here's my recreation, as it were:



I've been thinking for a while of doing some more of this, making the game cutscenes more cinematic so they aren't using the same few static angles repeatedly and to do some other improvements. It's going to take a while and I may be posting scenes as I do them for suggestions.


I won't be doing all the cutscenes, but I'll do some of the more prominent ones, and for both games. For now, though, my focus is just the Ebon Hawk cutscenes in K2. They're all in one location, and I have a general idea of what all of them are, so that makes them relatively easier to access and I can release them in one batch when they're done.


Also, this may come as a surprise, but I have not played TSLRCM because I have not played through the whole game since TSLRP was still going. So I don't know a lot of the changes in it and I haven't seen many of the new cutscenes. I don't know where this camera would even fit in, for example. I'm planning to get through it soon, but I'd welcome any suggestions or other information in the meantime.

Taris Dueling Ring

09 March 2017 - 04:32 PM


I have a bit of a game for those of you familiar with KOTORadio. For those of you wondering what KOTORadio is, well, it's a podcast about KOTOR and you can watch it by following the link above. I help out a bit with the editing of the podcast and coming up with content, and I'm putting together a segment for next time (episode 3). I call it the Taris Dueling Ring. I'll be pitting lesser known characters against each other, and you'll get to vote on who you think should win. Then the hosts of KOTORadio will do a play by play, explaining their choices, and we'll compare their answers to yours. With that in mind, here's the poll for the first group of contenders:


Taris Dueling Ring: First Night Poll


And if you have any suggestions for future contenders, let me know. Coming up with these is kind of hard. I have a few in mind already, but I'd like to hear what the audience thinks as well. The Taris Dueling Ring welcomes anyone from a galaxy far far away, but we'd like to give everyone time in the spotlight. The more obscure the better, really. And I try to go for a theme with each pairing - characters who have a similar role, or already have beef with each other. But let me know what you think.

JC's mod resource collaboration thread

27 February 2017 - 06:03 AM

For a while now I've been developing a lot of random, half complete stuff I don't know what to use for. And there are many times I've thought "you know what would be nice to have..." So this thread is for both of those things. I'm looking for artists to help finish some of these assets and make some sort of mod resource package for the whole community.


Let's start with something I've done already. Here are some exploding barrels:




I'm looking for a nice new placeable model to finish it off. Like a canister of rocket fuel, or some such... anything better than a generic plasteel cylinder. I started working on one but got distracted, and when I got back to it I thought hey, Deadly Stream could do a better job.


And if anyone's wondering, I pulled this off via a combination of existing elements in the game. There explosion is on the placeable's damage script - the same thing that fires to put broken items into containers in K2 is used here to blow up the whole thing. For the GUI, I've made it so the placeable has no lock and thus is impossible to pick - you can only bash it. The bash then does the damage, firing the damage script to blow it up. Additionally, I've increased the sight distance and turned it hostile, so it appears red like enemies and mines. I wanted it to be clear this isn't just a placeable you're bashing from very far away. That hostile function is in placeables.2da, probably left over from Neverwinter Nights, but it's just never used (all placeables have it set to 0).


Next item on the list: I'm looking for someone to texture Darth Parametric' Lethisk-class model. A while back I talked about replacing Mandalore's shuttle with another ship model because I thought it was weird that he uses the kind Darth Bastila had in the first game, which couldn't even fit two people, and DarthParametric just whipped up that model, as he is wont to do. But it's not textured, and again I think somebody out there could do a much better job than I.


Along that vein, I'm also looking for new ship models to use as placeables or have them flying around in the background of spaceports, that sort of thing. For reference material, I have access to all the MMO models:




Now, they'd need to be remodeled both because of porting issues and because a lot of the details rely on a bum map format that doesn't work in KOTOR. But I have the models to use as a reference - to trace over it in 3D, as DarthParametric did with the Lethisk. If anybody has new designs, I'd love to see those too. I'm just looking to add more assets to the game in general.


For example, I don't have a 3D reference for this one, but I also think it would be nifty to have Calo's ship:




...which was based on Ebon Hawk concept art, and appears on the map, but never in the game proper.


Well, that's enough of my wish list for now. And now that I'm done asking for things I'll finish off with what I can bring to the table. I can handle all the administrative tasks, setting up the models as placeables - putting in the necessary dummy objects, adding a walkmesh, making the UTP files, editing placeables.2da, and setting up TSLPatcher - as well as rigging the models for animation. I'm still working on having animations and particles at the same time, but maybe someday. I have a bit of practice in modeling and texturing, so I can help out... but I'm just not confident in my ability to model something from scratch. That's why I'm asking you! I know there are much better modelers out there.

JCarter426 reminisces on the M4-78 EP that never came to be

07 February 2017 - 06:06 AM

Previously, on M4-78...


Discussion here led me - and Zbyl and others... I saw you guys messing about with the thread titles! - to start reminiscing about some ideas for M4-78 that did not make it into the mod.


One idea was the Sith survivor, as Zbyl mentioned, and another - am I allowed to discuss the others? Maybe we should do a post-mortem on M4-78. Well I'm going to discuss some of it now, anyway! Another one was about how the droids developed in isolation from their colonists for so long. In that undeveloped plot, the droids had divided into two factions - one that still followed their original programming to prepare the planet for the colonists, and another that didn't believe in the colonists anymore. There were a lot of ideas thrown around and would've had a more typical player choice for the planet, but like I said, it never developed into one cohesive story.